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  1. Jeanne Cundiff says:

    WOW, are the Treehouses pretty! It looks very peaceful there. We have only been to WDW once but on our last day we had a relaxing breakfast and went down to Downtown Disney for some shopping. This next trip I think we will go to Magic Kingdom for one last look. Thanks for another great video Rick!


  2. Angela says:

    Great Job Rick!! We stayed in one 26 years ago!It brought back memories! The kitchen area is actually very similar to the old ones. We had a great winding staircase in the middle and a balcony off the main bedroom and the living room.Other than that, they are very much alike. The baths in the new one can’t be beat though. Thanks for taking us back in time : )


  3. Pati McElroy says:

    The Villas look so peaceful. The last thing we always do before we leave WDW is have lunch at Rainforest Cafe….it has become a tradition since we started visiting.


  4. Thelma Huss says:

    For some reason we didn’t get sound with the video. Still the tour was interesting. The Tree House is very inviting.

    From the other comments I guessed the question of the week.

    The last thing is always the parade and fireworks on Main Street. You can’t leave on a higher note.


  5. Gary says:

    No Way Jose @ Beachs & Cream


  6. Penny Serrato says:

    Tree House Villas are really nice…Thanks for the tour. On our last day we like to have breakfast with Lilo and Stitch, we try to schedule our flight out for later in the evening if possible that way we can go to any of the attractions we missed or revisit ones we love (usually Pirates of the Carribean for my son)

    Thanks again



  7. Laurie Holden says:

    Loved the video. The Treehouse Villas are beautiful!

    As a tradition, we always spend the last evening of our trip in MK. It’s my favorite park! When we leave, we always take the Ferry so that I can look at the castle until the last possible moment! I don’t know if it’s a tradition, but I always cry! Cute story… the last time we were there as a family before my son went to college, we were standing at the back of the Ferry looking at the castle disappear, and my 17 year old son started crying. I asked why and he said “I know that we won’t be here again for a few years, and by then I won’t be a kid anymore. I’ll be here as an adult.” I quickly corrected him and let him know that everyone’s a kid a wdw! But… then I hugged him and cried right along with him! 🙁


  8. Linda Martin says:

    Thanks for the great video of the treehouses. They look very serene and secluded yet not so far from the “middle of it all”.
    The last thing we must do on every single trip without fail is this: First we have breakfast with Chef Mickey and friends at the Contemporary, then we hop on the monorail and take a final loop to all three resorts before heading out to catch the plane or the long drive home whichever transportation we chose for the trip.


  9. Colleen Anastasi says:

    Wow! The Treehouses are beautiful!! They remind me very much of my beloved Cabins at Fort Wilderness. I love the whole ‘wood’ look and the outdoorsy surroundings.

    I am not sure if I have a “one” thing I have to do….I have a list!! Must take a final tour of the magic on the monorail from MK and back again….Must take a final boat ride from MK to Fort Wilderness….must then go to the Settlement Depot to purchase my final Mickey bar…then head down to the beach at the marina to watch Wishes from Fort Wilderness….in that order!!


  10. Amy says:

    Hi Rick! Thank you so much for a GREAT tour of the Treehouse Villas! I have always been curious about where they are and what they looked like. I really enjoyed this week’s episode. =)

    I completely agree with you about the shower curtain rods- those bowed kind are amazing. I really need to find one for my house! And the faucet in bathroom 2 was really a neat touch. Very rustic, and in what I have come to expect from Disney, very well-themed.

    To answer your question, my one MUST DO before I leave any Disney park is to ride Space Mountain. I have to do that on both coasts. I don’t really have a first thing must do, but SM is always my last thing must do. =)

    Happy 16th birthday to your daughter!



  11. Cindy Bruce says:

    The last thing we always do is no matter what DVC resort we’re staying at, we go to our home DVC to Wilderness Lodge and have lunch at the Roaring Fork to have their chili. We sit outside at the tables and then we do a walk-through around the whole property. When we became DVC owners in 2001, that was our very first lunch and our very first stay as owners. It’s been a tradition ever since.


  12. Linda Miller says:

    Thanks for the tour of the treehouse villas. They look lovely–so peaceful tucked away in the woods!
    The night before we leave Walt Disney World we always go for a last ride on Spaceship Earth (my favorite) and Journey Into Imagination (my granddaughter’s favorite). Then on the morning we leave, we go to our resort restaurant, usually Everything Pop, and have breakfast and cash in on all of the Snacks we didn’t use with our Dining Plan. Gives us something to munch on during our drive or auto-train trip back to Pennsylvania.

    Linda Miller


  13. Rick

    I love the fact that Disney kept the treehouses, I would have hate to see them go. I have to say they look great but would you really be able to fit 9 adults in there comfortably?


