Castle Lighting Ceremony Magic Kingdom – Episode 5

This week we take a look at the castle lighting ceremony in the Magic Kingdom at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida

Hope you enjoy this week’s video, be sure to leave a commment below!

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  1. Susan Graves says:

    I really enjoy your videos. I just wanted to let you know about my first trip to Disney. It was in 1975. My mom had taken me, my brother and sister there shortly after my dad passed away. The thing I remember most, that isn’t even at Disney World anymore, was 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. It was alot like the ride you showed at Disneyland but not exactly.
    Of course everyone loves a parade.


  2. Colleen says:

    Oh my! How beautiful!! I have been to WDW at the holidays before, but I haven’t been there in Dec. since before they changed these lights. WOW!!

    My first time in Disney World was July of 1974. It was July…my dad had a conference to attend. I remember going on Haunted Mansion with another child who was there with his parents. I really did not want to go on this ride….I was a coward through and through! I think I had my eyes closed 1/2 way through! When I finally opened them, I was amazed at how much I loved it. It’s still one of my favorite Disney rides.


  3. kim says:

    LOVE this!!!! Wish I were there now!!

    First time I visited I was 18 yrd old. My girlfriend and I went to Fl. as a gradutation present from our parents and we went to Magic Kingdom for a day. Although I don’t have memories of being on an attraction I have lots of memories of the “small things.” I remember the totem poles in Adventureland squirting water at us, I remember the background music and I remember laughing A LOT!!!

    A couple things that still stick in my mind was going past Epcot…it had opened just a few years before we went and I was in awe of Spaceship Earth as we passed by. I also remember there was contruction going on in Frontierland..that construction is now one of my all time favorites….Splash Mountain!!!

    Boy do I want to be there now!!


  4. Holly says:

    Hey Rick! This was fantastic! My 5 y.o. loved seeing your video… she missed this show when we were at WDW last year… in fact, she missed everything that happened after 5pm during our whole trip! She slept thru it all! She promises to stay awake next time!

    My first trip was 1977. I was 7 and fell madly in love with all things Disney on that trip. What I remember most was taking a fireworks cruise and thinking that this was the most magical thing I would ever do! I didn’t return to WDW until my honeymoon in 1992. Since then we have had many magical trips… each one special and wonderful


  5. Deanna says:

    Hey Rick!!

    LOVE the videos – Keep them coming!

    Lets see – my first trip to WDW was in May 1989. I was working for a company called BusinessLand and there were over 600 employees who traveled to Florida to a Celebration called 100% club. All the sales folks that sold 100% or more of their quota the year before were a member of the club who got the trip. I worked in the Corporate office in San Jose, CA and was one of 12 employees of the month so I was able to attend also. Now, we didn’t stay on property per se but right across the street of what is now DTD.

    But my first memory was seeing the castle for the first time and how it took my breath away!! I broke down in tears as I just couldn’t believe that I was really there. By now I had gone to D’Land many..many times but seeing this castle in this park was just magical for me!

    Since 1989, I’ve made 5 more trips to WDW with another one coming up in April – so your videos are really helping me to get even MORE excited about my upcoming trip!

    Thanks again for the Magic!
    Hollister, CA


  6. Steve says:

    Hi Rick,

    Great video of the lighting ceremony. I’ve seen it the past two years in person and felt that it was definitely one of the best highlights of our trips. The choreography and color of the castle with the lights makes it even more awesome. If anyone gets a chance, view the castle lights from the bridge that leads to Liberty Square. You can see the side of the Castle and the lights reflecting in the water below. A beautiful photo opportunity.

    Anyways, my first trip to the World happened in 1998 with my new wife. The memory I have is a little unusual in that I remember how big Magic Kingdom and EPCOT were and that we were unsure as to what we were allowed to ride on. Being rookies and not knowing what all the attractions were, we were kinda lost and missed a bunch of things. Fortunately, we came back the following year with a little more information and it turned out to be a fantastic vacation. Since then, we’ve visited 25 times and still love the place!

