Epcot’s Food and Wine Festival 2013 – Day 8: South Korea

Rhino Ken joins Rick as they visit the South Korea Marketplace at Epcot’s International Food and Wine Festival.

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13 comments on “Epcot’s Food and Wine Festival 2013 – Day 8: South Korea”

  1. Mark V says:

    Holy cow, Rick you and Ken have me so pumped to try that Kimchi dog cant wait till Saturday to try it!! Hope to see you both there next week as we are arriving on the 11th.


    Rick Reply:

    Hey Mark, we’re doing a sip n stroll on Sat at noon, meeting in Mexico….love to see you there! Ken and Amanda will be there!


  2. Jo Ann Chittenden says:

    Great show as usual, Rick and Rhino Ken. Although the food looks terrific, we’re most interested in the rubbing alcohol, hoping to compare it to some fresh West Virginia moonshine we acquired from a friend.


    Rick Reply:

    not sure how it’s going to compare to that, would be interested to hear!


  3. John H. Puha says:

    Wow!!! Big scores on this review. Definitely looking forward to these two foods. Especially the Kimchi dog. Did you say 17% alcohol? Throat burner.
    Great job Rick and Ken. Keep going.

    John and Jo


    Rick Reply:

    the kimchi dog was amazing John, you gotta try one!


  4. Mary Callahan says:

    I am sooo there with you both!! Saving each episode to have a perfect Disney ending to my day!!! these episodes keep getting more like I am right there sampling everything with you!! Thanks for making this an exciting October!!!


  5. rick says:

    Hey Mark, we’re doing a sip n stroll on Sat at noon, meeting in Mexico….love to see you there!



  6. Steven says:

    great spicoli impersonation rick! hahahaha! great videos & guests but you & ken are the best…amanda is a close 2nd! my wife told me just last night she wishes we had booked a trip this year during the festival & if i could get us a room at the boardwalk she’s ready to go! what???!!! i told her over this past summer we needed to book a trip…..i gotta stop listening to her—can you hook a brother up with a studio at the boardwalk 1st weekend in nov???


  7. Jeanne Cundiff says:

    Wow – that looked yummy! Nice shots of the sunset and rainbow John. Thank you Rick and Ken for showing us what seems like it might have been the best collection of food so far.


  8. TracyJ says:

    Hey Rick! Greetings from Georgia. Go Dawgs :). Love all the videos this year including the training video and the booth assigning party.. So funny. You guys rock!! We are heading down to the Food and Wine Festival next week for the second time. You all were the perfect guide last year and we loved your tips!! You got us through our first year and it was awesome. We’ve been tuning in each day and can’t wait to hit Argentina (yay…empanadas!), Mexico, and South Korea (did I say go dogs?). Heck yeah!


  9. Penny Serrato says:

    Great episode, I laughed out loud when you took a sip of the “rubbing alcohol” (woke my husband up). Ken is a mind reader also. I was thinking to myself, I wonder what the alcohol content is on that shot, and next thing I know he’s telling us. Amazing!!!! TFS


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