Country Bear Jamboree – Episode 8

This week we visit the Country Bear Jamboree in Frontierland at the Magic Kingdom – Walt Disney World Resort in Florida.

Hope you enjoy this week’s video, be sure to leave a commment!


40 comments on “Country Bear Jamboree – Episode 8”

  1. Karen Revis says:

    Again, another great clip this week Rick! I look forward to it in my inbox every week!

    My favorite Land at the Magic Kingdom would be Fantasyland. It has the classics Peter Pan’s Flight, It’s a Small World, Dumbo and the castle is in your view while you are there and it makes you fell like a kid again! There is just something about the atmosphere in Fantasyland! It is where you feel that “all your dreams can come true…..”

    Karen J Revis in CT


  2. Lori Blessner says:

    Thanks for this video. In all of our visits, we have not seen the Country Bears! Next time for sure!
    It’s hard for me to pick a favorite land at MK, love them all for many reasons. Please don’t make me pick just one!!
    Thanks for the memories.


  3. Maryan Blanford says:

    Wow…what fun…loved it!!
    If I had to pick a favorite land, I guess it would be FantasyLand – although, Toon Town is fun, too. As a 61 year old grandma, feeling like a little kid again is what it’s all about!!
    Thanks, Rick…You are terrific!!


  4. Colleen Anastasi says:

    Long time favorite of mine. It’s really cute at Christmas time too.

    Favorite land……..easy…….Tomorrowland!! Love Space Mountain!!! That was my youngest daughter’s first BIG kid ride! I was nervous as she was only 5, but when we got off of it, she screamed “Let’s do it again!!” I knew it was a winner.


  5. Rick,
    Great video of a classic attraction.

    Favorite land would have to be Frontierland for me. My kids love Splash Mtn and Big Thunder of course but also love the shooting arcade.

    Brian McCutcheon


  6. Phyllis Buonocore says:

    Great video We have been to Disney so many times and we haven’t seen it yet but We will on our next trip
    for sure Our favorite land is adventure land WE love the Pirates of the Caribbean and getting there we pass Liberty Square and always stop at The Hall of Presidents and THe Haunted Mansion. Its very hard to pick just one Land.
    Rick thanks again for another great show and thanks for the memories.


  7. Tammy Norman says:

    Tommorowland is my favorite because it has the Carousel of Progress.


  8. Caroline Jubelt says:

    Thanks for a great video! We have seen the Country Bear Jamboree. It’s okay, but not one of my favorite shows. Fantasy Land is my favorite land in Magic Kingdom.


  9. George J says:

    Hi Rick, Another great video. My favorite place in the M.K. is Main street. I love the view of the castle when you first enter. Thanks,keep up the good work.


  10. Domenica Dahleiden says:

    Thanks for this great video Rick. In all of our visits, we have not seen the Country Bears! Next time for sure!
    If I had to pick a favorite land, I guess it would be Tomorrowland!!


  11. Daryl says:

    Hi Rick, I enjoy watching your videos. This atraction is a great one to visit when you need a break. My family enjoys this show.

    I don’t have a favorite land. I love them all. There are attractions in each land that we enjoy visiting. The land our family spends the most time in now is Fantasyland. It is great fun going on the rides with our grand daughter (age 5 on our last trip).


  12. Linda Miller says:

    Hi Rick! I loved the video. I saw Country Bear Jamboree for the 1st time in December ’08–just never took the time to see it before that. What fun!

    I don’t really have a favorite land–I love things about each of them. Our family spends the most time in Adventureland and Frontierland. We all love Priates of the Caribbean, Splash Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, and have to ride them several times on each visit.


  13. Laura says:

    Hi Rick —
    It is funny how everytime I see a new video I say – I love that attraction!!
    I remember seeing this when I was younger and begging my parents to go see it all the time. I have always loved that area of the park. My favorite place at Disney World – is not actually a land — but it is Main Street — there is nothing like the walk down the street seeing the Castle and all the little faces watching in amazment. It is so festive.

    Can’t wait to be down there in May!



  14. Linda Martin says:

    Rick, thanks for yet another walk down memory lane. I think this is such a fun attraction. We have not been to this one in several years, this trip we will; definitely be taking our grand daughter to see the bears. Thanks for the reminder and keep on posting. I love watching you videos, they are a little sprinkle of magic to tide me over till the next trip when I can see it in person.


