Disney’s Inaugural Cruise to Hawaii – Day 15

It’s our last day on the ship! We’re in Ensanada, Mexico enjoying Starbucks, a cookout on the back of the ship and a special international celebration at dinner. Be sure to watch until the end for our prize drawing.

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Rick Howard

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8 comments on “Disney’s Inaugural Cruise to Hawaii – Day 15”

  1. Cathy Radomski says:

    Sounds like an amazing cruise! Disney is the best! Our next cruise will be on the Disney Wonder to Alaska in July 2013. Can hardly wait! 🙂


  2. Lizzie says:

    You should get a Nokia Lumia Windows Phone. 🙂 If it appears to have died, you just hold down the volume down button and the lock button and *voila!*, it’s back! 🙂

    When’s my next Disney Cruise? (and FIRST Disney Cruise?) Sadly, we don’t have one booked yet, but it’s definitely one of the next trips we want to book. Mayybe 2013. Do you know if you can use some D.V.C. points and pay some cash (but not buying points)? These are things my husband&I need to look into. 🙂

    When did the Walt Disney Museum open? I was in San Fran. in 2002. Is that your home when you’re in the Beatles shirt? Looks lovely! I didn’t know I could win something just for commenting! Awesome!


  3. Kevin Nelson says:

    Thank y’all so much for the 15 day Hawaiian Cruise footage, it was AWESOME! I love, love, love Disney cruises, and my families second cruise is a 7 day Eastern on the Fantasy in March 2013, absolutely can’t wait! I’m saving up my American Express points for first class flights to Hawaii to visit Aulani, so I’m so looking forward to your July trip Rick, do you need a dentist with you just in case you break a tooth on a coconut, I’m your man!! Thanks again my friends at TWR, y’all keep me smilin’ and dreaming of my vacations to come!


  4. Mary Callahan says:

    I have enjoyed your trip soooo much!! You and Andrew are fantastic together. I couldn’t wait to open my emails to the next portion of “our” Hawaiian trip. It was just like reading a favorite novel. REALLY looking forward to seeing you “swim” in the Pacific Ocean, next book…ah film I mean!!!
    Mary 🙂


  5. Nicklas says:

    Hey Rick,
    Did you have fun on the Hawaiian Cruise. What was the highlight of the trip? I have seen pictures of Honolulu. It looks like a beautiful city. Not sure when I am going on my first Disney Cruise. We were going in 2013, but my brother couldn’t pass up on the Disney parks. So we don’t know yet. Looking forward to kayaking. See you next week.


  6. Sara L says:

    I don’t do cruises since I’m just a single. I look at my trips to WDW cruises. When I go there everything is taken care of. I did like seeing all the vidoes.


  7. Bob Nordmark says:

    Hey Rick and Andrew,

    I will say it again–I have really enjoyed your videos. Thank you so much for taking me along on your Hawaiian cruise. Each time I watched your video it gave me a smile on my face and something to hope for.

    For my first Disney cruise I think I will take a Western Caribbean Cruise. As for when that will be–as soon as I win the lottery.

    Thanks again you guys. You were great!

    See you next week.



  8. Peggy Hickey says:

    Thanks, Rick and Andrew, for taking us along on your trip. It’s been fun. Still can’t wait for tghe upside-down zip lining episode.
    I don’t have any cruises planned. I tend to want to get to my destination quickly, but it does look like fun.
    I like the Beatles shirt. 🙂
    And yay, I was randomly picked to win the Statuette! I was excited to see it unwrapped. I need to find a pecial place for it to sit, probably near my computer.
    Sorry about the iPhone tanking. But now you can get a new phone with more bells and whistles.
    See you in the next video!


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