    We appreciate your website. Keeps the Magic alive in between trips! Thanks.

    Steve from NY


  7. Phyllis says:

    Hi Rick
    My first trip to Disney was in June 1988 ever since then my 2 children and husband every 2 years even less if
    possible My husband will be retiring this Jan. and it will be our 30th wedding Anniversary
    we will be at Disney World to celebrate with our family.My daughter loves Disney so much she was there on her honeymoon.There is alway something at Disney that makes you feel young at heart.
    Thank you for all your videos
    Looking forward to our next trip.



  8. Ruth Short says:

    Hi Rick!
    We just love to watch your videos & watch for them each week. Keep up the good work!
    Our first trip to Disney World was l975. Our four sons were 12, 10, 6 & 3.
    They had no idea that we were going there until we got to Georgia, then we told them. They were jumping up & down & shouting. I think we were too! Disney World was truly a magical place. Our fondest memories are when we were walking down Main Street at 1:00 A.M., each of us carrying our youngest boys & eating an ice cream cone from the ice cream shop, with all the people & music & lights & Magic around us. It still makes me have a very warm spot in my heart.
    We have made about 24 trips to Disney World now & can’t wait until the next one. We’re hoping it will be during the Christmas season & we will see the castle in person. Thanks for sharing Rick!
    Ruth from Ohio


  9. Tracey says:

    I loved watching the castle lighting. We were there in Dec. 2007 and it brought tears to my eyes as it did rewatching it!
    My first trip to Disney was in June 1997 with my then fiancee (now DH of 11+years). Neither of us had ever been and it was magical. The castle was a cake at the time which I really didn’t like. My parents had been in January which gave us the idea to go. It was a Valentine’s gift from my DH. We loved all the rides and shows. I cried when we walked into MK the first time. We have photos on the wall of our home from that trip that we look at every day. We bought DVC about 2 years ago and have been with our 2 daughters several times. We go again in April and then DH will be taking our oldest daughter to Star Wars Weekend in June as a birthday present for her.
    Glad to watch your shows again. I really missed them!
    Happy Valentine’s Day!


  10. Joe Mack says:

    I noticed in this video (castle lights) that the lighting is different from that of the photo on your home page of the castle all lit-up. The lights were different colors. Can you explain this? I can only assume that they do different lighting themes and colors each year and the video was taken recently while the photo was taken in a prior year. Oh, and my first trip to Disney World…I can’t quite remember the exact year, but it was in the early 80’s. Interestingly enough, we stayed at The Disney Inn when it was fairly new. The two prevailing memories that come to mind were 1)My amazement of playing on a golf course with not-so-hidden Mickey sand traps and 2) I remember thinking that the Buena Vista area was a big part of Disney World because we dined with friends at the very top of one of the hotels there and spent time with them at this hotel. I was probably 11 or 12 years old.

    Joe in Chicago


  11. Linda Martin says:

    I loved this video. I enjoy all of your videos of course but this one was truly amazing to watch as it brings back the magic of the holidays. WE have been several times in December, but this past December was the first for us to see the castle as we missed going in the first year of the castle lighting. Your video captures the beauty of the icy lights and the spectacle of the ceremony. Great job.
    Now as to the question of the week. Unlike many, I did not get to make my first trip to Disneyworld until 1993 when I took my first “vacation” EVER! (I am 54 years old now). My husband and I drove to Disney without any children as our teenage daughters had just gone 2 months earlier with their grandparents. What I remember most about this trip was seeing that castle for the first time! and EVERYTHING else in the Magic Kingdom. We have gone back manyu times sinces that first visit and have taken our grand daughter every year since 2004 (her first trip for her 4th birhtday). In 2007 We became DVC members and from December 2008 to October 2009 will be making the pilgrimage (with grnad daughter) 3 times!
    Thanks for performing this special service for us Disneyphiles to keep us happy until we go “home” again!!!!


