Dinner at Club 33 – Episode 135

Come inside Walt Disney’s exclusive Disneyland Club 33 with me and some of my friends. You’ll see some amazing artifacts as well as some great food.

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Rick Howard

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8 comments on “Dinner at Club 33 – Episode 135”

  1. Sara L says:

    I had a freind that PASSED on a Club 33 members. He hates hiself now. Everytime that I go to DL I look for Club 33 can’t find it.
    To answ3er the question there isn’t one place I can name but the BEST People that I had lunch with is MLB Players. Hey, it’s not what you know but WHO you know.


  2. Kitty says:

    I have never been to anyplace that was exclusive. As much as I would absolutely love a life of adventure and excitement… I have to settle with the life of a boring house wife. The most exciting thing I get to do is go to the grocery store… Or occasionally see a film at the cinema… Want to trade?


  3. Nicklas Yeager says:

    Hey Rick,
    The food looked delicous. I’ve have never ate or been to an exclusive place. Mabye some day thou.


  4. Scott Schultz says:

    Great video Rick! Must be nice to know the right people who can get you into places like Club 33! Unfortunately, most of the places I eat at just hand you your food though a window lol. Can’t make the F&W this year as we just came back from our WDW vacation 2 weeks ago. Our next trip is planned for the Flower and Garden Show next spring. Hope to make it to the Food and Wine festival next October. Enjoy your food & wine samplings!


  5. Robert Nordmark says:

    Hey Rick and Andrew,

    Club 33 looks like a pretty cool place–good food and great company. Next time take me with you!

    The most exclusive place that I have eaten: This is going to date me–In the spring of 1980 I was touring through Mexico (on my way to Honduras) with a group of students from BYU. I didn’t know this but the parents of one of the girls in our group lived in Mexico City and owned a restaurant called “Andersons”. It was in the Zona Rosa district. After a long day of touring around Mexico City we went to the restaurant. They put us in a private room and just kept bring us food and non alcoholic drinks. I had never tasted such good food. After the dinner was over the girl’s father hired enough taxis to take us back to our hotel.

    See you next week,



  6. Kevin Nelson says:

    Club 33 looks so cool. I agree with Andrew, the paintings I saw in the video looked absolutely awesome! I’ve never eaten anywhere exclusive, I’ll keep trying though! Y’all be good, Happy Late Birthday Rick!


  7. Penny Serrato says:

    I am playing catch up. I have been in New Mexico for a week of relaxation. Enjoyed the Club 33 video looks awesome. The only places I have been that were exclusive were private suites at a Dallas Mavericks Game at the American Airlines Center and at the Ball Park in Arlington to watch the Texas Rangers both times were when the teams were still loosing. Thanks for sharing



  8. Peggy Hickey says:

    I would also love to live the “exclusive” life, but so far it hasn’t happened.

    Club 33 looks fascinating and I did notice the painting of Walt when I watched. I am curious about how much a din ner would cost in there. I’m sure it’s way out of my budget.


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