  14. Donna Isard says:

    Hi Rick, Great video. Thank you for the tour. We had been wondering what they would look like on the inside. We have been there the last couple of years when the remodeling was being done and you could see something was going on from the riverboat ride to Riverside.

    We have a lot of last minute must do’s on our last day there. I think we hit every theme park on the last day because my husband and son like to pin trade and there is always something we have to get on that last day or try to find and we sometimes pick up last minute gifts for family back at home. We have to hit Downtown Disney one last time before we leave too.

    Thanks again,


  15. kim says:

    Hey Rick!

    Great video! Love the treehouses and hope to stay there one day! They look so peaceful which is a nice thing to come back to after a long day in the parks!

    We don’t have a “must do” as a ritual right before we leave however each time we visit we must eat at Sci Fi and ride Tomorrowland Transit Authority over and over! The kids LOVE that ride and my husband and I love the break it gives us from running around in the parks!

    My last morning I am always up early enjoying a cup of coffee somewhere peaceful in our resort….nice way to end a great week!

    Thanks for sharing and I look forward to your next episode!



  16. Debbie Bolen says:

    Love the Tree House Villa’s….I will definetely look into those for our next trip – would be great with several couples.

    I have several things I always like to do before leaving WDW. We do like to visit Downtown Disney one last time as we leave – gives us a chance to pick up those last minute Mickey items & pins. And then I always seem to cry when I see Mickey on the gate as we leave.

    As Laurie commented above – watching the castle with your 17 year old is so sentimental, but I have really enjoyed WDW with my kids as adults – a completely different experience – watching a 18 year old become a kid again along with mom is the most awesome experience I have ever had!


  17. D.Kocher says:

    Hi Rick another great video ! The tree houses are themed very well. They are very serene and rustic ! The must do before we leave Disney is to have breakfast at one of the loop resorts and ride the monorail one time around. In the past we asked to ride up front that last day. But I don’t think we will ever do that again. I heard they are not allowing it any more. Such a tragedy for his family. MERIP


  18. Kris Koelzer says:

    Thanks so much for giving us a tour of the Treehouse Villa’s. I don’t know that my daughter and I will ever get the chance to stay there but after your tour I really hope we do. They are very nice.
    We usually end our trip to WDW at Magic Kingdom where we have breakfast at the Main Street Bakery and end the day with a Dole Whip.


  19. Scott Schultz says:

    Thanks for the tour Rick!
    On our Walt Disney World vacations, we always spend our last evening at Epcot.
    We spend the morning at The Magic Kingdom, then go back to our room where I take a quick nap while my wife packs our bags, then it’s off to Epcot, which is our favorite park, for one last stroll around World Showcase, then a quick re-visit to Mouse Gears in Future World for last minute gift shopping. The next morning we have breakfast, then sadly, it’s time to leave our home away from home to go back to the daily grind at our home that’s really our home.


  20. Mar Blanford says:

    Thanks for the tour, Rick. I was wondering what the Treehouses looked like inside. Wish I was a DVC member…but, that’s another thing. Would really like to stay there with my family, tho!
    Must do before we leave…hit DTD to pick up those last minute must haves…then, across the street to Pizzaria Uno…then, to the airport to wait for the flight.


  21. Tammy says:

    Rick the problem for me would be leaving the tree villa to go anywhere else lol wow what a way to upgrade a vacation!!!


  22. Janis says:

    Rick I LOVE this tour. Take us to more places in WDW other then rides.
    We usually leave WDW at about 5am to catch plane back to Northeast,so the last night before we leave we…..
    eat dinner at Epcot
    watch fireworks
    go to Downtown Disney and say good by at Boardwalk our “Home Away from Home”


  23. Carol Mapes says:

    Thank you…. the villas really look comfortable !!!! would now consider staying there on a future trip… most relaxing …. the las thing we do is to go to DOwntown Disney to make sure we have gotten all the latest collectibles for our collections….and then plan next year’s trip !!!!


  24. Robin says:

    Thanks so much for the tour! Our daughter will be a Disney’s fairytale bride in September!
    The very last night we close out epcot, just listening to any of the epcot music at home will instantly put you right there for bittersweet memory! thanks again, Robin


  25. Peggy Hickey says:

    On our very first trip to WDW we stayed in the (then called) Fairway Villas, and we’d pass the Treehouses and wonder what they were like inside. Thanks for the peek inside.
    Our last day at WDW….We absolutely must visit all our favorite rides one last time, and keep going until it is absolutely time to go back to the resort to catch our transportation to the airport. I’m wishing there was a red-eye flight home so we wouldn’t have to leave so “early” 4:30-5:00 PM. I just hate leaving. 🙂


  26. Duane P. McCall says:

    The Treehouse Villas are not what I expected. With Disney imagination I was expecting a real treehouse high in the tree tops like you would see in someones backyard. Maybe my imagination stretches beyond that of engineering. Anyway the villas are beautiful and they have some very nice touches.
    What makes our Disney trip complete is that last run through the gift shop at the resort. Gotta get those last souvenirs and some snacks for the plane ride home.


