Expedition Everest, Disney’s Animal Kingdom – Episode 22

Expedition Everest, Disney’s Animal Kingdom – Episode 22

This week we take a ride on Expedition Everest at Disney’s Animal Kingdom in the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida on Travel with Rick with Rick Howard

Hope you enjoy this week’s video, be sure to leave a commment!

Rick Howard

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33 comments on “Expedition Everest, Disney’s Animal Kingdom – Episode 22
  1. Jeanne Cundiff says:

    Hi Rick,
    WOW I love this video! Seeing it from a front seat view is really great. Expedition Everest has a fantastic queue and it is such an exciting ride; it will be the first thing we do at Animal Kingdom. We are going right before school starts in August and we are celebrating the fact we made it to Disney!!
    Thanks for another great video and tell your daughter Happy Sweet Sixteen from us!


  2. Laurie Holden says:

    I’m so excited about going on EE in August!! Thanks for the video!
    In August my husband and I are celebrating our 25th anniversary!! I can’t believe it’s been 25 years already! We’re going to be there for 14 night! We’ve never been there more than 9, so this is going to be a great experience. It’s also the first time we’ve ever done the dining plan and the best part is it’s FREE dining! Doesn’t get any better than that! We’re looking forward to 6 park days, our first MNSSHP, 2 Univ days, 1 SW day, and 14 down days! We’ve never had ‘rest’ days! SO EXCITED!

    Great work on the videos Rick! Thanks so much!


  3. Thelma Huss says:

    Because of back problems I can not ride several of the rides. I loved being able to see what this ride was like from start to finish.
    When ever we go to Disney World it is a Celebration. We have went on many of our own special occasions, but just being at Disney outshines anything else.


  4. Linda Miller says:

    Watching the Expedition Everest video was just like being on the ride (except for the tosses and turns). Thanks!!

    We usually go to Disney World to celebrate my birthday and Halloween, which are only a few days apart. Last year we went to celebrate my daughter’s birthday, which was 2 days after Thanksgiving so that we could see the Christmas decorations.

    Linda Miller


  5. michelle says:

    hi Rick, as always grate info and tips, i love what you do, it really helps when going to the parks, and your videos of rides and show give a idaer of what to expect,we came to disney 2007 and are hoping to come again 2010,we love it..keep up the good work,and i hope your daughter has a fantastic 16th birthday!..thanks from the uk.X


  6. George J says:

    Thanks again for another great video. I really look forwared to your weekly show. We like just being at the World to celebrate the magic Walt has left to us.If it wasn’t for a little thing called work, we would spend more (much more) time in Fla.. November and sometimes March/April we get to WDW.


  7. Loved this video. Love this ride. Did find out you don’t eat breakfast buffet at The Tuskerhouse than go ride Mt.Everest. Didn’t throw up but it made us not fell well for a couple of hours. Tell your daughter happy birthday. What a great way to celbrate.


  8. Scott Schultz says:

    Thanks for another great video Rick! EE is one of our favorite attractions, although I’m personally not crazy about the backwards part. I guess I just like to know whats coming and when you’re going backwards, you just don’t know. As far as celebrations, My wife and I went to Walt Disney World for our honeymoon, than we went also went there for our fifth, tenth, and fifteen wedding anniversaries. We also go every May now to celebrate my wifes Birthday. But really, do you really need a reason or special occasion to go to Walt Disney World? I think not.


  9. Kris Koelzer says:

    After watching your video I still can’t believe I ever rode that ride. I am a total ride whimp. Before that the only “Coaster” I ever rode at Walt Disney World was Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. Our first couple of trips were mearly family vacations then I went down over Easter in 2007 to celebrate my 40th birthday which happen to fall on Easter Sunday and we had a ball so we headed down in June of 2008 to celebrate my daughter’s 13th birthday. This August we are back to it just being a summer vacation but we have plans to go down in June 2011 to celebrate my daughter’s 16th birthday and then in 2012 my birthday falls on Easter again so I might have to do that again.


  10. Debbie Bolen says:

    Thanks for the video! This is 1 of the 3 coasters I conguered this last trip….I loved it – screamed the whole way. It is really awesome being in the front seat. I am such a whimp – watching it on video helps me when I finally get on it – I know what to expect.

