Dromoland Castle School of Falconry – Episode 219

Join Rick as he visits the Dromoland School of Falconry and learns about hawks, falcons, and owls. It’s a fascinating experience that we get to share with you from Shannon, Ireland!

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12 comments on “Dromoland Castle School of Falconry – Episode 219”

  1. David Thacker says:

    Redwood forest in California. A little over a month until food and wine can’t wait. Hoping we are going to make it.


  2. stephen bumbaugh says:

    Again you did it a Great show an lots of information,loved every minute of the video.
    When we were in Turkey last year we went to see the Falcons,it was great..Keep up the good work.


  3. Kate Jackson says:

    Hey Rick,
    Something really fun that I did when I was on vacation was going to Cape Cod and visiting the Cape Cod potato chip factory! It was so neat to see even though it was a short tour! I also loved visiting Martha’s Vineyard and taking a tour of it! It was so much fun and I will def remember this forever!


  4. john broadwater says:

    The coolest thing I ever did on vacation was walking the River walk in In San Antonio, Texas. All the great eateries an the scenery takes you back to the early days of Texas. you could walk all the way to the space needle. What a great show. Can’t wait until next week show. Have a great week an stay dry.


  5. Brother Joseph Rock says:

    The coolest activity I remember on a vacations was seeing the Medieval Times in Buena Park, CA. It was like King Aurthur’s Tournament in the Excalibur Hotel/Casino in Las Vegas, NV.


  6. Bob Nordmark says:

    Hey Rick,
    That was a cool video. I had no idea that so many phrases in our English language come from Falconry. The coolest thing I have ever done for a vacation was to make the decision to go to Disney World. And the coolest thing I have ever done on a vacation was to tour the Mayan ruins in Mexico, Guatemala, and Honduras.
    See you next week.



  7. Jeanne Cundiff says:

    That was Great! Dave seems like a really amazing guy and what a cool place to see. Thank you Rick and John for the video! Very interesting. My daughter and I went to Spain a few years ago and while in Madrid we went to this small restaurant which served Churros and chocolate. By the pictures on the walls, you saw that it had been visited by Kings, Princesses and celebrities of all kinds. It must be the place to go when in Madrid and the chocolate and churros really were the best I have ever tasted. Although, I haven’t had Disney churros yet!!
    I am very excited to see more of Disneyland Paris next week!!!


  8. chris j says:

    Hey Rick, another great video. My son was watching the video with me and almost went through the roof with excitement when my name was picked to win “his lightning McQueen”. The coolest thing I ever did on vaca was the helicopter ride at Mount Rushmore, they take you right by all the presidents, it was so cool. Thanks again for the plush and see you next week.


  9. John Przychodzien says:

    Hi Rick, Great Show!
    One of the coolest things we did on vacation was for my birthday; my Wife and Daughter sign us up for the “Behind the Seeds Tour” at The Land pavilion. I have always liked this ride and seeing it from back stage and hearing the cast members that are in the collage program talk about their experience is very cool, we even got to eat the cucumber that was shaped like Mickey.

    John Przychodzien


  10. JoAnn Chittenden says:

    Hi, Rick. Love all your videos! This Falconry video was not only entertaining but extremely informative.Thanks! Can’t wait for your food and wine shows and seeing all your friends – oh, and the food!!. Your countdown clock is the best. The coolest vacation was hiking in Glacier National Park and helicoptering down into the Grand Canyon. New Orleans is a blast each year, and the Food and Wine Festival is a must do. A favorite Disney memory is meeting you and Rhino Ken at the Top of the World Lounge. Hope to see you soon. Jo and John


  11. Penny Serrato says:

    WOW what a great video. The birds were beautiful. I love hawks they are so graceful in flight and there call is really loud. We have a pair of hawks that live in the trees next to our home. TFS


  12. Gary Watson says:

    Hay Rick,
    just back from our 7 night cruise on the Disney Magic in the Med.
    We visited the roman town of Herculaneum, destroyed in 79 AD.
    This was a great place to visit


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