Celebrate a Dream Come True Parade – Magic Kingdom Walt Disney World – Episode 54

Watch the Celebrate a Dream Come True Parade! We have a great viewing location up front on Main Street for this great parade at the Magic Kingdom Walt in Disney World on Travel with Rick with host Rick Howard

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Rick Howard

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25 comments on “Celebrate a Dream Come True Parade – Magic Kingdom Walt Disney World – Episode 54”

  1. Laurie Holden says:

    My favorite parade was the Millennium Parade that was at Epcot! It was beautiful, inspirational, and emotional! Absolutely the best parade I’ve ever seen!


  2. Pati M says:

    My favorite parade is the one they do during Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party. But I am partial to everything they do at Christmas!


  3. Debbie says:

    Love it Rick! The parade is great! Can’t wait to see it. You had the perfect spot.

    My favorite parade of all times is the one they had in World Showcase for the Millennium Celebration. It was awesome – I used to have a CD of it.

    Keep up the good work.

    ps; Noticed I changed my e-mail address – the other is void


  4. Penny Serrato says:

    Well now I have to add this to the list of things we need to see on our next trip. This was a fun parade, can’t believe we missed it. My favorite parade is the Spectromagic Parade it is so cool.
    Thanks Rick



  5. Thelma Huss says:

    My favorite parade is Spectral Magic. Can’t be any better than that.


  6. Tammy Westman says:

    My favorite parade is SpectroMagic. I remember it as a kid and it is as timeless as they get. I love watching my childrens faces light up just like mine did, Thanks


  7. Scott Schultz says:

    Great video Rick! I Love watching them.
    Although I havn’t seen it in years, my favorite parade has got to be The Main Street Electrical Parade. The music in that parade is what gets me. It’s very nostalgic for me.


  8. Thank you, Thank you! This parade took me away from my day to a dreamland where I could forget everything else. My favorite parade has to be at Disney World in 1989 when my kids and I were grand marshals in the parade representing are home state California. It is still on my top 10 biggest trills of a lifetime.


  9. Donna Isard says:

    Loved the parade Rick. I hope to get to see that one the next time we get down to WDW. We didn’t see it this year when we were there. I love all of the Parades. We got to see the Block Party Bash at Disney Hollywood in Dec. and justed loved it. Thanks again Rick. Donna


  10. Edward Mahoney says:

    I think my favorite parade would have to be Spectro Magic.
    By the way, I saw Amanda Tinney in your video.



  11. Linda Miller says:

    Thanks for another great video! My favorite parade of all time was the Tapestry of Dreams parade at Epcot. I loved the music and the floats with the drums. The Boo To You parade at MNSSHP is my current favorite.

    Thanks again, for sharing a little bit of Disney with us each week!!

    Linda Miller


  12. Domenica Dahleiden says:

    I have to add this to the list of things we need to see on our next trip.
    My favorite parade is the Spectromagic Parade.


  13. Robert Nordmark says:

    Hey Rick, Your videos are like oxygen to me. That was a great parade. As I was watching the video I thought of how good all things Disney make me feel. I espcially feel that was watching a Disney parade. My favorite parade is “Boo To You” at MNSSHP.

    Thanks Rick,



  14. John Broadwater says:

    thanks Rick for a great show. My favorite parade is Mickey”s Jammin’Jungle Parade. I just enjoy it the most.


  15. Ramon Santiago says:

    Great Video.

    I enjoy all the parades at Disney. My favorite would have to be the Holiday Parades, Boo to you and the Christmas Parade. I also enjoy the Star Wars Parade during Star Wars Weekend.


  16. Gus Mathion says:

    Great work with this vid! Always good to see “new” parades. My fav parade is the Mickey’s Not so Scarry parade! It’s good to be bad!

    Another thing, I saw that I won the Passport (yay!) but didnt receive your e-mail. Should I wait a little more?

    Any way, great work Rick!


  17. cathy mullen says:

    Hi Rick,
    I just watched the video with my little neighbor who is only 8 months old but already a Disney fan. She enjoyed the watching the parade as much as I did.

    My favorite parade is the Mainstreet Electrical Parade and I hope they bring it back someday.


  18. Mayra Lopez says:

    I loved this week’s video. I haven’t seen this new version of the 3:00 parade, but it’s definitely on my to-do list for next year.

    My favorite parade is Spectromagic. I don’t grow tired of watching it. The floats are so beautiful and magical.

    My second favorite is Mickey’s Jammin Jungle Parade because of the amazing colors used in the floats and the music.


  19. Jeanne Cundiff says:

    Well that was fun to watch!!! I have been to WDW 3 times and still have not seen the 3:00 parade! Thank you for showing it. My fav parade is a tie between the Halloween one ( Hallowishes?) and the SpectroMagic.
    Thanks again for a great video; I loved getting a peek of the Christmas Decorations.


  20. Lace says:

    Boy oh Boy oh Boy! Thanks for sharing this delightful parade! I want to come CELEBRATE today! You picked a great spot, I could watch this again & again. Love the music… maybe you could go to the other side of Main Street and do it again 😉 Thanks so much!


  21. Kevin Nelson says:

    Great video Rick, thanks so much. I love the MNSSHP parade, the headless horseman and the guys with the shovels making sparks on the ground, too cool!!! Thanks again buddy, keep smiling!


  22. Scott Parker says:

    My favorite parade is still the first one I ever saw, which is the Electric Light Parade! Cant’ wait to see the new parades when we are there in December 2010!


  23. Linda Maxey/TINK says:

    FANTASTIC once again!!!!! Iwould have ot say the parade to beat all parades was the MILLENNIUM parade–(later changed to TON)… they can only enhance EPCOT if they can some how bring that one back—-
    You cant beat a DISNEY parade!!!! Thanks again for all you work on these!!



  24. Kristy says:


    Great video! I just came home from a wonderful time at Walt Disney World this past weekend. My 1st visit! I am looking forward to the next time I can come back to Disney World.

    I was just looking for the music from this Celebrate a Dream Come True Parade when I can across your video. Very inspiring! If possible, I would love to purchase a copy of the music. Any ideas of where that might be possible?

    My other favorite Disney Parade was the Electrical Parade I saw at Disney Land when I was a kid.

    Again Thank you for the great video!

    Disney World Fan,


  25. Fred Harrson says:

    Rick, keep up the great work. My favorite is watching the Disney parade on Christmas morning. Thanks for the videos!

    Kristy 2/4/2010 – Corbin bleu recorded a portion of the Celebrate a Dream Come True Parade music (Celebrate you) – you should check it out.

    – Fred


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