  15. Linda Martin says:

    Oooopppppsssss sorry that I forgot to answer the question of the week:
    hmmm, which is my favortie land at Magic Kingdom? Depends on who is travelling with me and how I feel at a given moment (how’s that for sidestepping?) If with grand daughter then hands down it is fantasyland.
    But if I am feeling saucy and adventureous then it would have to be adventureland for two special reasons: POTC attraction and Dole Whips!, If I am feeling a bit silly and want the giggles, then I have to go with a visit to the Haunted Mansion ( a must do for me everytime!).
    There you have it. Thanks for all you do! Keep ’em coming.


  16. Dawn says:

    Hi Rick,

    Loved the Country Bear video. I remember seeing it when I was little and am hoping to take my boys to see it this fall when we go back.

    My favorite land is Frontierland because my favorite ride is there…Splash Mountain. I love the theming and I love the wooden walkay along the water off the main walkway,q


  17. Dawn says:

    Hi Rick,

    Loved the Country Bear video. I remember seeing it when I was little and am hoping to take my boys to see it this fall when we go back.

    My favorite land is Frontierland because my favorite ride is there…Splash Mountain. I love the theming and I love the wooden walkay along the water off the main walkway.

    Thanks for your videos. We look forward to them each week.



  18. Randy Nelson says:

    when ever we go to disneyworld we always make it a point to see the country bears very entertaining


  19. Elizabeth Batsios says:

    My favorite land is Fantasyland. I love all the old classics – Small World, Peter Pan, Dumbo….It makes me feel like a kid again.


  20. Annette P. says:

    I guess I don’t have a favorite land. I love Main Street! I just get this wonderful feeling as soon as I see the castle. Not a care in the world! Keep up the great work on the videos.


  21. Teresa Mays says:

    That was really nice to watch. I placed my 2 year old in my lap and we danced to the music. We both loved it and it brought back great memories of our recent trip!

    I have to say it is very hard to choose because Magic Kingdom in total is my favorite park but since I have to choose, I would say Fantasy Land. I love Peter Pan, It’s a Small World, Philharmagic, Snow White’s Scary Adventure. as the mother of FOUR girls, it is difficult to get out of that particular Land but as the get older they are more willing to go over to adventureland since we love Pirate’s of the Caribean.


  22. Lorraine Rossi says:

    I always look forward to seeing your videos Rick!

    Although I love all the lands, I think my favorite is Adventureland. My favorite ride POTC is there and so are my favorite Disney snack…Dole Whips!! A close 2nd would have to be Fantasy Land just for the atmosphere and the classic Disney rides and music.


  23. Amy says:

    Aww, I love Country Bear Jamboree! So corny and fun. I have a hard time getting my ‘cool’ teenager to sit through it anymore, so I really enjoyed your video this week. Thank you! =D

    My favorite land is Tomorrow Land. Two words – SPACE MOUNTAIN!!!!!


  24. John says:

    My favorite land is go back to my resort and take a nap land (ha ha), just kidding!! I loved the video. My favorite land would have to be Tomorrowland. Keep up the good work.


  25. Sarah Perry says:

    I love the Country Bear Jamboree! It’s always a must for my family at Walt Disney World.

    But my favorite land would have to be Tomorrowland. I love TTA, Space Mountain, & Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin! I also just love the feeling in Tomorrowland. It feels like you really are a bit into the future, & the CM’s make it so much better!


  26. Bob Nordmark says:

    Hi Rick,

    I always look forward to a new episode of Travel with Rick. Watching the attraction gets me excited for another trip to Disney World. You seem like a pretty fun kind of guy. Maybe someday our paths will cross at Disney World.

    My favorite attraction at the Magic Kingdom–I couldn’t name just one. So here goes my list of favorite attractions at the Magic Kingdom:

    Adventureland–Pirates of the Caribbean
    Fantasyland–Mickey’s PhillharMagic/It’s a Small World
    Frontierland–Splash Mountain
    Liberty Square–The Haunted Mansion
    Tomorrowland–Space Mountain


  27. Deanna Treigle says:

    Love, Love, Love Country Bear Jamboree!!!

    My favorite land in the Magic Kingdom is Main Street. I try to imagine Walt and Roy looking down the street and remembering their Childhood. I know that Walt never saw WDW – but I know his influence, love and spirit are in FL.


  28. Penny Serrato says:

    Since I was not able to visit all of the Magic Kingdom last trip I do not have a favorite. I will decide after my next trip. Thanks for the videos I really enjoy them. I already have a copy of the Passporter for 2009 so I don’t need to be included in this drawing. Look forward to some pictures from you trip and next weeks video. Keep it up.


  29. Mary Kay Decker says:

    Love the Bears, probably seen them 20 time with my children, grandson and just me and PapPap. It is our favorite vacation place.