  12. Donna says:

    Hi Rick,
    Love the videos. We missed the lighting cermony when we there in Dec. But we hope to see it when we return this Dec.

    My must favorite trip to Disney World was our sons first year there. He was 12 at the time and didn’y really want to go. He thought it was for little kids and he was to old to enjoy it. We had so much fun in July 2007 that we came back in Dec 2007 and stayed on the resort and had a grand time. We went again in 2008 and its funny now, but the child who didn’t want to go in the first place is the first one who will ask when we are going to disney world again. It looks like we will be spending alot of our vactions at Disney World from here on out.


  13. Carol says:

    Hi Rick,

    I loved the video of the castle lighting ceremony. I visited WDW this past December and I didn’t know they did a castle lighting ceremony. I’m sorry I missed it.

    My first visit to WDW was in October of 1976. A girlfriend and I drove from Michigan to Florida to visit some friends. We took a day trip to WDW and I instantly fell in love. The thing I remember the most was worrying about being scared of rides. I kept thinking everything would be similar to roller coaster type rides, of which I am very afraid! Well, first we went on all the tame rides, It’s a Small World, Peter Pan, Haunted Mansion, etc., and my friends saved Space Mountain last for me and telling me that it was just like all the other rides we had went on that day!! All I remember was being in shock and crying all through the ride. I know my eyes were closed the entire time and I don’t even know what it looked like inside while we were riding. I got off the ride shaking like a leaf!! I have never went on it again in my over 20 visits since then. My kids always beg, but I have never wavered. I was determined however to go on Everest when it first opened because I wanted to see the Yeti inside and I am proud to say that I did ride it, got off and said once was enough and I will never ride it again – and I haven’t.


  14. Maryann Mason says:

    Hi Rick,
    The castle lighting ceremony is so beautiful. You do a wonderful job with all of your episodes. Our first trip to WDW was Aug 1981. We met some of our NewYork family there for a week. Magic Kingdom was 10 years old then. It was a magical time for all of us. Thanks to you and Colleen, we are going in Sept to WDW with several of our friends. We are all so excited to be going just like little kids and counting the days. Looking forward to your next video. Have a magical day.

    The Mason family from Portland, Oregon


  15. Dawn says:

    Hey Rick,

    My boys and I love watching your videos each week. We have not gotten the chance to go during the holidays, but watching this week’s castle lighting ceremony sure makes me want to think about a trip during the holidays!!

    My first trip to Disney was in 1972 the year after it opened. My grandparents took me and my 2 older cousins and we stayed at the Contemporary. I celebrated my 4th birthday there and I rememeber having a sparkler on my cake. I don’t remember too much, it being 36 years ago :), but I do remember getting my pink autograph book and going to the Luau at the Polynesian. Then in, I think 1996, my mother and I took my 2 young cousins to WDW and were chosen to represent 1972 in the castle show linking the 2 trips.

    Thanks for the videos and I look forward to next week!



  16. Annette says:

    The lighting ceremony is beautiful. Now I want to go in December sometime to see that. My first visit was in 1974 with a friend and her parents. I don’t remember much of the park on that visit because we drove down from WI and her Dad wasn’t that great of a driver. I remember more of the mishaps with the car. It took over 10 years for my next trip. It was with my husband and our 1st child. I remember him having fun with the characters. Now I’ve been there over 25 times and try to go every year just to get that great feeling you get when you walk down main street.
    I love the video’s keep up the good work!


  17. Elizabeth says:

    Hi Rick,
    Thanks so much for your videos. My daughter and I look forward to them each week.
    My first trip to Disney World was in 1978 when I was 10 years old. I remember my dad riding Space Mountain with a bottle of sun screen in his back pocket. He sat on it and it spilled all over the place – I felt sorry for the person who sat there next! I don’t remember much else about that day. I didn’t go back until 1996, but have been 10 times since then!


