Cinderella Castle Lighting Cermony Magic Kingdom 12 Days of Christmas – Day 12

Each day until Christmas Day we’re celebrating the 12 Days of Christmas on Travel with Rick! On Day 12 check out Cinderella’s Holiday Wish, the show performed nightly with over 200,000 tiny white lights cover the castle!

Hope you enjoy today’s video, be sure to leave a comment!

Rick Howard

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7 comments on “Cinderella Castle Lighting Cermony Magic Kingdom 12 Days of Christmas – Day 12”

  1. Robert Nordmark says:

    This is great Rick! I enjoyed seeing the the Cinderella Castle Lighting Ceremony. Then I thought to myself, I wonder what he will show tomorrow? And the next day? It will be something to look forward to everyday until Christmas.

    Thanks Rick.



  2. Kevin Nelson says:

    Travel with Rick’s 12 days of Christmas, awesome idea! I’ve never seen Cinderella’s Castle look so beautiful, it’s even more impressive in person. Can’t wait for tomorrow! Keep that smile on my friend!


  3. cathy mullen says:

    Hi Rick,
    I just came back from my Dec trip and the castle is so beautiful when you see it in person. We had a wonderful trip and beat the cold weather too!
    I hope you are keeping warm down there right now.

    We watched the taping of the Christmas Parade that will be on tv on Dec. 25 and saw Ryan Seacrest who is the host this year and we heard Mirah Carey singing. When we came back to PA many people here never knew this parade was taped they thought it was coming live.

    We went to the Am Idol attraction and were VIP guests!

    Your 12 days of Christmas is a great idea too!
    It will be fun to relive our vacation.

    Take care,


  4. Jeff Barkee says:

    I just spent sunday night at Disneyland, and loved seeing Sleeping Beauty’s Castle lit up for Xmas. But I must admit, it really can’t hold a candle to Cinderella’s Castle lights.
    Next december will be my first time at WDW for the Xmas season.
    Can’t wait to see Cinderella’s holiday magic with my own eyes!!!!


  5. Rick ! Thank you for bringing the lighting of Cinderella Castle to my desk top. It was absolutely spectacular. So very much appreciate your time and effort bringing the Holidays us. Merry Christmas – looking forward to the rest of the journey – 12 Days of Christmas


  6. Suzanne says:

    Thanks for the GREAT video Rick on the Lighting of Cinderella’s Castle. I was able to share what we experience at Disney World with some family members. I have seen the lighting several times. I do have to say that I get the chills and tears in my eyes every time I see it. It is truly MAGICAL!!


  7. Jeanne Cundiff says:

    It is so beautiful! I would really like to see it someday.
    Great video Rick, thank you!


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