Disney’s Vero Beach Resort – Episode 34

This week we visit Disney’s Vero Beach Resort in Vero Beach Florida with our special guest Shontell Crawford from DVC by Resale on Travel with Rick with Rick Howard

Hope you enjoy this week’s video, be sure to leave a commment!

Rick Howard

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20 comments on “Disney’s Vero Beach Resort – Episode 34”

  1. John Broadwater says:

    I would like to go yo Bay Lake Towers. I always like to be able to see the area from a higher view point. Plus being able to watch the firer works from the Magic Kingdom,A as well as the water parade on Bay Lake. Great Show and thank again for showing something I have not experienced. Thanks again.


  2. Pati McElroy says:

    I think I’d like to experience the Treehouse because we’ve never “camped”…lol..so that would be a new experience. Thanks for another great video.


  3. Donna Isard says:

    Thanks for another great video. We would like to visit there sometime in the future. If we every get the chance to bring our oldest son and his family to wdw it would be the treehouse villa because I just like the idea of staying in the treehouse and it just looks more our still than the other ones.


  4. Kevin Nelson says:

    Thanks so much Rick, Shontell and Eric for y’alls awesome video. I had no idea about Vero Beach Resort, so learned something new today. My wife and I LOVE relaxing getaways like Vero Beach, so I see us as a guest one day. I would like to experience Bay Lake Towers and take in the views of the Magic Kingdom and of Wishes, that’s a must do soon! Thanks again and keep on smiling!


  5. Debbie Bolen says:

    Loved the video – love seeing someplace I haven’t been yet. Looks like a fabulous resort for a relaxing stay, especially after visiting the parks.

    I would love to stay at the Tree-Houses – those look so relaxing and comfortable after a day at the parks. Not sure if DVC is in my near future, but maybe several years down the road.

    Thanks again – can’t wait till next week.


  6. cathy mullen says:

    Hi Rick,
    I love the videos because they give me a ” Disney fix” and they give me new ideas as to where I might stay on my next trip to DW. Vero Beach looks so beautiful but I didn’t see any tennis couts! Vero Beach is a place I might think about when I retire!
    I would like to see the Grand Californian completed. I was out in Anaheim last April and walked through the lobby of this resort and the lobby reminded me of the Wilderness Lodge.
    Have a magical day!


  7. Suzanne McLaughlin says:

    I bought two resales from Shontell 5 years ago-it was fun to see her-I had talked to her on the phone, but now I have a face! Fun video!


  8. Linda Miller says:

    Hi, Rick!

    Thanks for the great video! Vero Beach looks like a great place to relax and watch the waves.

    I would like to visit the Grand Californian. I have never been to California, but I have friends moving to the west coast next summer, so a visit might not be too far in the future.

    Have a great week!!

    Linda Miller


  9. Bob Nordmark says:

    Great Video Rick! It was great to have Shontell with you. Listening to you both talk about DVC makes me dream about buying a DVC membership. My thoughts about the Bay Lake Tower, the Grand Californian, and the Saratoga Springs Treehouse–I couldn’t choose just one. I would like to stay at the Bay Lake Tower so that I could watch the fireworks from the viewing tower on top of the buildning. I toured the Grand Californian when I was at Disneyland last March. I really liked it. It reminded me of a great lodge in a forest. The Saratoga Springs Treehouse seem that they would be quiet place to relax after a long day at the parks. I guess I will just have to stay at all three of them.


  10. Penny Serrato says:

    Thanks for the video. since my family probably will not visit any of the resorts listed I don’t have a favorite. DVC sound like a great thing for people who can afford a vacation club.



  11. June Stevens says:

    I would love to visit the Bay Lake Towers! I loved staying at the Contemporary, being so close to MK and being on the lake. Bay Lake Towers would make the stay that much sweeter!


  12. Susan Cramer says:

    Rick, what happened to the sound quality? Some of your outdoor tapes are really clear, and now this one is almost hard to listen to because of background static. I love your blogs and you energy and the content. Go get Mickey and ask him to fix you up with the right sound system LOL.
    Keep up the good work !


  13. Steve Rydzyk says:

    Hey Rick/Shontell,

    I just returned from a vacation at the Disneyland Resort and had a chance to see the Grand Californian (GC). When you walk inside of it, you would swear that you just entered the Wilderness Lodge in WDW. Very, very similar. Big open foyer with a fire place off to the side. One thing that it is missing is the hot spring running out of it. GC is very nice looking, but Bay Lake Towers has me most excited. Proximity and view of Magic Kingdom is the best. Looking at setting up DVC reservations in the next year or so.



  14. Eric Berger says:

    Great video this week. You are so right. You can’t go wrong with Vero Beach. You also can’t go wrong with buying DVC from Shontell. We are DVC owners and just stayed at Vero in June and just purchased additional DVC points from DVC by Resale in May. Both experiences were wonderful and full of Disney Magic. Thank you for the video. It really took me back to those wonderful days this summer. As far as this week’s questions goes, I would have to say BLT. The location is just too good to pass up.




  15. Janet Gill says:

    Thanks for the great video! We have looked several times at DVC, not sure yet if that’s the right choice for us. However, if price was no object, Bay Lake Towers would be my #1 choice. Can’t get much closer to MK than that!


  16. Annette Peppler says:

    My choice would be Bay Lake Towers. I love the Contemporary. It’s great to be able to walk to The Magic Kingdom. If I could afford a DVC, I would love to be there.


  17. Doreen says:

    Thanks for a great video. I have heard a lot about Vero Beach & now got a chance to see it. I would love to stay at BLT or Treehouse Villas. As far as BLT location is everything!! Treehouse Villas seem very quiet & relaxing. Would not mind either one. Also would love to own DVC someday. I get my weekly email with all the resales. Hopefully someday. Keep up the good work!!


  18. Joanne S says:

    Vero Beach looks terrific. I have often wondered about the two beach resorts. Now I have a great visual. The question of the week is a tough one. I have been very excited about BLT but I haven’t been to California since 1988. Looks like I now have an opportunity and no more excuses about not going back to Disneyland and finally seeing the California Adventure park. Thanks again for a great video.


  19. Steve says:

    I love Walt Disney World, the hustle jumping on one ride to the next, but I’ve got to tell you, if you want to relax, the beach is absolutely a wonderful way to do it. Nothing like it. Most of the time while visiting the Walt Disney World Resorts, we are always on the go. There is just so much to see. It’s nearly impossible to do it all even in two weeks. My parents went for a month one time and still didn’t do everything. But the beach is a restful vacation. I highly recommend it. And the Vero Beach Resort looks like a fantastic place to stay. Check out my Disney World vacation at http://www.mydisneyworldvacation.blogspot.com
    Thanks Rick for the great video.


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