Disney’s Wilderness Lodge Resort – Episode 130

Rick opens the doors for you on this grand tour of Disney’s Wilderness Lodge Resort Hotel.

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Rick Howard

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25 comments on “Disney’s Wilderness Lodge Resort – Episode 130”

  1. cathy mullen says:

    Hi Rick,
    The WL is a lovely resort and it is my husband’s favorite place to stay and I love it there but we are from central PA so when we stayed there I didn’t feel like I was in FL! Your so right about the lobby. I would sit in the lobby and watch guests arrive and see their reactions. It’s WOW!! We do go back for a visits.

    Have you ever taken the tour of the resort? We took one while we were a guest there but anyone can take this tour. We met Stan a great bell hop who conducted the tours and we met a bell hop from our area who was thrilled to finally help someone from his hometown and he even got us an upgrade!

    While staying there we were asked to be the Flag Family and were escourted to the roof of the lodge one morning and raised the flags. What a neat experince. I think they still have this program but you must ask when you check in. At the time they gave you a ticket for a free breakfast but I know that was discontinued. We received a certificate saying we were the flag family.


  2. Jeanne Cundiff says:

    Wonderful video Rick! I love this resort and it is on my “to stay at” Bucket List! We want to have a bunk bed room. If I could create a Disney hotel I think it would be fun to have a Haunted Mansion. An Asian themed one would also be great! Thanks again for yet another glimpse of Disney. It is going to be awhile until we can go again.


  3. Scott Schultz says:

    Thanks Rick for another great video! We’ve never stayed at the Wilderness Lodge Resort but we Love to visit there. It’s fun to just go there and just look around. Now if they could only pick it up and move it next to the monorail resorts I’d be staying there…hehehe. If I could build a themed resort, it would probabaly have an Egyptian theme.


  4. Jeff Barkee says:

    Great show Rick!
    Loved your recent shows, but great to see you back in the “World”.

    I love the Wilderness Lodge. And my head almost explodes when I try to pick my “favorite” Disney resort.
    The Wilderness Lodge, Animal Kingdom Lodge and Boardwalk Resort are all so amazing! Guess I’ll have to just accept that I’ve got a “favorite 3” and leave it at that.

    Great question!
    Disney’s already covered so many wonderful ideas for resorts, but I suppose I’d love to see an Asian themed resort that took advantage of the incredible landscaping and buildings found in Japan, China, and other exotic Asian nations.


  5. Jeff Barkee says:

    Just a quick follow up for Rick or anybody who knows.

    What was that awesome music playing during the Wilderness Lodge Video??
    I’ve heard it many times, including during my Wilderness Lodge stay, but can’t place it.
    Is it Aaron Copland?? If so, which piece??
    I must own it!!!!

    Any help is appreciated.


    Andrew Harris Reply:

    Jeff, the music track we used is the Main Title of The Magnificent Seven (1960) composed by Elmer Bernstein. It’s one of my favorite tracks too and they are always playing it in the lobby of the Wilderness Lodge so it fits perfectly with this video.



  6. Dan says:


    My wife and I had lunch reservations at Whispering Canyon Cafe last fall while at Disney. Wow, that was a fun experience, along with seeing the hotel lobby. This past June, we got to eat there again for dinner, with our two grown daughters. They were as excited about their experience as we were. After eating, we visited the souvenir store, where one of the workers told us about some of the railroad memorabilia that was available for viewing in the building that is used for Disney Vacation Club members. Evidently, anyone can go in and see it. It was very interesting. Just another neat little tucked away jewel that not everyone knows about. Have you ever seen this exhibit? We want to stay at Wilderness Lodge on our next trip. That would be amazing.

    As long as we’re thinking “out there,” how about a hotel that was designed around the theme of outer space? I bet talented imagineers could make it fun and interesting.


  7. Mary Callahan says:

    Oh Rick,
    What a fantastic way to end my busy day! The music that went with your filming was perfect! I can’t wait to go back there when I’m in WDW this November.
    I would love to see them have a resort like something truely out of the old west. That would be my job, if I were an imagineer. Thanks for bringing me on yet another magical trip!!
    Mary Callahan


  8. Wendy says:


    Great video; really makes me want to stay there.

    If I could do a resort…well, I have 3 choices. I think the rumored Venician Resort could be beautiful, or perhaps an English Countryside resort. But I think I’d really like to design a Winter Wonderland Resort, along the same stylings as Blizzard Beach.


  9. Jennifer says:

    Hey Rick!
    Well what do you know? A very cool video about the Wilderness Lodge! Want to hear a secret? I used to work there! Well it’s not really a secret anymore now, but I loved the video! I used to work in the Mercantile, as a merchandise hostess on the WDW College program (Or now known as DPR college program).

    I totally agree with Wendy. I’d love to see some kind of Italian themed resort or something that has to do with London. I’m also going to elaborate on the winter wonderland resort, but a resort that changes with the seasons.

