Check out the new Disneyland Monorail Wraps and Ride Up Front! – Episode 169

Take a ride with me up front in a Disneyland Monorail! They’ve got character now, they have a new themed wrap to go along with the opening of Cars Land in Disney California Adventure Park! And they have a new sound track, we rode Manny the Monorail who told us all about the new land and took us all around Disneyland Park!

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Rick Howard

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14 comments on “Check out the new Disneyland Monorail Wraps and Ride Up Front! – Episode 169”

  1. Jennie says:

    Thanks Rick! I used to love riding in the front of the monorail, but it’s been many years since I’ve been able to! What a treat!


  2. Dave S says:

    Rick-great video! I’ve never been to Disneyland, but hoping to head that way in 2013. Maybe will see you in FL-we check in 9/28! To your question…favorite Cars character…too many great ones, however, I’d have to say Mater is probably my favorite. Thanks again for all the great info!


  3. Sara L says:

    I always love to watch your videos and it makes my Friday! When I go to Disneyland I ALWAYS ride the monorail. My next trip to DL is in Oct. As for my favorite Cars is Filmore. He is so laid back. Also VW Bus are cool.


  4. Kevin Nelson says:

    When you said the DL monorails were decorated for the CarsLand opening, I expected something different I guess, those looked AWESOME, best monorail decorations ever, loved the Manny monolog inside, so, so COOL! Wonder if that will be permanent? I’ve just got to get out to DL, as much as I love Disney and the history of Walt and all his works, I’ve just got to see where it all started, so thank you for the DL videos and especially your top 5 coming next week! My favorite Cars character is Tow Mater, because I have a few patients here in Mississippi who talk and act just like him, funny! It’s so great to anticipate all the very cool videos coming soon, Aulani, Costa Rica, what a blessing for you and your family and for TWR fans too, you make me keep smilin’ my friend, I’m so thankful!


  5. Penny Serrato says:

    Great ride I really enjoyed that. My favorite Cars character is Filmore gotta Respect the classics… LOL
    Thanks For Sharing


  6. Jeanne Cundiff says:

    Thank you for the great ride! I really want to see Disneyland some day. My favorite Cars character is Guido. I think he is adorable! Thank you for mentioning my comment and I do love Disney dreaming. Thanks for another great video Rick!


  7. John Broadwater says:

    Thank you for another great show. My favorite character is Tow Mater. I just enjoyed his rustic ways. can’t wait until the next show. Have a grea week and keep on filming I enjoy every one you show us. Thanks Again. ( enjoyed the pins thank you)


  8. Linda Miller says:

    Thanks for the monorail ride! I love riding the different monorail loops at WDW and this one looked like great fun. I miss not being able to ride up front on the WDW monorails, but I understand it’s a safety issue. My favorite Cars character is Guido. He is so cute!!

    Thanks for another great video! I would love to go to DLR and your videos are a great preview.



  9. Nicklas says:

    Hey Rick,
    I thought that the monorail dialog was cute, and unique. I enjoy riding the momrail at Disney World. I try to use it when I can. It is my favorite way to travel at Disney. When do you think they will let people sit up front at Disney World’s momorails. Favorite Cars character is Tow Mater and Lightning Mcqueen. McQueen’s name reminds me of the song Steve McQueen by Sheril Crow and Mater is hilarious.


  10. Bob Nordmark says:

    Hey Rick,

    That was a fun ride. It is a good way to get off you feet and rest for a few minutes and to get a different view of the parks. I like all of the Cars characters but if I were to choose a favorite it would be Lightning McQueen.

    Rick, It seems like you are always on the go traveling some where every month. I enjoy all of the videos of the places you travel to. So here is a question for you: Do you ever slow down? And where would you like to travel to just to relax?

    See you next week.



  11. Dan @imacdan says:

    Great episode as usual! I’ve never been to Disneyland, I need to get out there real soon. My favorite Cars character is Tow Mater and Sarge.


  12. Shaene says:

    That was cool. Riding in front of monorail can now only be done at Disneyland so great to do when out there. Can’t wait to experience this one myself when I return to the west coast.


  13. Scott says:


    The Disneyland monorail is such a different looking experience than the WDW ride. Everything seems to be so much closer and you feel more like you are part of the park experience than the WDW monorail. I will definitely have to get out to California and see Disneyland someday. Favorite Cars character is TowMater. I think the Cars franchise would not be as much fun without him.

    Keep up the great video work!



  14. Peggy Hickey says:

    Still catching up, so I have to chime in.
    The DisneyLand Monorail ride experience looks so different from the Disney World one. I think I’ve been spoiled by the lack of outside the park glimpses in WDW. But this was fun with the character narration. Love the wraps too.
    Thanks again for taking us along.


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