Epcot’s Food & Wine Festival with Gary Vaynerchuk – Episode 38

This week we talk about Epcot’s 14th Annual Food & Wine Festival with our special guest Gary Vaynerchuk at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida on Travel with Rick with Rick Howard

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Rick Howard

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40 comments on “Epcot’s Food & Wine Festival with Gary Vaynerchuk – Episode 38”

  1. kymie says:

    Wow what a great motivational show!!!! I think its a really hard question – how to narrow it down to one!! For me its A Muppet Christmas Carol – a great adaption that I just love to watch – and the kids love to sing along to!!
    Thanks for another great show Rick!


  2. Fran Skall says:

    Another great episode of Travel with Rick this week. Wow…tough question – favorite Disney film. The one that brings great memories for me as a child was Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. It was also the first movie we took our daughter to see as a child at a drive in. I can still remember her standing up on the front seat of the car with her little hands pressed against the inside of the windshield staring in awe at the big drive in screen. She’s now 35. Can’t wait for the new version to come out.


  3. Penny Serrato says:

    Ok well this is interesting. I just did a video for my genealogy group about a local vineyard here in Parker County, Texas. The Vineyard is the La Buena Vida Vineyards, Winery and Artisan Cheese which was wonderful fun. I tasted Mead for the first time. This trip has gotten me very interested in the local wines so this was an interesting show for me. By the way the La Buena Vida Vineyards is in Springtown, Texas in case anyone is interested and my video (not a pro at it)is on my Facebook page for East Parker County Genealogy. Check it out. So thanks Rick. My favorite all time Disney Movie is Cinderella.



  4. kim says:

    Great show and very inspirational!! Gary is so upbeat…very fun to watch and easy to get absorbed into what he is talking about.

    I would have to say (at this time) Lion King is my favorite. It is one of those movies that make you laugh (Whoopi is the best) and cry. Great sound track as well. Just a fun movie to watch with your family. I can still remember the first time I watched it…WAY before I had my own children but I watched it with my very little nieces who are now 19 and 16!! Boy time flies but this movie never gets old to me!!

    Thanks again for a great show!


  5. Robert Nordmark says:

    Hey Rick, It is inspirational to me to hear how you started your business and to hear from Gary to how important the common person is to his busines. It meant a lot to me to receive an email from you last week. I look forward reading the book “Crush It”. As for my favorite Disney film the first film that came to my mind is “The Jungle Book”. I wasn’t much of a reader in my childhood. But, in my adult life, because of the Disney films that I have seen through out my life I have read many of the books the films were based on. Thanks again Rick. I look forward to watching your video every week.



  6. Craig Cormier says:

    Very enjoyable show! Favorite Disney movie as a child had to have been “Pete’s Dragon” It was the first movie I ever saw, and then we got the Disney Records adaptation that had the songs and stories on an LP. I wore it out. My family knew it by heart because I made them listen to it so often. Had a four year old crush on Helen Reddy. And I still love the movie today.


  7. Ken Goyette says:

    Gary passion is truly infectious. Great video Rick, not that I expect any less


  8. Great show as always, Rick! Wish I could’ve been down to see Gary’s seminar in person myself.

    Favorite Disney movie? I think that Up is so new that my preferences may be distorted, but I’m going to put Up in the top spot, with Fantasia and WALL-E as honorable mentions.


  9. Kevin Nelson says:

    Awesome show, Gary is a trip! Thank you for all you do, and your passion for loving all things Disney, I so look forward to each week’s show. My favorite Disney films are Toy Story and I am pumped up about Toy Story 3. My 6 year old was Woody for the MNSSHP and cast members got him to sign their autograph books, I thought that was so cool! Thanks again Rick, keep smiling my friend!


  10. Debbie Bolen says:

    Awesome video this week! I loved listening to you and Gary……inspires me to get moving on my passions.

    My favorite Disney video of all time……. that is a tough one! I think Mulan is one of my all time favorites – I can watch it over and over. She is a wonderful inspiration for all young girls.

    Keep up the great work and I’ll see you on Facebook. Can’t wait to see some of the booths, food and most of all the wine selections.