    Since we aren’t planning another trip for awhile – the last thing we celebrated at Disney was our anniversary last November – it was a very special treat because it was our anniversary, our 1st trip together & his 1st without anyone under the age of 16 with him. It was also my grand-daughter’s sixteenth birthday.

    Keep up the great work!


  11. Terri Gonsiorowski says:

    This is such an awesome ride. Great video. Brings you right back 🙂

    The best thing that we celebrated was last year Sep 08. We went to Disney to celebrate my 1 yr liver transplant anniversary. My husband was my donor and we both turned 40 the month after the transplant. So this was one of the biggest milestones.


  12. Barbara Thompson says:

    Thanks for the video! I’m not big on roller coaster rides. I have never been on it, but my family has. So, it was great seeing it on tape.
    We have celebrated my birthday at WDW, the kids birthday at Disneyland a few times. We went to WDW for our 20th anniversary and now we’re leaving to go back to WDW in 9 days to celebrate our 25th anniversary. We’re stay 5 days at Old Key West and 5 days at Animal Kingdom Resort.


  13. James Bond says:

    Wow, Rick, you couldn’t have gotten a better seat for this! Thanks so much for another awesome video. I’m a roller-coaster sissy myself, so I’ve never been on EE, but this clip certainly celebrates the experience.

    Speaking of “celebrates”, I’ve never gone to WDW to celebrate anything in particular, but just being there is a celebration of Walt’s wonderful imagination, and of the innocence we recapture a little of as we spend time there.

    Have a great time this week celebrating your daughter’s 16th, and I’m looking forward to next week’s show.


  14. Pati McElroy says:

    Just love this ride, but do miss Yeti reaching for you. Hope they fix him soon! We just celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary there…spent our honeymoon there….and many…many…years in between there….we are very blessed!


  15. Fran Skall says:

    I just sent my grandson this video, who’s at MK this morning (like you). He rode EE yesterday with his eyes closed, so now he can see what he’s missed. We celebrated at WDW a couple of weeks ago something different than most people. We live in Louisville & celebrate that the Kentucky Derby is over. Have a great time at MK today!


  16. Doreen says:

    Thanks for the video of Expedition Everest!! It is a must for this family whenever we are at AK. We rode it a couple of times on our recent visit.


  17. Penny Serrato says:

    Great Video,
    How did you hold onto the camera on that last drop WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.
    We will be visiting WDW at the first part of Dec this year and my daughter turns 21 at the end of November so we will be celebrating her birthday. I am so looking forward to that trip, only 6 months to go. Thanks for the video it was great.


  18. Dale Short says:

    Looking at your video, it makes me think that I might be able to ride EE. I am really sort of a chicken when it comes to roller coasters, but it reminds me a lot of the Norway ride in Epcot. I will have to do that the next time we go to Disney. Like everyone else, we think that just being at Disney World is celebration enough. I’d rather vacation there than anyplace in the whole world. You can just about see every place in the whole world at Disney World. Thanks again Rick!


  19. Carolyn Adams says:

    Love the videos. We spent our honeymoon and WDW and this year we are going back to celebrate our 10 year anniversary and my husbands birthday. Should be a great time.


  20. June Stevens says:

    Love the video! EE is one of my fav rides and I never miss it!

    As for celebrating, I’ve been for New Year’s Eve, both in the parks(MK and Epcot) and at the old Pleasure Island, but my favorite celebration had to have been in November 2007, when I took my husband and my then 4 year old for both of their first times at Disneyworld! My hubs, who is would tell you he isn’t that big of a Disney fan (at the time), went reluctantly, and now is helping me plan our 10th anniversary in 2012 there! It was such a special trip for us, and I got to show my favorite guys my favorite place on earth!


  21. Bob Nordmark says:

    Hi Rick, Another great video! EE is a fun ride and I really like all the objects and things to look at from that part of the world as you are waiting in line. What do I celebrate when I come to WDW? The first thing that came to my mind is that by going to WDW I always celebrate the child inside of me. It feels so good to be a little boy again! I also enjoy celebrating any holiday at WDW.