  18. Dave Powell says:

    Hi Rick, never seen the lighting ceromony before. Really nice. At 46 now my first time was in 2004 ( I was a little late getting started ) but the thing I remember the most is how differant it was compared to what I envisioned. I didn’t have all the DVD’s of the parks and the shows on T.V. that there are now, so I only had what I created from what people discribed to me. I couldn’t believe that the Mk would wind up being my most favorate park! Thanks for toyr video’s


  19. David says:

    Hi Rick. Great videos. I’ve really enjoyed all of them. The Disneyland videos are nice because I haven’t been there since 1968. We’ve been to Disneyworld twice in 2001 and 2008. Both were great trips. Thanks for doing these videos.


  20. Robert Nordmark says:

    Hi Rick,
    My first trip to Disney World was in 2004. The whole trip was special. The atractions I enjoyed most were the entire Animal Kingdom and the IllumiNations fireworks show at Epcot. If you don’t mind, I would like to share something personal about my first trip to Disney World. As I was contemplating taking my first trip to Disney World, my counselor (I had an abusive childhood) told me that “beg, steal, or borrow, I needed to take the trip to Disney World because I MATTER! and I deserve good things in this life.” Taking a trip like this would be symbolic of that. The trip to Disney World in 2004 was one of the most wonderful experiences in my life. It gave me the chance to be the little boy that I never got to be because of my childhood abuse. The sights, sounds, colorful costumes, singing, dancing,etc. all made it magical and wonderful. I found myself spontaneously smiling, laughing, and sometimes even crying tears of happiness. I have been to Disney World 4 times since 2004 and I can’t wait to go back.


  21. Domenica says:

    Hi Rick!
    We just love to watch your videos & watch for them each week. My favorite disney mamory was in 2003, What I remember most about this trip was seeing that castle for the first time!


  22. john broadwater says:

    It was wonderful to see the lighting of the castle. It may be the only way we will see for a few years. thank you for showing it.
    My first time to Disney world was backin 1987 when my son was seven years old. We happen to be there during the month of August It was hot,hot and hotter.( Wewere staying at the Delta Court of Flages.) My son was very amazed at the size of the place and the castle it self. It was fun to be caught in the afternoon rain storm. At the timethere was only two parks(magic kingdom and Epcot)he love world show case as wel as epcot it self. I’ll never forget just enjoying a place where I could be a Kid again.
    the one thing I miss the most was the over head sky cars from the area of the americas to tomorrow land. They were fun. to ride high overhead and see the magic kingdom from a birds view. I just wish I could afford to go to Disney World every year.
    I really miss you show during the few months you were work on this new format. Can’t wait for the next one. thank you.


  23. Penny Serrato says:

    I made my first trip to Disney last year at 48 years old. I took my 19 year old daughter for her first trip and my 9 year old son for his first trip as well. The thing I most remember was seeing the Castle for the first time with my daughter, we both cried like babies. The second was my son’s excitement at watching the parade of light’s and seeing Tinker Bell fly across the sky. He still talks about that. I am booking our second trip for December 2009 so this video gave us something that we will look forward to. I enjoy and look forward to your video’s. Thanks


  24. Julia says:

    Hi Rick.

    Loved watching the video of the castle being lit up for the holidays. It’s something i’ve yet to see in person myself but I just love looking at pictures from other people’s trips at this time.

    Our first trip to Disney was in 1990 and the thing I remember most is just how huge Disney seemed to us. It’s great to drive under the Disney arches each and every time and feel like we’re in our second home again.


  25. Luis Torres says:

    Hey There Rich,

    Great Video By the Way! That castle is just breath-taking.

    Anyways, I went to my first Disney trip when I was 1. This is back in 1993. I can’t remember the exact date of us going, since I was only 1. What i do remember was the wonderful SpectroMagic parade. I remember just seeing all the lighted floats passing by. But what caught my eye the most, was the Spectro Magic guys. I would cry when I saw them, because I thought they were going to take me. They were very scary looking. But as I grew up, I started to love them. They were the highlight of the parade for me :).

