Disney’s Inaugural Cruise to Hawaii – Day 2

It’s our first sea day on our Hawaiian Cruise and there’s lots to do.

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Rick Howard

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5 comments on “Disney’s Inaugural Cruise to Hawaii – Day 2”

  1. Linda Raymond says:

    Thanks will be watching!!!!!


  2. Peggy Hickey says:

    I guess editing had to be done, because according to your timeline, you should be home by now and we should have seen 15 days. But it’s all good. I thought I had two weeks of video to catch up with, and I’m relieved to only have two days, although I was looking forward to more shipboard sights and sounds.
    Well… see you tomorrow. 🙂


  3. Bob Nordmark says:

    Hey Rick,

    Take me with you next time! It looks like there are a lot of fun and educational things to do on this cruise.

    See you next time,



  4. Mary Callahan says:

    Everyone looked like they were really having a great time learning to Hula.
    Truely is a trip I am thinking of taking!!
    Mahalo and aloha!!


  5. Lori Opiela says:

    How come I didn’t see you guys learning the hula? Reminds of stumbling on hula lessons in the Poly once. The foods looks awesome!


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