200 Episode Celebration on Travel with Rick

This week, Rick is joined by an amazing lineup of guests including Leslie Howard, Hidden Mickey Guy Steve Barrett, Nicole Siscaretti (Jingle Jane), Rhino Ken ZipetoAmanda & Travis TinneyTony Caselnova, Disney Chef Ashley Reeve, WDW Dads’ Robin Reeve, Parkhopper John Donahue and Parkhopper Sid, and Cameraman Andrew Harris.

We’re celebrating this episode in grand style in Disney’s Bay Lake Tower so don’t miss a moment of it. And below our main episode you can watch each one of your favorite guests individually.

I hope you enjoy today’s video, be sure to leave a comment and share it with your friends!

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Links mentioned on this week’s episode:

Leslie Howard Watch Leslie’s Interview

Steve Barrett – The Hidden Mickey Guy – Watch Steve’s Interview

Nicole Siscaretti – Sparkly Ever After  – Watch Nicole’s Interview

Rhino Ken – Rhino Wine Gear Watch Ken’s Interview – Use “TWR200” as a coupon code for a special discount!

Amanda Tinney – Disney Every Day Watch Amanda’s Interview

Tony Caselnova – Disney by the Numbers Watch Tony’s Interview

Ashley Reeve – A Cup of Disney Watch Ashley’s Interview

Robin Reeve – WDW Dads – Watch Robin’s Interview

Parkhoppers John & Sid – WDW Parkhoppers – Watch John & Sid’s Interview

Andrew Harris – Watch Andrew’s Interview

29 comments on “200 Episode Celebration on Travel with Rick”

  1. stephen bumbaugh says:

    Rick and Family,Loved it Loved it Loved it What a show,We loved watching it a lot..There was a lot of wine drank at the party,right Rick ? We look forward to seeing more as the years go on.You all work so well together,keep up the great work an information that you all have..We will see you all at Food an Wine this year,we hope..


  2. JohnsMom (Deanna) says:

    What an enjoyable evening! Lots of fun to watch and I must say it provided me with lots of laughter. Congrats Rick on your 200th.

    I was thrilled to see a video made at Festival of the Lion King! LOVE, LOVE this show.

    Keep bringing us the “Magic” Rick,



  3. Jacob Buxton says:

    Hey everybody! That was an Epic episode.I was watching on the live stream from start to finish.I love all you guys so much.Looks like everyone was having an awesome night and because you decided to let us in live I had an awesome night too.
    Let’s see question of the week.I have watched 200 episodes of TWR!And I’m awfully proud of that,because I’ve enjoyed each and every one of them.Thank you so much again Rick for making this show.I don’t get to go to Disney,but hopefully I will soon,but I feel like I’m there because I get to watch your show and keep up with everything that’s going on there.
    Congrats again on 200 episodes and here is to at least 200 more.Take care guys.

    P.S. I would love to see more outtakes.I think it would be a good idea to maybe have a few at the end of every episode.


  4. Kate Jackson says:

    Hey Rick,
    It’s kate jackson @jacksonkate72 on twitter. I just wanted to say it was a great episode and it was so neat watching you film it from Ustream. Can’t wait for more episodes to come in the future. 🙂


  5. Mary Callahan says:

    Happy 200 episodes!!!!! Hummm.. done over 200 times??? Definitely “dreamed” of my Disney vacations!! Occasionally, on a stressfull day, I just transform myself anywhere in the Magic Kingdom, or anywhere else on Disney property. Helps me relax and what an escape!!!
    Mary!!! Thanks for all the memories!! And keep them coming!!


  6. John Broadwater says:

    Thank You for every show the team has worked on. things I’ve done for over 200 times are waking up every morning, driving to work, Dreaming of going to Disney World,and just enjoy all the travel with ricks shows. thank you for everything and thanks to the team who bring these to us.an most of all thank you Leslie for you support of Rick Crazy Ideas.


  7. Kate Jackson says:

    Hey Rick,
    The episode was amazing! Thank you for answering my question on the show and I can’t wait to see more from you in the future.


  8. Christa says:

    Mckryan here, otherwise known as Christa! =) I enjoyed the show and meeting the faces behind the names and getting to know them a little better! Here’s to another 200 shows and beyond! One of these days I’m going run into you at WDW, Rick! Still can’t believe we were on the Hawaii cruise together and I had no idea!


