Exotic Driving at the Walt Disney World Speedway – Episode 159

Jump in a Red Ferrari with me for a high speed ride around the Walt Disney World Speedway at the Exotic Driving Experience.

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Rick Howard

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11 comments on “Exotic Driving at the Walt Disney World Speedway – Episode 159”

  1. Kevin Nelson says:

    I wasn’t as interested in the nascar’s but now I’m really interested!! My dream car is also the Farrari, I would love to get a chance to drive one, now I can, SO SWEET! They were advertising the new exotic cars during my Goofy Challenge runs in January and they had them sitting out as I ran by, so tempted to stop and look in! Thank you so much Rick, I’m glad to know we have the same dream car! The Farrari is the only dream machine in my book, not sure which other car I’d like to see there! Happy Friday to all my friends, keep those smiles on!


  2. Steven says:

    thx again rick for an informing video! my family lives 600 miles from wdw & we go 2-3 times/year & have learned a lot over the years—but your videos still give us great info! just like this 1 did! i thought i wanted to do this experience but was that it? do they make you drive like a grandpa? or will they let you cut it loose & you just didn’t show that part?! haha!
    look forward to next week & we absolutely love the food & wine videos because we haven’t made it to that the last couple of years & your videos help us with our disney food & wine fix!
    & tell those guys to get the fastest production corvette made & maybe i’ll try that out on 1 of our upcoming trips…take care…steven


  3. Linda Raymond says:

    Hey Rick,,,,,,

    Another great Video…..the look on your face is priceless,,, such concentration…. I am thinking this is a great choice for A BIRTHDAY GIFT for any car buff,,,,, I don’t know much (okay ANYTHING) about cars but,, I would LOVE to drive (or even just ride in) an Audi R8 Spyder…
    (but even though it may not be Exotic..my FIRST choice would be a 1971 MACH ONE) Thanks!! Looking forward to next weeks video!! Have a Great week



  4. That course looks pretty lame, I was hoping you cold just take the car on the speedway and really just stomp on the gas. I can 112 on on 417 going to the parks from my house ….lol Do they give any discounts to AP Holders?


  5. Nicklas says:

    Hey Rick,
    Great video. I hope you had fun driving you dream car. I don’t think I’d would do this. My deiving is good but not great. I need more practice. I haven’t missed an episode since I started in 2010. I love you videos. They always make my day. I don’t know exotic cars, but I’d like to drive a Ferrai in the speedway.


  6. Carrie Freistuhler says:

    Hi again! I would love to drive a Bugatti! Of the cars they have I would want to drive a Lamborghini. Thanks for the videos.


  7. Mary Callahan says:

    I enjoyed seeing the expensive cars. Got to admit that it’s too fast for me!
    It’s such a super idea, for all of you “dare devils” out there!!!


  8. John Broadwater says:

    great video Rick.i really don’t know of any car I would like to drive that they don’t have.Just put me behind the wheel an trun me loose. see you next week have a good week.


  9. Best Video yet Rick! Loved it when you came up on the black Ferrari to pass it.


  10. Peggy Hickey says:

    I’m not a car enthusast like you, Rick, but it’s fun watching you enjoy the ride. I guess I would like just once to drive 120 mph, but the police might frown on that here at home.
    Keep making the videos and I’ll keep watching. It’s great to see the Disney excitment when I can’t get there, and I am long overdue for a trip. 🙂


  11. Bob Nordmark says:

    Hey Rick,

    That was a fun video to watch. Thanks for taking me along for the ride. I drove a Corvette once. It was kind of exciting to drive but I was glad when I was done. It was so quick and responsive–there was no room for error.
    I really don’t have a desire to drive an exotic car. I will just stick something conservative and comfortable to drive. But it was fun watching you Rick.

    See you next week.



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