    If I could pick anything, though, it would have to be a classic book-themed hotel, or like a storybook hotel. It would feature book headboard-beds, stuff like that. Kind of like Fantasyland!

    Enjoy your next trip!


  10. Kevin Nelson says:

    Great video Rick! My family and I finally ventured away from the monorail resorts and stayed at The Wilderness Lodge, we fell in love with it! Awesome theming and I love the lobby music as well, I downloaded it from a website I found, really cool! Whispering Canyon is so much fun, my son asked for ketchup and ended up with 25 bottles, just priceless memories!
    If I were an Imagineer I’d choose to do the Venetian theme, the canals running through it with boats would rock! Thanks again buddy, keep that smile on!


  11. Kevin Nelson says:

    The website with great Wilderness Lodge lobby loop music and much more is :




  12. Nicklas Yeager says:

    Hey Rick.
    We have stayed at the Wilderness Lodge. It is my favorite resort so far. I like to watch the episode with you and John Van Meter. In my 2011 trip to Disney, I visited the spots that John discovered. Spring Creek really continues on to Bay Lake. I also discovered museum exibits of relpica fossils on each level of the Grand Canyon Fireplace. I never did know there was a Hidden Mickey on the firepalce. Since Froniterland is my favorite land at the Magic Kingdom, I’d build a resort themed after Froniterland. In Disneyland they have a suite called the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad suite that, will be part of this resort. See you next week.


  13. Jeff Barkee says:

    Appreciate the lead Kevin.
    I’m thinking the song might be off “Round Up” by Erich Kunzel and the Cincinati Pops, but I’m not 100% sure.
    I’m obsessed with that song now. LOL


  14. Robert Nordmark says:

    Hey Rick, I loved seeing an inside view of the Wilderness Lodge. It is on my list of Disney Resorts to stay at. I would especially like to stay there at Christmas time.

    As for my dream resort theme–I would build a resort based on The Lord Of The Rings. Perhaps the resort would be themed after The Shire or Rivendell.

    See you next week.



  15. Linda M/TINK says:

    HI Rick Great AS ALWAYS~~~~~
    left “MY RESORT” on your FACE BOOK page THANKS!!!!!



  16. Thelma Huss says:

    Disney makes a feast for the eye in every available space.
    My resort would be an under the sea realm – aquas and blues, coral and light from above.


  17. PJ says:

    Pirates of the Carribean for sure maybe in combination with other nautical themes 20,000 leagues, Little Mermaid, Nemo etc.


  18. Penny Serrato says:

    Great video as always. Never stayed at WL but I will, it’s on the bucket list. I’m with Dan, a space theme. Can you imagine what the Imagineers would come up with? It would be out of this world… LOL


  19. Jeff Barkee says:

    Thank you Andrew for your follow up answer on the music.
    That song brings back great memories of the Wilderness Lodge.
    I just ordered “Round up” which includes the “Main Title of Magnificent Seven” from Amazon. I really appreciate your confirmation!


  20. Linda Miller says:

    Thanks for another great video. I have wanted to visit WL everytime I have been at WDW, but there is never time. A visit is definitely on my next visit “must see” list.
    I agree with the comments above. I think a space themed resort would be “out of this world”!
    Thanks again for the great video!!


  21. The wilderness lodge is in my top 3 places to stay, go to and just sit and hang out. If I had to theme a resort I have a few ideas. The fist would be an italian village. The second would be a hotel of the future.


  22. elaine peschier says:

    I have a great idea —real cajun style theme depicting the culture —and of course the wonderful food —you could also include the madi gra flare the way it was done a long time ago to the bash it is now —and have a real swamp tour ride in the hotel that only guest could take and a dinning area that revolved aroung a swamp —swamp people has become the number 1 show on the history channel —-I also think that if your theme is picked you and your family should get a free 8 day vacation —and of course the pearson could help with the project —that would be awsome!!!!!!!!!!!! ILOVE DISNEY FOREVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  23. Peggy Hickey says:

    Thw Wildreness Lodge really is impressivly lofty, and yet cozy at the same time. Thanks for the view.
    Two resort ideas from me. What I would love to see in WDW is a Haunted Mansion Resort, complete with “ghosts” and little mysteries, not too scary for the kids, but with some special night time “haunted” activities for the grown ups.
    My other resort idea is a Mickey Manor where Mickey is very present in the total themeing.


  24. Sue M. says:

    Hi Rick! Just getting caught up. Hard to believe we’ve been home for 2 weeks now. Seems like just yesterday I was floating around SAB at BC. We had a wonderful stay, split between POR & BC.

    We love WL, one of our favs. In August we booked dinner there just to get a WL fix 🙂

    If I could design a resort, my first thought was an English Castle or Manor. But I love the Venice or Rivendell ideas too!


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