  11. Peter Salvitti says:

    Hi Rick, great show and great to hear about how you were inspired to start the Travel With Rick video blog! Great location for a shoot as well!

    Gary is definitely an inspiration (I’m attending an event this coming Tuesday night here in Mass!) Gary has put into words (CrushIt!) the philosophy that should serve as a guide to anyone with a burning passion. As someone who’s not originally from this country (Italy) and having to work hard at the language and the friendships, I completely understand when Gary says “Everything is better than zero.”

    My favorite Disney film? That’s a tough one. Prior to having kids, I would’ve said “Pinocchio”. Once we had kids this changed. My favorite is “The Little Mermaid” for its visuals and musical score (I know all the songs thanks to my, then 2-yr old)! The Voyage of the Little Mermaid attraction ties it all in for me!

    Great show Rick!


  12. Fabulous show – I’m new to the wonders of Gary V so this is all very exciting. 🙂

    It’s also really hard for me to narrow down my Disney film favorites, there are very few I don’t enjoy watching repeatedly. If I had to choose I’d probably pick the Toy Story series as well…Pixar really knows how to tell a tale…but Disney-only I’d have to go with Beauty & the Beast.


  13. Nancy Burban says:

    Crush It! What an inspiring show! I have always loved Gary & the combination of Gary & Rick is simply amazing! I am so looking forward to reading “Crush It”. Disney rocks bigtime. Best place on earth. Glad to hear that Rick is helping families to find the wonder! The wine sounds incredible too.

    Fantasia is my favorite Disney film. 🙂



  14. james "dbldutch"pederson says:

    great question and im a new fan of the show but my favorite disney film is…… well almost all of them i would name them but you prolly know there names and atleast now when the wife says that im the only hardcore disney fan i can direct her to your site thank you for a wonderful show please keep up the good work


  15. Very interesting show. Great to hear two guys who love what they do. I guess that is the key to “success”. As someone once said, “Do something you love and you’ll never work a day in your life”
    Plus, it is always nice to hear someone talk about being a good person along with working for success.

    Favorite Disney movie? As everyone else has mentioned, that’s a tough one. But I would have to go with Toy Story, narrowly beating out Lion King.

    Keep up the good work.


  16. Jay says:

    What a great coup to have Gary V on the show this week. He’s always great to watch. My favorite Disney Movie would have to be Pirates of the Caribbean, the first in the series, although I did enjoy all of them.

    Looking forward to reading Crush It. Sounds like a great book!


  17. Pati M says:

    Wow…love Gary’s views. My all time favorite movie is Beauty and the Beast. Just love the animation, especially the dish/food scene. Thanks for another great video!


  18. robert Blum says:

    Great Show . My favorite Disney movie of all time is Mary Poppins partially because I went to see it at Radio City Music Hall. also because it combined animation with live acting.


  19. Gracie says:

    Wonderful video, Rick. Thank you. My favorite movie is Lady and The Tramp. I really like the simplicity of the plot of love.


  20. Russ says:

    This is actually a two part answer.
    My wife and I have been married for 21 years and have two lovely daughters 16 and 13. While the girls were growing up our favorite Disney movie was Beauty and the Beast. We had all of the Disney movies on Laserdisc but Beauty and the Beast was the one we always watched as a family.

    Fast forward:
    My wife and I decided we would like to have another baby. As luck would have it we were blessed with a healthy baby boy (now two years old). Now, the entire family watches Cars. The family can quote the entire movie back to you on demand.

    Keep them coming Disney!

    Rick and Gary, way to Crush It!


  21. ChadP says:

    Great interview Rick! I love seeing different worlds come together like this.

    My favorite Disney film has to be Pete’s Dragon. Loved it as a kid, love it even more as an adult.


  22. Angelle says:

    Nice episode. It’s great how social media has really opened us all up to new opportunities.

    My favorite Disney movie of all time is Lilo & Stitch. I love how its a story about misfits who come together and become a family. I still tear up when Stitch says his family is “little and broken, but still good.”