  9. Dennis Conroy says:

    Wow what a great episode! So awesome to see so many Disney friends all in one place! It was a very long show but well worth the watch! There seems to be such a genuine friendship between all the guests! Looking forward to Episode 201!

    Question of the week: One think I’ve done at least 200 times is check my Disney vacation countdown ticker to see how many days until my next WDW trip!

    -Dennis (oakmanner)


  10. Peggy Hickey says:

    I watched the live episode, and it’s nice to be able to actually see some of the later guests on the show. It got pretty dark in there. It looked like a great party. You all look so “happy”.
    As an artist I must have done at least 200 paintings. So there’s that. I wish I could say I have been to Disney Worlds 200 times. I think you probably could say that yourself though.
    Cheers. After watching 200 episodes I feel like I know you all. Maybe some day I can meet some of you in person at Disney Worlds.


  11. Guy Levacque says:

    Congrats on a great run. 200 is awesome with many more to follow i’m sure.
    Andrew is a funny guy and fun to watch your adventures together. Andrew is like watching Richie Cunningham (Ron Howard)Happy Days, grow up from being in front of the camera to going to producing.A great assest to your crew. Your staff is amazing at what they do and look forward to watching all of you grow old.

    What have i done 200 times………..drank beers or margaritas out in the backyard in the summer with great friends and family.

    Thanks again to you,your wife and your great staff for your adventures and taking us along for the ride.



  12. Doug Maley says:

    Congrats Rick on 200 episodes! I wish you many many more. It was great to see you and all your friends/guests having such a wonderful time! Your reaction when Ken gave you his gift was priceless! Although we’ve never met(yet)*G* I feel like I know you all. Keep up the great work….I know I’ll be watching!

    As for what have I done 200 times?….That’s easy…I’ve watched all your episodes from the first to the 200th!

    Again…Congratulations and “Thank You!” for sharing your videos with us!


  13. Penny Serrato says:

    So in June of 2008 I found this website called KMV. I was planning my first ever trip to WDW, something as a child I always dreamt about and never thought I would ever get to do.I had also promised my daughter that someday I would take her to WDW. She was 19 in 2008. I connected with Colleen Anastasi. Colleen made our first trip something we will never forget. She also turned me onto Rick’s blog at the time and from there it’s history I have watched every video from the very first one. We made our first trip to Disney in July of 2008 and immediately began planning our next trip for Dec 2009. I watched every video every week and learned of all the great things we needed to see and rides we needed to ride and have kept on watching ever since. I also made some great internet friends during that time which is all of you who have been a part of TWR. So to answer the question of the week I have watched Travel With Rick 200 times ++. Thanks to all of you for helping to make my 2 trips (so far) to WDW the best they could be.
    I loved the live broadcast it was so much fun to be a part of. Congrats on 200 Episodes and I look forward to 200 more.


  14. Penny Serrato says:

    Oh Yea and I’ve won some cool SWAG TOO



  15. Kevin Golden says:

    Watching 200th Episode now. LOVE it!
    Big Congrats.
    As a motivational speaker, I use WDW in my speeches all the time. I also use WDW as my own personal motivation to accomplish personal goals… and your show is a HUGE part of that journey. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!
    Ever since my grandpa took me to DL in Anaheim, I’ve been hooked on Disney Parks.
    Visiting every disney park in the world is on my bucket list.
    Can’t wait to see a TWR episode at DL Paris and Hong Kong… nudge nudge hint hint.
    If you ever do an episode on the WDW monorail and need someone to drive it, give me a call… Maybe they’ll teach me how to drive it and let you film it 😉

    Thx for the show.


  16. Blake Schmidt says:

    Congrats Rick & the whole team on over 200 episodes . I have not seen all 200 but I am trying to go back & watch them all. What have I done 200 times that is tough wish it was go to Disney but it isn’t it would be go to our great family cottage .



  17. David Thacker says:

    Congrats on 200th. Im still trying to catch up on the videos, I think ive watched a third of them. They are really informative and fun at the same time. It is always good to have good friends and good times and it looks like you have it all with you on this night. This is my Favorite episode so far because it has all the great episodes in it.