  22. Kevin Nelson says:

    AWESOME Rick, thanks so much. We rode Expedition Everest for the first time in December of ’08, and loved it. I get a little motion sick on stuff like that, so if I were holding that camera the whole ride, I would have lost it! Have a great time celebrating your daughter’s 16th birthday, and I can’t wait to see the Treehouse Villas! We celebrated my wife’s birthday in December of ’08 and plan to celebrate just being a family in September of ’09! RICK, SMILE, your going to DISNEY WORLD, TOMORROW, and its a PARTY!


  23. Donna Isard says:

    Great Video Rick. We ride this ride every time we go do AK. We’ve been to Disney for Christmas and New Years but havn’t really celebrated anything really. But every time we go it is a celebration in its self without really having a special occasion.


  24. Phil Walter says:

    Outstanding front row video it is one of your best I have seen. What was the date on this because some of the people on the car before yours look like our party (just curious).


  25. Linda Martin says:

    Rick, anothe great video! It felt like being right there in the seat! On to the question of the week: what do/did I celebrate? Well in December 2008 we celebrated my dad’s 80th birthday and my husband’s 60 birthday while at the parks. Also we celebrated my parents 55th wedding anniversary. But now it is a different year. This year on our return trips we are celebrating: my 55th birthday this year, our grand daughter’s 9th birthday and her 6th trip to the world with us. Later this year we are celebrating our first trip home to Bay Lake Towers as owners, (in 2008 we celebrated first trip home to Saratoga Springs), and we are celebrating our first visit to MNSSHP and EPCOT’s F&W festival. Whew waht a busy year we are having.


  26. Lori Jubelt says:

    Rick! Loved the video and love the ride! We usually go in the fall and that has given me the chance to celebrate many a birthday there. This year will celebrate it even though I am going to miss it by 2 days. A “few” years back (almost 14 to be exact) I celebrated my 30th with the parade and party that used to be offered at the Magic Kingdom. All the birthday guests rode a double decker, decorated bus then went to the party site in Adventureland where we all received personalized birthday cakes…mine was complete with 30 blazing candles! LOL I was glad there was one other gentlemen older than I was…his cake was blazing too! I also celebrated the big 4-0 there too…I hope to hit all the decade birthdays and several in between!!


  27. Colleen Anastasi says:

    I love this coaster! One of the smoothest ones I have ever been on!

    We did my daughter’s 16th birthday in WDW too back in 2007! We spent 2 weeks there and I have to say, she wore that birthday button for every day of our 2 week visit! Lots of great memories on that trip. We are going back in Sept. this year…….celebrating my husband being 5 yrs cancer free!!


  28. D.Kocher says:

    Hi Rick another great video I was to chicken to ride in the front now I know what it is like. A question where in the life size yetti at ? I never could find him, maybe because I close my eyes at times !
    Thank You,
    D Kocher


  29. Maianne Swan says:

    Thanks for the video Rick! Expedition Everest is one of our favorites. I am always amazed at the view on the way up the mountain.

    We’re heading down to Disney in August for our honeymoon.


  30. Barbara says:

    This is absolutely one of our favorites! I’m new to watching your show Rick, and I’m hooked already! We just did a trip down to Disney last March for my oldest son’s 5th birthday, but we celebrate just about anything we can there! We’ll probably be back down for Halloween this year! So excited for next week’s show….keep up the great work Rick! Enjoy your daughter’s birthday!


  31. Dawn Steinfeld says:

    Thanks for the great video for Everest. That is one of our favorite rides. Last fall we celebrated a couple of things in Disney. It was right between my 40th birthday and my 10th wedding anniversary. So we decided what better way to celebrate than go to Disney. We made it extra special by creating a Grand Gathering half way through the trip and surprised our boys with their Grandparents and cousins coming to join our vacation. It was the most magical 10 days I think I’ve ever spent in Disney.


  32. Hi Rick,
    Another great video this week. That is one of my favorite rides at Disney World. When I went to WDW I was cebrating my very first trip to WDW.
    Keep up the good work,
    Marc AKA disneymaniac on twitter.


  33. jeff wilke says:



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