All About Cruising with John Shallo and

Episode 310 – Discover all the tips and tricks on how to get the most out of your next cruise with Cruise Addicts’, John Shallo and Travel with Rick!

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One comment on “All About Cruising with John Shallo and”

  1. Kevin Golden says:

    Rick. You have gotten SO GOOD at hosting your podcast. I know it didn’t come easy at first, but you look like a TV pro on there now. You make it look so easy to host a TV show. Great job buddy.

    You guys both really make me want to cruise. I am concerned about motion sickness because of my Aspergers (autism). But, I hear that you really don’t feel anything. And I can fly just fine (other than being a bit queasy on really turbulent flights). To give you an idea of my tolerance for motion… I can BARELY handle Soarin at Epcot. But I do fine on BTMRailRoad (weird I know). So, based on your experience and knowing what some of your customers have said, how do you think someone like me would be able to handle the motion?


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