A Tour Around the Magic Kingdom with Lou Mongello! – Episode 150

Join Lou Mongello, myself and a few friends of mine for a very special tour around the Magic Kingdom to discover some amazing insights into it.

Hope you enjoy today’s video, be sure to leave a comment and check out Lou’s website!

Rick Howard

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14 comments on “A Tour Around the Magic Kingdom with Lou Mongello! – Episode 150”

  1. Nicklas Yeager says:

    Hey Rick,
    I love the Magic Kingdom. I am a die hard Disney fan, and I am courious about the role of the buildings in the park. I orginally thought that the buildings where built on ranom and themed. I really learned alot. I had no idea about the castle being hid deliberty. The is the best video so far this year. My favorite food at the Magic Kingdom is popcorn. Best popcorn I ever had. Once again huge thanks. You made my day.


  2. Nicklas Yeager says:

    Oh and one more thing, do you think you could bring Lou back so he can talk about Frontierland and Adventureland?


  3. cathy m. says:

    Thinking of you Rick while you are out Weat in the cold! LOL:)

    Thanks Lou for your tour;I did know most of what you told us because the Keys to the Kingdom tour gives this info too but I didn’t know about the eagles so I did learn something new today.

    My favorite food would have to be at the Liberty Tree Tavern. I love their Declaration Salad and the New England Pot Roast is so tender and so delicious. Now dessert is something else… the Oeey Gooey Toffee Cake is
    wonderful but I can never finish eating this because it is so sweet! I like to have lunch at the LTT because they have a variety of good food to select from on the menu.

    Havea MAGICAL DAY!


  4. Bill Valle says:

    Thanks, Rick for this episode. My kind of stuff. Been going to Disney world at least once a year since it opened and now that I am retired and a DVC member it’s twice a year.
    Favorite food: TURKEY LEGS! and the half chicken dinner at Cosmic Rays.


  5. Thelma Huss says:

    Very good episode. Learned so much…will follow Lou.
    Food – well – never had a bad meal there, loved all, ice cream the best because you are warm and need cool and soothing.


  6. Bob Nordmark says:

    Thanks Rick. I hope you are having a great time in Wyoming. Lou–WOW! I was facinated with your tour and your knowledge. I hope I can take a tour with you the next time I go to the Magic Kingdom. Do you give the same kind of tours at the other Disney parks? I’m going to your website as soon I finish this comment.

    I don’t have a favorite food at the Magic Kingdom. But what came to my mind when you asked the question is when I was at Disneyland in March 2009. It was a cold evening. I stopped at the Carnation Bakery on Main Street and had a cup of hot chocolate and pastry of some kind. It sure warmed me up.

    Rick–how about going to Disneyland Paris for a week and posting videos of those parks? It is on my list of places to see. I would especially like to see the wild west show. Maybe Kingdom Magic Vacations could organize a tour for us fans.

    See you next week.



  7. Dan Hoeft says:

    Thanks Rick and Lou,
    Awesome episode couldn’t be better for your 150th. Do you think one day you could do more on the MK? And maybe even a tour of Epcot?
    My favorite food in the MK is the Big hot dogs in Tomorrow Land (when they have them) they are not always available but when they are they are a must have.




  8. Kevin Nelson says:

    Thanks so much Rick and Lou! Lou, I have the trivia books and Celebrations magazine, love them! Thank you so much for joining Rick and sharing your knowledge, I could sit and listen all day, I love the stories! Please come back, please! My favorite food item is the popcorn, best ever! Y’all keep those smiles on!


  9. Wendy S says:

    What a great episode! Very entertaining, AND educational. Thank you Lou & Rick.

    As for favorite food…it used to be the Fried Shrimp & Chicken Nuggets at Columbia Harbour House, but that Chicken and Waffles may replace it. That looked truely amazing. We’ll have to give it a try when we go in May!


  10. Jeanne Cundiff says:

    Fantastic Video Rick!!! I am going to re-watch this one several times. I love hearing about all the little details Disney puts into MK. It is truly amazing. I would be in heaven if I could take a tour with Lou! I have put it on my bucket list.
    My favorite food in MK (and at the Poly) is the Dole Whip. A close second would be a meal at Casey’s.
    Thank you so much for the great video once again!
    Jeanne Cundiff


  11. Lindsay says:

    Thanks Rick and Lou, This was really interesting. I enjoyed hearing all the facts shared. Every time I watch your videos my desire to return to WDW increases 🙂 The Beach Club Resort is my favorite place, have you made a video from there? If so please can you let me know the link? Thank you. Lindsay


  12. Peggy Hickey says:

    Fantastic tour. I love hearing about even more details about Walt Disney World. We really do “experience” the Disney parks rather than just go to them. Everything is just so well thought out.
    But there is one exception, and I’m wondering if they plan to do something about it. Since we can Google Earth Disney parks, and during the televised parades we often see scenes from above, are there any plans to Disneyfy the roofs of the Main Street buildings? They appears as flat utility greys from above.
    As for the food question, I still adore the Dole Whips, but that chicken and waffles looks like something I would really like to try. Plus its a grab and go food, so there’s no wasting time.
    Great episode. I’d love to see more tours like this. I know you will be showing us the new Fantasyland attractions when they begin to open.
    Great job, Rick and company.


  13. Sue M. says:

    Don’t know what happened, but episode stopped mid sentence half way through.


  14. Sue M. says:

    Never mind!! When I took it off full screen it worked again, lol!

    Don’t feel bad, I haven’t had the Chicken & Waffles yet either, but next trip I’m sure going to try it.

    Hope you get Lou back for more of MK!

    My fav MK food- hard to pick just 1.
    Dole Whip
    Burger at Cosmic Ray- great fixin bar
    Columbia harbour House Salmon


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