  23. Stacy Armer says:

    Love it~!!

    Keep up the great videos!!


  24. cathy mullen says:

    Hi Rick,
    Boy it’s hard to select one movie but I will say my favorite Disney movie has to be Cinderella.
    Thanks for another interesting video.
    Take care,


  25. Denise says:

    Great video, once again ! My favorite Disney movie is Cinderella, loved it since it came out. Coming to WDW on November 1st. Hope to see you around the park !


  26. Hey Rick!

    Wow! This video rocked my socks off!

    I have to tell you…When I ran into you that night at the Hops and Barley Kiosk in Epcot, and you told me you had interviewed @GaryVee, I had an idea of who he was because of Twitter, but not a full grasp on the power that guy wields. I went home and did a little research on him and have devoured all of the content he has put out online. What an awesome opportunity to get some face time with the Vay * Ner * Chuk!

    Looking forward to meeting with you later this month!

    Oh…almost forgot…Fave Disney movie of all time would have to be Cars. Mater cracks me up!


  27. Linda Miller says:

    Hi Rick!

    Thanks for another great show. It’s hard to pick just one favorite, but I think mine would have to be Sleeping Beauty. Flora, Fauna and Merriweather are the best!!

    Linda Miller


  28. Joe Taylor says:


    We have used Kingdom Magic Vacations for our disney trips for the last several years. I also am interested in how you strted the business. It is good to hear that there are a few “working People” that strike out to find a new adventure. I also enjoyed the coments that your guest made during the interview.

    Keep up the good work!!


  29. Duane P. McCall says:

    Another great and informative video. My favorite Disney film is and always will be “Beauty and the Beast”. This may be a little creepy but I have the biggest crush on Belle. We will be traveling to WDW in November and I can not wait to take my daughters to Cinderella’s Castle to have breakfast with the Princess’.


  30. Scott Schultz says:

    Interesting show Rick. I’m not a big wine person, but I Love the food at The Food and Wine festival at Epcot every year. As far as my favorite movie, I would have to say that it was the early Disney films that made me become a Disneyholic. Bambi and Snow White are a couple of my favorites.


  31. Thelma Huss says:

    Favorite Disney movie – love so many of them. Two favorites – Absent Minded Professor for live action, Dinosaur for animated.


  32. john broadwater says:

    the movie that I like the best of allis Snow White. Great show I really enjoyed it thanks again.


  33. George J says:

    Hands down the best movie ever is Mary Poppins.


  34. Dean says:

    We were at Disney last year-didn’t have timt to participate in wine festival. Since it goes on for many days, is there a best time/day to go? I mean if I lived there I’d go every day, but…
    Also, we booked a great Disney Cruise I will have to check out your blog for info on that!
    BTW, I went on Gary’s Thunder Cruise last year-awesome!!!


  35. Dean says:

    Question of the day-favorite Disney Movie: (btw-I already ordered a copy of Gary’s book)

    Toy Story 2

    Honorable mentions: Finding Nemo and Snow White and Mary Poppins


  36. Chris says:

    Favorite Disney film is Lion King. Great show by the way, Gary is really passionate about his craft and that’s good to see.


  37. Henry Work says:

    Hey Rick!

    So cool that you got Gary V. to come on the show–doubly so that he was the impetus for ‘Travel With Rick’. Clearly you’ve done great things since that conference, and I’m excited to see the podcast continue to grow.

    Favorite Disney Film: Aladdin. Love it.




  38. Tony Mendyk says:

    Another killer episode, Rick. I love Gary’s passion!!

    favorite Disney film: Beauty and the Beast.


  39. Tom F says:

    Great show. Enjoyed the conversation and inspiration. I have never been able to attend the F&W festival but have that I my Bucket List, near the top! As for the movie I would say Fantasia as it was such a groundbreaking concept and a leap of the craft when it was made.


  40. Terri Gonsiorowski says:

    How inspiring!! It seems to be just what I needed today :)!

    My favorite movie of all time is Cinderella….however my boys have watched Toy Story a million times over….they are now 17 and 13, I sure so miss those days.


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