    I can’t wait to see more videos!

    Thank You.


  26. Kelly Pettis says:

    Hi Rick

    I love watching your videos. My first trip to WDW was in 2005. I just remember how magical the whole experience was. I think I enjoyed getting the signatures more than my children who were 9 and 11 at the time. I wanted to see it all because I wasn’t sure when I was going to get back. So I am have overdone it a little but who cares it was just magical.

    Thank you for bringing me some of that magic every week.



  27. Sandra Givens says:

    What a wonderful video, Rick! My son reacted just as he does when he sees the castle lighting in person, clapping and cheering.

    My first trip to WDW was in 1973 when I was a Tupperware manager and had come down to FL for their annual Jubilee. We got to spend the day at the Magic Kingdom, which was the only park at that time. It was so uncrowded compared to now! At that time you still had the 20 Thousand Leagues Under the Sea submarine ride (now the Pooh playground), Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride (our favorite, now replaced by the Pooh ride), and a sky tram from Tomorrowland to Fantasyland, now gone. I remember thinking that MK was magical, because after a few hours, you began to feel like the MK was reality and the outside world was unreal. I still feel that same way after a week spent at WDW; adjusting to being back outside always takes a few days!

    Keep those videos coming. My family really enjoys seeing them, as we get to relive our experiences or try out new ones for our next trip.



  28. Debbie says:

    Love the video Rick! Brings me back to Disney even when I can’t be there.

    My 1st trip to Disney, I was 36! I remember seeing Space Ship Earth from a distance – the closer we got to it, the more overwelming it seemed. It still brings a lump in my throat just thinking about it. It is my favorite ride even to this day, some 16 years and 16 trips later.


  29. Jeanne says:

    This site is the best!!! You make me feel like I’m right on or at the attraction. I’m so glad you started the videos up again.
    My first time to WDW was in 1976 when I had just turned 12. I remember the topiaries which lined the road into the park. Wouldn’t you think I would remember Space Mtn or some other wonderful attraction? I just thought those topiaries were the coolest thing I had ever seen and I still think they are great. My family went to WDW for the first time in Oct08 and now we are all Disney addicted and can’t wait to go back. Just need to save a few more dollars or better yet win a trip!
    Thanks for a great site!!!!!!


  30. Karen says:

    Hi Rick, I loved the Castle lighting video. I’ve always wanted to go during the holidays to see all the decorations. After watching this video, I’m convinced I have to get there at Christmas. Keep up the good work!
    thanks, Karen


  31. Duane P. McCall says:

    My first trip to Walt Disney World was in the Fall 2002. My wife was 5 months pregnant with our first daughter. We where there for a medical conference and we spent time in the parks with a large number of friends and colleges. The memorable part of the trip was that my wife being pregnant could not go on alot of the rides so she became “Keeper of the Belongings” while myself and our friends went on all the rides.
    I am happy to say that we went back in 2008 with our 2 daughters and she rode every ride she could.
    Love the videos Rick. Keep the magic coming.



  32. Fran Skall says:

    Thanks for the wonderful video, Rick. Since we almost always go down for the Flower & Garden Festival this was a real treat for us to see. Our first trip to WDW was in October, 2000 for the Millenium Celebration. What we remember the most was the magic of Disney. No matter what age you are, you become a carefree kid again and marvel in the wonder of Disney. So we would always be at Disney, we had our photo engraved in Leave a Legacy at Epcot on that first trip. With the new beginning video on the official Disneyworld website, we can actually see the monument we are engraved on under the monorail every time we click on that website. Thanks for bringing the magic home to us when we can’t be there in person.


  33. Sherisse Holtom says:

    Hi Rick!

    Thanks so much for the Castle video, simply amazing! We will be at WDW this Christmas celebrating my parents 40th anniversary, & you have given me even more reason to be excited about the trip.

