Disney’s Inaugural Cruise to Hawaii – Day 3

Don “Ducky” Williams, Citizen Kane and Princess Ariel accompany us on our second sea day.

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Rick Howard

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6 comments on “Disney’s Inaugural Cruise to Hawaii – Day 3”

  1. Dave says:


    Unfortunately the video doesn’t seem to have audio after 2:09 on either my Mac or PC. Could you look into this problem?

    thx… dave


  2. Mary Callahan says:

    No audio on my end, either. Oh well, those things happen. 🙂 Still looks like you’re having fun!!


  3. Bob Nordmark says:

    Hey Rick and Andrew,

    I am really enjoying your daily videos. It is nice to see the high lights of each day of the cruise. I can’t wait to win the lottery so that can go on all of the Disney Cruises.

    See you tomorrow.



  4. Kevin Nelson says:

    I’ve been so looking forward to your Hawaiian cruise videos, I’m all caught up now, this is going to be fun, keep smilin’ my friends!


  5. Peggy Hickey says:

    Rough seas? Oh oh.
    I had thought those big ships were immune to that.
    I liked the Ducky segment. How cool it is to know you could run into him during the cruise.


  6. John Broadwater says:

    thanks for a great show can’twaitfor the next one


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