2011 D23 Expo Overview – Episode 134

Join me and Andrew Harris, the Travel with Rick camera guy, to view some great presentations we saw last month at the D23 Expo. We’ve got Disney Princesses, Jim Henson’s Muppets, sneak peaks at the Fantasyland Expansion project and lots more!

Hope you enjoy today’s video, be sure to leave a comment!

Rick Howard

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10 comments on “2011 D23 Expo Overview – Episode 134”

  1. Laura says:

    I actually think I really like the leather shoe string sandals from the gift shop across from the Jungle Cruise– NOT! Fav is really my Red Mickey Jacket I “had” to buy one year because it was cold in Fla — go figure! Turns out it is my go to jacket for cold days!


  2. Nicklas Yeager says:

    Hey Rick
    The ladies that played the Disney Princesses sounded just like they did in the movies. The Shanghi Castle was really neat. I am also exited to ride the Seven Drawf Mine Coaster. I can’t wait for it to open. My favorite Disney shirt is my Mickey Mouse shirt.


  3. Sara L says:

    I can’t wait for Cars Land. My favorite T shirt is my “I’m surrounded by Idiots!” When I was in WDW at EPCOT I had people stopping me asking where they can get it. But sorry is GONE! I had many photos taken with fans. My next trip to WDW I will be people asking to a special photo with this classic shirt. It will be taken in Magic Kingdome. This will be in 2013.


  4. So awesome! Lisa and I would have been at D23 but we were on a 5 day cruise aboard The Dream! Booked by Kim at Kingdom Magic (you might have heard of it..)


  5. cathy mullen says:

    Hi Rick and Andrew,
    It was so nice to meet Andrew and he does a beautiful job with the videos!
    I loved this week’s blog because I roam all of the Disney sites and they all
    had segments about D23 but this video was the best!

    Now Andrew my internet name is ” Disney Cathy” because I’m always wearing something Disney so my friends and students gave me this nickname. I would
    say my gold Mickey watch I received when I retired from teaching is my
    favorite item to wear.

    The new Travel with Rick sounds great and I’m looking forward to these changes.



    Andrew Harris Reply:

    Cathy (or should I say “Disney Cathy”),

    Thanks so much for your comment! I am so glad you enjoyed this video.

    A gold Mickey watch is definitely something to brag about. That sounds like it would be great to wear.

    We are excited about the changes too and can’t wait to share much more Travel with Rick experiences with you!



  6. Penny Serrato says:

    Great info. Believe it or not I don’t have any Disney apparel. I love the ideas and changes to come on Travel with Rick but I have one request, please do not change the episodes of the Food and Wine Festival with Rhino Ken. The chemistry between you and Ken is great and you guys always make me smile. Some of my favorite episodes.



  7. Robert Nordmark says:

    Hi Rick and Andrew, I loved the video. I hope next year I can attend the D 23 convention. I loved learning about the new and upcoming attractions at Disney. I can’t wait to see them.

    I am looking forward to the changes you are making with Travel With Rick. I think seeing the actual places that Kingdom Magic Vacations provides tours and services for will give me more to dream about and to look forward to the next time I come to Orlando or wherever KMV will take me.

    My favorite Disney attire: Every time I come to WDW or Disneyland I always need a good hat to protect the big bald spot on the back of my head. So, I have been collecting hats with a Disney theme.

    See you next week,



  8. CLUB 33 !!!!

    I have an entire side of my closet filled with Disney t shirts. Some of my favorites are the ones I just bought at the expo with WED on them.


  9. Peggy Hickey says:

    As always, great video Rick and Andrew. I wish I could travel the world to see all the great things you bring to us every week. I take a vicarious Vicari-cation with you each week.
    I can’t wait to see where you’ll take us next. D23 looks awesome, and I love the raw virtual ride-through of the 7 Dwarfs Coaster, and the new Shanghai Castle looks to-die-for!
    My favorite wearing apparel is my many Disney tee shirts from many trips. It’s been too many years since my last trip though, so my tee shirts are wearing quite thin. Time to shop in WDW, I say. 🙂


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