Nemo and Friends Disneyworld – Episode 2

This week we visit the Walt Disney World resort in Florida and take a ride on  the Nemo and Friends attraction in Epcot’s Living Seas Pavilion, hope you enjoy it!


6 comments on “Nemo and Friends Disneyworld – Episode 2”

  1. Linda M./TINK says:

    Loved It Rick—-

    One of our MUST SEES when we are at THE WORLD—- I liked the one last week in DL but I have to say —NOTHING LIKE EPOCT!!!! LOVE THAT PLACE
    Thanks again for all your time with these–can’t see them enough,,either in person or on the site.

    ºoº EARS TO YOU ºoº
    Linda /Tink


  2. Linda M./TINK says:

    Sorry Rick did’t answer about favorite attaction—
    Would have to be —– SOARING —-. We like them all of course to different degrees, but you said FAV–so SOARING gets our vote, just for the sheer joy of that ride,,what a wonderful job they did,,I Love the sights and the smells like your really there–and who can NOT like TINK at the end!!!! Just a great ride!!

    Peace Love & ºoº MICKEY MOUSE ºoº



  3. Toby says:

    Nice job on the video Rick. Thanks for sharing. It brings back fond memories of our last trip to Epcot. The hang gliding ride was probably our favorite ride, but I think we enjoyed seeing all of the different cultures of the different countries the most. Keep those vids coming man.


  4. Deanna says:

    Another great show!!! Thanks!

    Epcot attraction?? Just one? This is my favorite park but I really like the show in the America Pavillion in the World showcase – To the history of this great land is WONDERFUL!

    Thank again for feeding my Disney “needs.

    Hollister, CA


  5. thelma huss says:

    My favorite attraction was Tiki Birds before it was changed, now I like Country Bear Jamboree. I think the music is what brings me back.


  6. Colleen says:

    Thanks for the great video!! I like the snap shots of the que area as well. Very cool transitioning of the snapshots into the video!

    Favorite Epcot “attraction”??? Does Illuminations count? I especially love the Holiday edition! If it is a “regular” ride, it is a toss up between Mission Space (the “non-chicken” version though!) or Test Track!

    Can’t wait to ride the coaster next week! I’ll be waiting!


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