    David Thacker


  18. First, the question of the week. What have I done 200 times ?? Watched The Lord of The Rings-extended version compleat.
    I just found your Facebook page 3 weeks ago and I feel so good about it. My fav. page on Facebook. I’ve been to Disney about 20-25 times. My sister was there the first month it opened. But I was a single Mom, raising a son, so when everyone went to Disney, I stayed home and worked.
    Now I’m moving to Florida and the first thing I’m getting is a Florida license and the second thing is a year pass to Disney!!
    I would love to see you do a show of Disney on the Cheap!! There are a lot of us single moms who think we can’t afford to come to Disney World and I know it can be done.But it is hard to fine the ins and outs to do it.
    I am so passionate about this that I’m going to send you a comment about it every week and then when I come up to you at Food & Wine, I’m going to say” Hi, I’m Miss Vikky. Will you do a show about Disney on the Cheap.”
    Love your show and all your friends, Miss Vikky


  19. Bob Nordmark says:

    Hey Rick and everyone,

    Happy 200th episode! I watched the live broadcast until you went up on the roof of Bay Lake Tower. I really enjoyed the show. What a great bunch of people. I hope some day I come to WDW meet you in person.

    I wish you all continued success and look forward to seeing you each week.



  20. David Thacker says:

    In all of the excitement I forgot to tell you what we done over 200 times. We have been to over 200 Softball tournaments with our two girls. Its one of the three things we really enjoy. Softball, Disney and Daytona Beach.

    Thanks again and maybe next time I can tell you Ive watched more than 200 episodes.

    The Thacker Family
    David, Jennifer, Aubree, and Corley


  21. Kevin Nelson says:

    CONGRATULATIONS to all my friends at TWR!! That was EPIC! I hate I missed the live broadcast, I was traveling back from running in Pensacola and I had conformation at church right when I got home, but I’m caught up now! I’ve been watching from the start and have won some cool swag, I’m so thankful! My boys are 10 and 7 and are growing up so fast, and people wonder why I go to WDW all the time and take Disney cruises all the time, because when I’m on vacation with Disney it’s all about family, my boys both hold my hand as we tour the park! Those days are flying by! TWR gives me vacation ideas and brings the magic to me on Monday mornings at work, I LOVE IT! Happy 200th Episode my friends! The only thing I’ve done over 200 times is procedures in my profession, dentistry, let’s not talk about that, but I have to do those procedures to get me to Disney! HA! Peace and may GOD bless you! You’ve kept my smile on for 200 episodes and I’m so looking forward for more! I’m gonna shake your hand someday and thank you with a hug! Keep those smiles on my friends!


  22. Kathy Poche says:

    What a wonderful toast! Congrats on 200 episodes!! What I have done 200 times …. well that’s easy – drank coffee and watched Travel with Rick! Cannot wait to see what the next 200 episodes will be!


  23. Larry says:

    I love the Food & Wine shows, they are the main reason I attended my First F&W in 2011. I hope to make it back this year.

    QotW: I have been Camping over 200 times & that is out in the weather with a Tent Camping!


  24. Lizzie says:

    I think I must’ve felt my daughter kick 200 times by now! 🙂 She’s due the 4th of July! 🙂


  25. Mary Gillenwater says:

    Congratulations on 200 episodes! I look forward to them every week. Your enthusiasm and love for what you do comes through!

    Since I have 3 children, the thing that I do it seems like 200 times a week is drive them to events. We are constantly on the go with school and activities. Nothing else I would rather being doing….besides being at Disney. We hope to get back soon!

    Again, thanks for giving me a little bit of Disney each week and congratulations!!


  26. John Przychodzien says:

    Hi Rick, Great show, We loved watching it live and taped!
    What have I done 200 times:
    Reading the “SOUTH OF THE BORDER” signs on I-95 driving from Pa. to Disney.


  27. Megan says:

    Loved this episode. Me and my parents love your videos. I probably think about Disney over 200 times a day! 🙂


  28. Lisa Przychodzien says:

    Hi Rick,
    I enjoyed the 200th episode. It looked like so much fun. Congratulations. I look forward to many more shows. Over the past year I have walked about 200 miles around the Disney Parks on our vacations.


  29. Elizabeth says:

    Thanks and Congrats for 200 Episodes, was fun to watch the episode live and again today. Thanks so much for all the effort but most importantly for pulling us into the Magic for a few moments each week. I love experiencing WDW through you and the help of all your friends and family.

    Now on to the question, Andrew, where did you get that T-shirt, my husband would love one.



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