Big Thunder Moutain Railroad – Episode 177

Here’s another wild ride for you this week. We’re hopping on the Wildest Ride in the Wilderness so buckle up and get ready!

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Rick Howard

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18 comments on “Big Thunder Moutain Railroad – Episode 177”

  1. Kevin Nelson says:

    BTMRR is a family favorite, it’s just perfect for my boys! We ride it several times and love the queue! My favorite queue is my all time favorite attraction, The Haunted Mansion, it’s my first Disney memory as a kid and I’ve loved it ever since! I’m so looking forward to Aulani, I’m saving my American Express points for first class flights to visit there in the next couple of years! It’s a great time to be a TWR fan with the F&W festival coming up, Rhino Ken better be gearing up! Thanks so much my friends, y’all keep those smiles on!


  2. Peggy Hickey says:

    I love Thunder Mountain. I always look for the Dinosaur skeleton each time I ride. WDW has so many details it’s hard to pick a favorite. i alway love seeing Hidden Mickeys though.
    My prize Aulani statue is sitting right here bringing me luck and wanting to see a bit more of the place he came from. I’ll be sure to be watching that one.
    Can’t wait for the news. Hmmm, wonder what it will be.
    Keep the videos coming. I love watching.


  3. Nick Yeager says:

    Hey Rick,
    Thanks for a great video. I love Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. It is my #1 favorite coaster at WDW. I went on it 4 time last year (2011). I love everything about Disney. Theming, rides, etr. I would choose the Hidden Mickeys if I had to. See you next week. Looking forward to Aulani.

    P.S. When am I going to get my pins I won a few episode back? I am not rushing you, I know you are a busy man, I am just curious.


  4. Brother Joseph Rock says:

    I don’t have an answer for the question you have for us to answer. However I do want to say that I love Big Thunder at Disneyland, CA. Every time I ride that and my mom is with me, we have to ride it together. Family tradition. Just to tell you that my Birthday was yesterday. I’m 31 years old now.


  5. Dan and Linda G. says:


    We really enjoyed watching the BTMRR video. It is definitely one of our favorite WDW rides. Linda’s favorite detail is the lanterns in the Liberty Tree that light up at night in Liberty Square. My favorite is the mud on the bottom of the pirate’s foot as the boat passes under the bridge in Pirates of the Caribbean. Having said that, Disney is so full of great details, it is difficult to call one my favorite. It is truly amazing how detailed everything is — attractions, resorts, restaurants, everything. It is one of the things that makes Disney stand out. Thanks again for the video.

    Dan and Linda G.


  6. Christian says:

    My god this ride looks so much different at Disneyland Paris…


  7. Penny Serrato says:

    I like the Andycam it was cool. My favorite detail, wow that’s a hard one. There is so much detail in everything at WDW.
    Food and Wine, Rick and Ken, my favorites. I hope you are planning at least 1 episode with Ken. Can’t wait for next week’s tour. Thanks for sharing.


  8. Jeanne Cundiff says:

    Thank you for another great video Rick and Andy! I so want an “Andycam”!! You could take some fantastic vacation videos with that thing. I love Big Thunder. I think we rode it 4 times on our last vacation. I had never seen the hidden Tinkerbell before but I will definitely look for it next trip. To answer your question; I always seem to search for the Mickey they make with rocks on the bottom of the big EPCOT aquarium. I really think the move it around. We have only gone twice but i swear it was in a different spot!
    My Mater says Hi to you Rick!


  9. Carrie Freistuhler says:

    My husband and I like to ride when it’s dark because it goes faster.
    I like seeing all the neat details at the resort. CSR this time, leaving in a week. Unfortunately we will miss food and wine and you taping.


  10. Rebecca says:

    Great video Rick! I just came across your blog today. We are leaving for Disney World on Sept 29-Oct6th. We are counting the days! Can’t wait! The details my family and I always look for are the hidden Mickey’s through out the parks. Love hidden Mickey’s


  11. Bob Nordmark says:

    Hey Rick,

    Thanks for the ride. I can’t wait to ride the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad again. Every time you take us on a ride at a theme park it makes me want to go to Disney World or Disneyland and ride that ride.

    Two of my favorite attractions are the Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster at the Hollywood Studios and Expedition Everest at the Animal Kingdom. Both of these attractions have amazing detailed paraphernalia relating to the ride. Disney does that through out all of their parks. I find myself wanting to return to an attraction or part of a park to see all that there is to see because it is all so detailed.

    See you next week.



  12. chris j says:

    Hey Rick,

    another great episode, every detail that disney does is great but i think my favorite is the haunted mansion, especially in the graveyard. see you in aulani


  13. Jennie says:

    Thanks Rick – this is one of my favorites! My favorite Disney Detail is the Gorilla in The Tree of Line – I always take my picture next to it!


  14. Karen says:

    Thanks for posting that video of thunder mountain. I’ve never been on it because I don’t like coasters (shocking I know 🙂 ) but after watching I think I can join my 7 year old this January. She loves splash mountain and after seeing this video she tells me it’s just like splash without the water and the rabbit :). My husband and I will parent swap and dd will get to ride it twice while the baby enjoys the view

    I’m also looking forward to your food and wine videos. Loved the ones from last year and can’t wait until the kids are old enough to let us go down to disney world alone in October to enjoy f&w

    Oh and my fav detail is the tree of life. Every time we go we spot a new animal


  15. Katherine Poche says:

    Favorite detail has to be all the cool artifacts in the que line to get on expedition Everest. Makes me feel like I’m in a museum every time!


  16. Patricia Burger says:

    Rick I really enjoyed watching thru your cam on the ride of Thunder Mtn Railroad as this is one of my favorites. I must say however that it is so much more awesome when you experience the real thrill of actually feeling it and hearing sounds around you. I particularly love the extra magic hours so as to enjoy my favorite rides at least once more before I have to go home… which is 12 hours away.

    Which of all the rides in Walt Disney World is your favorite ride?


  17. Dennis Conroy says:

    Wow! As you said there is so much detail on this attraction that I never noticed when riding it full speed! With the Andy Cam I was able to see things I never knew existed! Awesome video Rick! I’m heading down to F&W on the 27th too! Hope to meet up with you and say hi! BTW loved how you timed the guy on the riding lawn mower to come by right at the and of your video! It was funny seeing you trying to talk louder and faster to overcome the noise! LOL!!


  18. Kyle Peek says:

    Hey Rick, first time responding. Fantastic video, BTMRR is always a must do attraction when I visit Disneyland. One of my favorite items to find in a queue is the Eeyore sign hidden in the projector room of Indiana Jones Adventure. It’s left over from the old Eeyore parking-lot that used to be where Indiana Jones is currently at Disneyland. Can’t wait for your next video!



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