Epcot’s Food and Wine Festival 2012 – Day 29: Caribbean

Join us for some spicy jerk chicken and ropa vieja from the islands.

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Rick Howard

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4 comments on “Epcot’s Food and Wine Festival 2012 – Day 29: Caribbean”

  1. Jacob says:

    Another great episode.It was good to see John and Andrew(finally) and of course its always good to see Rick.The food sounded great.Who was the camera person?Can’t wait to see tomorrow’s episode.I’ll be there.


  2. Mary Callahan says:

    Super delicious episode. Watched it all during our storm here in Boston.
    It was a wonderful “getaway!!!” Looking forward to tomorrow’s episode 🙂


  3. Bob Nordmark says:

    Hey you guys,

    The food looks good. I sure would like to try it. You guys are having too much fun. I wish I could be there with you.

    See you tomorow.



  4. Penny Serrato says:

    Wow Andrew got out from behind the camera… Food looked good made me hungry, have to go cook now TFS


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