  30. Pati McElroy says:

    I love Fantasyland because it takes me back to being a “child”. I love Cinderella’s Castle and my favorite ride is Small World. This has been my favorite since I started going to WDW when I was 13….yes the year it opened!


  31. LINDA/TINK says:

    Thanks once again for another great one!
    Have loved this one since day one..Love the Christmas show version too!

    BIG AL is my fav BEAR gotta love him!!!!Have a great time next week at
    THE WORLD,,I will be watching from face book!!!

    I would have to say my favorite LAND is TOMORROW land—back in the OLD days I just loved DREAM FLIGHT and IF YOU HAD WINGS—sad to see them go but,, BUZZ is now a favorite–so it evens out I think,,and just cant do the Magic Kingdom with out a stop in COP and a hop on WED WAY (oops dating my self there lol) the TTA!!!

    Thanks again –you do a WONDERFUL job each week!!!

    ºoº EARS TO YOU ºoº



  32. Carol Nash says:

    Hi Rick,
    This is a tough decision because I have a favorite in each land, but if I have to pick just one I will have to say it’s Adventure Land.
    Yo Ho, Yo Ho, a pirate’s life for me!


  33. Lauren Gallagher says:

    Hi Rick! Another great video! My favorite land is Tomoorowland!! Carousel of Progress…TTA…Buzz Lightyear…you just can’t go wrong! Thanks for bringing the magic back for us each week!! =)


  34. Carol Tootalian says:

    Loved watching the Country Bear Jamboree video. I was just at WDW last week and saw the show in person on Monday! Had too much fun clapping along with all the songs!

    I think it’s impossible to pick my favorite “land” in the Magic Kingdom because I love everything about it. But on this last trip I would say it was Tomorrow Land because I finally rode Space Mountain for the first time since 1976, when I rode it for the first time and was scared out of my mind. I have a huge fear of roller coasters and back in 1976 my girlfriends tricked me into riding it and said it was not a roller coaster type ride. I remember that I cried the whole way through and felt sick to my stomach after it was over. Well, I have been to WDW at least 30 times since then and no one has ever been able to convince me to ride it again. Last week I went with my 26 year old son and he wanted me to ride it so badly and I just decided to go for it. I felt so good that I did it – even though I did feel a little queasy in the stomach – and I called my daughter at home and told her what I did and now she says I have to ride it again with her when we go this Summer!! Next they are going to try and talk me into Rock N Roller Coaster!!


  35. john broadwater says:

    Great show. My favorite land is Tomorrowland. Only because I remember seeing the Carousel of Progress back in 1964 at the New York Worlds Fair I also remember see a Small World there to. But I always like looking into what the future may be like.


  36. Debbie Bolen says:

    Love the Country Bears! Thanks for the video – Love all of them! Makes me feel like I’m in Disney every week.

    I have to say my favorite land in MK is Frontierland…..Love Big Thunder Mountain, the Shooting Gallery and of course the Country Bears. Also enjoy a walk around Tom Sawyer Island – although at certain times of the year it is quieter then others. Took my husband there for the 1st time last trip and we had so much fun – forgot we didn’t have any youngun’s with us!

    Keep up the good work on the videos


  37. Amanda Hendrix says:

    My husband has enjoyed the country bears and loved watching the show. He is from Florida and has been to Disney World many times and he said that show brought back some memories of the great times in frontier land although he is still a big chicken when it comes to roller coasters. I have never seen the Country Bears but your video makes them a must see when we go in September. Thanks Rick!


  38. Stacy Armer says:

    Hi Rick!!

    LOVE the show!! It is wonderful, as always. You are really making me nervous about our next trip!! I am hoping for September but who knows!

    I would love to see you tape the Hoop Dee Do Musical Review. It is one of our favorite ‘attractions’!! It is a real hoot!!

    Thanks for all you do, I really appreciate it!

    Stacy Armer


  39. Hi Rick!
    Love the videos!!!! Our favorite would have to be Tomorrowland. We love the Comedy floor, Buzz Lightyear, and the talking trashcans and the palm trees that fold up at dusk. It is such an “imaginary” land, with such neat kirky things.

    Thanks for this site!
    Jeanne Cundiff


  40. Peggy Hickey says:

    Thanks for the Video of the Country Bears. I have only seen their Christmas show, and was curious about the regular one.
    My favorite Land in Magic Kingdom would be Adventureland. Most of my favorite rides are there and I love the themeing all around. The music and sights make me not want to leave Adventureland, but of course I must see all of Magic Kingdom on each trip.
    I have a request. Could you get some video of some of the “street” performers around the various lands and parks? Those mini shows are so delightful and feel so spontaneous. The Jaminators were a fun surprise.


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