  27. Lisa Ryan says:

    First time visitor, love the video. I will be back!
    I have to go to DTD to visit The World of Disney.


  28. Laurie Seubert says:

    Great video, Rick! We don’t have an official “must-do” *before* we leave WDW like we do when we arrive, but we have spent our last night at Magic Kingdom our last two trips. That may become our new tradition – we’re looking at becoming DVC members, so hopefully we’ll be visiting more often than usual in the future! 🙂


  29. Doreen says:

    Thanks for the Treehouse Villas tour Rick!! I was looking forward to see what they looked like. We stay at POFQ so we always see them from the boat. Very nice!! One of the last things I like to do is visit the Magic Kingdom. Just being on Main Street & seeing the castle & saying See Ya Real Soon to Mickey.


  30. Joanne Smagalski says:

    That was a great video. Kudos to the camera women for the great shots and to you Rick for the running commentary. I have seen other videos of the treehouses on the internet but yours was really well done.

    The last thing we like to do before leaving WDW is go to downtown and get fresh Wetzels pretzels. We eat one each and take home a few in plastic bags to soften the back home blues.


  31. Lorraine Rossi says:

    Hi Rick! I hope your daughter had a magical 16th birhtday! The Treehouses are look amazing!
    The last thing that my family and I do is have breakfast at Kona Cafe and than head to DTD for some last minute shopping!


  32. James Bond says:

    Hi, Rick. Thanks so much for showing us around your room. The Treehouse Villas certainly are a beautiful place.

    I don’t really have a end-of-stay ritual. The last time I was at the World I had a later flight and a Park Hopper Pass, so I tried to hit each park and do my favorite attraction one last time. Almost made it, too, but the Soarin’ queue was just too darned long! I had to settle for “Journey Into Imagination” (if that can really be considered “settling”).


  33. Bob Nordmark says:

    Hey Rick, That was a great video tour of the Tree House Villas. I would like to stay there sometime. A must do before I leave WDW is to watch the IllumiNations-Reflections of Earth fireworks show at Epcot. Even if I have seen it earlier during my visit I still like to go back on my last night at WDW and watch it again. I like to get there early, find a good spot and wait for the show to start. I don’t like to be rushing around trying to see other things and then go to the IllumiNations fireworks show hoping to get a good spot at the last minute.


  34. June Stevens says:

    Great video of the TreeHouse villas! Thanks for showing us around! It has been many moons since I stayed there and the upgrades look fantastic! My must do is to get several rice krispie treat mickeys to take on the ride/fly home. Makes the travel home a little easier.

    I hope you get in the Bay Lake Towers when they open and do this again!


  35. Barbara Thompson says:

    Great Video of the Tree house Villas! We’re going to try and get one for our next trip to Disney in 2010. It’s so nice and quite there. Our last day we do shopping and what ever rides we want to do before going home.
    Thanks again.


  36. Kevin Nelson says:

    Hey Rick, thanks so much for taking time out of your vacation to show us around your awesome Treehouse Villa, me and all the other Rick Howard Travelites sure love it! I am not a big breakfast eater, have to be there for rope drop, but we love our character breakfast on our last day. Keep smiling my friend!


  37. Carly Cundiff says:

    Hey rick

    My favorite thing to do before I leave WDW is to look through a journal I make every time I go. Before I go to bed every night I write down the hilghlights of the day. Its a great way to reminise the wonders of WDW.


  38. David H. says:

    Good video! One of my favorite things to do is on our last night, attend one of the parks evening shows, either wishes, illuminations, or fantasmic.


  39. peggy j says:

    Rick, enjoyed it,much better as an informal tour. Before I leave I must find a momento sometimes small sometimes a little pricey, but always leave with a little piece of Disney.


  40. Nancy I. Marson says:

    Thanks so much for showing the georgous Treehouse Villas. They are unique. Enjoyed all of your tours. Just before leaving we like to go through the gift shop to pick up last minute purchases. We love Disney.


  41. Margo Pitts says:

    Thanks for the tour. I was curious about the treehouses.

    Our “ritual” really comes when we arrive. We must start by entering the Magic Kingdom. Then we head to Tomorrowland to get fast passes to Space Mountain.

    What I usually end up doing on the last day is finding souvenirs in the World Showcase for my friends & family. Since they don’t necessarily appreciate the Disney memorabilia, I can find them wonderful imports from the shops there. But the last thing we do before leaving is ride our favorite rides over and over, in whatever park we happen to be, until our time is up.


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