Brunch Buffet at Palo on the Disney Dream – Episode 210

This week we promise to make you drool! Well, at least the food at the Palo Brunch Buffet will. One of the best waiters in the world, Marco gives us a tour around the amazing spread Palo puts out each sea day on a Disney Cruise.

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18 comments on “Brunch Buffet at Palo on the Disney Dream – Episode 210”

  1. Kate Jackson says:

    Hey Rick,
    My favorite 70’s band/song would be The Jackson 5 and the song is ABC! Such a classic song and I listen to it all the time. And MJ was the best in that group for sure.


  2. Mary Callahan says:

    Hey Rick!!
    Love all that yummmmmy food! Oh man, my fav 70’s group was Earth Wind & Fire. You all look like you’re having so much fun!! Thank you so much for the Kingdom Magic mug!! Just got home from my Disney Magic Vacation, at 1:00 this morning, and the package was sitting on my kitchen counter. What a treat. My trip was fantastic!! Hot, crowded and exciting!!!!!!!!


  3. David Thacker says:

    Loved to see the brunch but it made me hungry. My favorite 70’s band is
    LYNYRD SKYNYRD and favorite song is “Was I right or wrong.” I love southern rock! I cant wait to see videos of Disneyland Paris. I’ve been following you on facebook and twitter and loving every minute.


  4. Gary Watson says:

    At the time my favorite band would have been Mungo Jerry.


  5. Jacob says:

    I love the food episodes and this one sure didn’t disappoint.When I’m able to book a Disney cruise I know what the first thing I’m going to do is,go to Palo for brunch!That food looked incredible and I’m sure it tasted even better.
    My favorite 70s group is actually Kiss.I used to wear the makeup as Peter Criss,their drummer.
    Looks like you guys are having an awesome time on your trip,can’t wait to see more.Take care guys.


  6. Jeanne Cundiff says:

    Oh My Goodness! How do you pick what to eat with all that fabulous food! I would want a bite of each one. My favorite 70’s band is a Northern one called Michael Stanley Band. They never made it national but they would sell out huge venues here and still do sell out when they hold concerts now. I can NOT wait to see more of Disneyland Paris!!! This glimpses you have given us look so beautiful and fun. Ok, it is now on my Bucket list to get there.
    Thank you again for a great video!!


  7. Brother Joseph Rock says:

    My favorite 70s band would have to be Queen. They introduced ‘We will Rock You’ and ‘We are the Champions’. My most favorite 70s song would have to be ‘Sweet Home Alabama’. I know, that’s not a Queen song but…. Anyway, great video.


  8. stephen bumbaugh says:

    My favorite 70?s band would be /BOB SEGAR AND THE SILVER BULLET Band.Really hard to pick one there was a lot of good bands thru out the70’s.What a great vidio I could stay there all day tring every thing.It all looked so good.Did you say every Disney ship has this ofered ? Is there a Disney hotel on the grounds at Disney Paris ? More vidios and pictures.We were thinking going that way next year..Keep up the great work..


  9. John Broadwater says:

    great show Rick. The 70’s band I really was Earth,Wind and Fire.the song is ‘AQUARIUS’. Enjoy your trip see you soon.


  10. Bob Nordmark says:

    Hey Rick and John,

    WOW OH WOW! All that wonderful food. I wanted to eat everything I saw in the video. I will definitely put Palos on my to do list.

    My favorite 70’s band–The Carpenters and my favorite song–We’ve Only Just Begun.

    I can’t wait to see the videos from Disneyland Paris!

    See you next week.



  11. Bob Blum says:

    Boy it was tough eating my cereal watching the buffet from Palo I felt like jumping on the cruise thru my Ipad.My favorite 70s band is Foreigner .


  12. Penny Serrato says:

    WOW major food coma, yummy.
    Do you have a preference on brunch or dinner at Palo? I am so Jealous that you have taken the trip to Disney Paris and Ireland both on my bucket list. 70’s bands HUMMM so many to choose from it was such a great era for all types of music. How bout ELO and Pink Floyd, Clapton, Foreigner and that’s just going through the C-F section of the alphabet of bands.


  13. chris j says:

    hey rick another great episode, my fav 70ies band is led zeppelin, cant wait to see the videos from dlp and ireland


  14. Guy Levacque says:

    The food looks so amazing may just have to make a reservation in Dec.
    As for the bands wow that is tough. Jimmy Buffett, The Guess Who, Led Zepplin, Styx, Van Halen………


  15. Lizzie says:

    For a 70’s band, The Rolling Stones immediately came to mind, but then I thought, Wait, aren’t they the ’60s? Then my husband said Queen, so there ya’ go!

    Looking forward to seeing Adventures and your take on Ireland. Some of my family is there right now w/you until July 2nd or later this month…can’t remember.


  16. Peggy Hickey says:

    I feel full from just looking at all that food. How do you ever pick what to eat?
    My favorite 70s band is Steely Dan.
    I was so happily surprised to see Disneyland Paris at the end of the video. How I would love to go there. I can’t wait to see your videos of the attractions there, and the Ireland trip sounds good too. The Adventures by Disney look so great.
    Can’t wait for next week now.


  17. John Przychodzien says:

    Hi Rick,
    Loved the show, for the question of the week: One of my favorite bands of the 70’s, Bo Donaldson and The Heywoods has a special connection, when my family took their first trip to WDW in 1974, Bo Donaldson and The Heywoods played a concert that night in front of the castle, I was 9 years old at the time, but I still remember that trip like it was yesterday, Have a good week!

    John Przychodzien
    Gap, Pa


  18. Nick Yeager says:

    Hey Rick,
    I love food videos, they make me want to eat all of the good food. I am looking forward to the videos from Paris and Ireland. I have never been to both places. I don’t have a favorite 1970’s band, so I can’t answer the QOTW. See you next week.


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