Disney Cruise Line Cruise Director – Episode 72

A very special episode this week! I chat with the Cruise Director of the Disney Wonder aboard the ship! We talk about Disney Cruise Line, new itineraries, the new ships coming in 2011 and 2012 and we learn all about the “Disney Difference” in cruising on this week’s Travel with Rick with host Rick Howard

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Rick Howard

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12 comments on “Disney Cruise Line Cruise Director – Episode 72”

  1. Donna Isard says:

    Thank you Rick for doing a show on the Disney Cruise lines. We are booked to do a Cruise next April on the Disney Dream. This will be our first cruise, but hope it’s not our last. I am hoping to do the Alaska cruise in a couple of years. I hope you show some of your cruise pictures after your cruise in Jan.

    Thanks again, Donna


  2. Peggy Hickey says:

    If I ever take a cruise it will be a Disney Cruise. Just to experience all the great Disney touches would be worth it.
    And this week I learned something. The origin of the name of the cute little leopard Zakumi. Za for South Africa and Kuim for 10. Clever! Anmd I love soccer!
    Thanks for the great videos, Rick. I can’t wait to see what you have for us next week.


  3. Debbie Bolen says:

    Loved the info on the cruise lines – would love to some day take a cruise and Disney would be the only way I want to go. It would be a adult only trip, but having that magic on the water would be a dream come true.

    Zakumi – he is WAY TOO CUTE and WHAT AN ATTITUDE! Took me some time to find the info, but ZA means South Africa and Kumi is “10” as in 10 various languages of South Africa.

    Can’t wait to see the pics from your cruise. Hopefully some day we’ll see on one.


  4. Penny Serrato says:

    Great info on the cruises can’t wait to book one. Don’t know the answer to his question but will be checking back to see what everyone writes about the Mascot.
    Thanks Rick


  5. john broadwater says:

    that was a great show. we cruised with Disney a few year ago and had a great time.we enjoyed the show,the food,and th deck parties. but the pool was very relaxing.we also had a great time on castaway key.saving to go again. to answer the question ZA means south Africa and kumi means ten. see you nextweek


  6. Brad S says:

    Thanks for another great video Rick. We were on Disney Magic in September 2008 and had a great time, one of the best cruises ever and we loved the private island Castaway Cay. The adults only areas are great as well even if you are traveling with or without kids.
    We really enjoyed the shows after Dinner and loved the chance to eat in a different dining room each night with the same table and same great staff. We definitely want to do it again soon. The answers to your question is Za=South Africa & Kuim=ten.


  7. cathy mullen says:

    Hi Rick,
    I love Disney but I’m just not interested in doing one of their cruises or any other cruise I don’t know why but I would rather be at DW or DL.

    I did enjoy hunting up what Zakumi stands for and it’s intersting.

    The ZA is South Africa’s international country code and Kumi stands for the Swahili word for ten.

    Zakumi was born on June 16, 1994 and he is anthropomorphised leopard with green hair. The 16th of June was selected because on June 16,1976 the Soweto youth took to the streets to protest against the apartheid.
    The 1994 was the year that all races of South Africa voted for the first time to elect post-apartheid democratic government.


  8. Robert Nordmark says:

    Hi Rick, I enjoyed the video. Maybe on another episode you can give us a tour of a Disney Cruise Ship. Taking a Disney Cruise is on my list of things that I would like to do. Answer to the question: ZA is the international two letter code for South Africa. Kumi means 10 as in ten various languges of South Africa.



  9. Gracie N says:

    Thanks for another great video, Rick. I hope to one day cruise with Disney. Zakumi is the official mascot of the 2010 FIFA World Cup I found out! Also, as people mentioned above, his name came about for ZA…the international code for South Africa and Kumi for the ten languages of South Africa.


  10. pati m says:

    Will be cruising this October…can’t wait! First time with Disney! Won’t repeat what everyone else did….but will add that Zakumi is the official mascot for the 2010 FIFA World Cup and this green-haired leopard symbolizes the hopes and dreams of South Africa! Thanks, Rick!


  11. Kevin Nelson says:

    Great video Rick, my family and I are taking our first Disney Cruise in October, 7 night western, and we can’t wait! I’m looking forward to your video on the Disney Dream, that will be cool! Keep smilin’ my friend!


  12. Elizabeth says:

    The ZA is for South Africa’s and Kumi stands for ten. Very cute!
    Thanks for ths cruise info, really enjoyed it!


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