    My fist trip to WDW was in 1985. I remember being totally in awe of everything. I still have vivid memories of the Main Street parade, & having my first hotdog at Casey’s.

    When we return this winter I will be taking my DD for the first time.

    Thanks again for the great videos, & keep them coming!


  34. Daryl says:

    Hi Rick:
    I enjoy your videos, keep publishing them.

    The first trip to Disney World was in March 1978. My wife and I took our 5 year old daughter to Florida and we visited the Magic Kingdom. At that time it was the only park that existed at Disney World. The most memorable part of that trip was how afraid our 5 year old was of going into the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. We were able to convince her that she would be safe with us and after she went through it the first time, she wanted to ride again. We have been back several times since and have seen all four of the parks. The most recent family trip was February 2004 with our grand daughter who was 5 at the time. The most memorable moment of that trip for us was when she saw Cinderella’s Castle for the first time in person.


  35. Tamara Moore says:

    Love the Castle Lighting video! I have been fortunate to see it twice, both the regular version and the shortened “rainy weather” version.

    My first trip to Walt Disney World was Thanksgiving week 2004. I remember seeing the castle for the first time and looking at the beautiful mosaic walls as I walked through from Main Street to Fantasy Land. Simply magical!


  36. Tammy Norman says:

    I enjoy your videos, not too long like some posdcasts. A quick does of Disney


  37. Sara says:

    I first visited Disney World when I was 4 years old, in 1980, and I remember my dad wanting to get a picture of my sister and me with captain hook. My sister grabbed his one hand, and I got stuck with the “hook”. I wasn’t sure what to do, so I just grabbed the hook and tried to smile for the picture. He was quite frightening to me, so I was glad to move on to other things. Our most receint trip was in Dec-Jan of 2008–2009. We went with friends and family, and when we were all together we numbered 14. Our 3 kids (ages 3, 6, and 9) loved it!!!!!


  38. Steve says:

    Hi Rick!

    I really love this video. You know, even though it’s a little past the middle of February, it felt like it really was Christmastime while I was watching this. That’s just the thing about Disney, they make it feel magical. The castle is an awesome sight!

    My first time, I can’t remember too well. I was only 5 years old. However, I can tell you a few attractions I miss in the Magic Kingdom at Disney World that isn’t there anymore and hasn’t been for a very long time. These rides might actually show my age.

    “IF YOU HAD WINGS” now “Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin”
    “MICKEY MOUSE REVUE” now “Mickey’s Philharmagic” (Great show by the way)
    “MISSION TO MARS” now “Stitch’s Great Escape!”
    “MR. TOAD’S WILD RIDE” now “The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh”

    Come and visit me and leave comments if you wish at


  39. Caroline says:

    Beautiful!! Our first trip to Disney was in 1997 when our son was in Drum Corp. The one thing that I remember was that it was blazing hot and so humid. I was okay with it but my husband said we would never go again. Needless to say, we did go again, but not in early August! Everything was pretty overwhelming since it was our first visit. The one thing I do remember is the Drum Corp performing at the castle in Magic Kingdom. It was awesome!!


  40. LINDA/TINK says:

    Hi Rick—- ANOTHER GREAT ONE!!!
    We were there again this year at Christmas time,,and that is a MUST SEE MORE THEN ONCE!!! Thanks for all the work on this site!!

    First trip was in 1977 just one day after returning from Germany after 4 years!!! What a way to be WELCOMED back home!! My parents took me and my husband there and it was WONDERFUL…have NOT missed going yearly ever since then!!!!


  41. Kristi says:

    Wow this is so beautiful! We have never been at the holidays, hopefully someday! Thank you so much for sharing this video


  42. Terri G says:

    I loved the video. We always go during the fall for the Halloween eventts. This was a sight to see!!! I don’t know that we will ever be able to make it during the holidays because of my husbands work schedule. Thanks!!


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