Exploring Disney’s Aulani Resort in Hawaii – Episode 178

This week travel with us out to the beautiful Hawaiian Islands as we explore Aulani, Disney’s Resort and Spa.

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Rick Howard

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16 comments on “Exploring Disney’s Aulani Resort in Hawaii – Episode 178”

  1. 324 images are on the Tree of Life. Jane Goodall, founder of the Jane Goodall Institute, was invited by Disney to visit the Animal Kingdom. She was very impressed but noted that there were no chimpanzees on the tree! Imagineers went to work and not only added a chimp, they added Goodall’s favorite, David Graybeard.


  2. John B says:

    Hey Rick
    Well, after this video, along with the kayaking and zip line video from your cruise, Aulani has just leap frogged a few spots on my destination bucket list! Can’t wait :o)

    Favorite flower: not sure of a specific species, but I love fields of wildflowers.


  3. Kevin Nelson says:

    YIPPY! YEAH ME, thank you so much for the swag giveaway, I will treasure my gift all the way from Aulani! Great video, I just can’t wait to visit Aulani for myself one day, need about one more year of American Express points! My favorite flower is the gerber daisy, because that’s what my bride wants in all her bouquets. I’m so looking forward to Costa Rica! Zip-lining in Hawaii and Costa Rica in the same year, you da man! Thank y’all so much for my mini vacations every week, we will be in WDW next week enjoying MNSSHP, wish I could shake your hand and say thank you in person, until that day keep smilin’ friends!


  4. Penny Serrato says:

    I really loved Aulani it is beautiful. Did Leslie paddle board also? I was surprised to hear that some of the locals had never visited the other islands. I was thinking that Aulani must be wonderful at Christmas time. Can’t wait for the next few weeks of TWR sounds like we are going to see some great trip video and pictures. Food and Wine, Rick and Ken, just kinda goes hand in hand. Can’t wait.
    Oh yea I have several favorite flowers but I really love gardenias.


  5. Peggy Hickey says:

    Aulani looks beautiful.
    I loved the snuba diving segment. It look like a great way to explore under the sea without the big commitment of liscences.
    My favorite flower? Maybe it appears boreing but I love carnations, mainly for the heavenly smell. They make me smile…like videos of Disney do. Keep them coming.
    Oh the suspense. Big announcement next week…I can’t imagine what it is, but I will be here to find out.
    See you then.


  6. chris j says:

    Aulani looks awesome!!!! Can’t wait to get there myself one of these days. Maybe when the kid is older and the wife and i can go alone!!! Don’t really care to much for flowers but my favorite resort used to be the golden tulip in aruba so i will go with tulip


  7. Mary Callahan says:

    Aloha!!! Now I really want to go back to Hawaii! Loved the music in the back ground. Ah tropical breezes, too. Definitely will make travel arrangements with Kingdom Magic, to stay at Aulani! Great seeing lovely Leslie on camera with you again. My favorite flower?? The sunflower, for sure. But the squirrels eat them every time I try to plant them!! ha ha, Oh well, that’s nature!
    Mahalo for a wonderful episode,


  8. Bob Nordmark says:

    Hey Rick and Leslie,

    Wow! Aulani sure has a lot to offer. I will definitely have to put staying at Aulani on my must do list. My favorite flower: I love Orchids and I love to smell the sweet and peaceful smell of plumerias.

    I’m looking forward to next weeks video on Costa Rica. Rick, I hope you and Leslie have a wonderful cruise.



  9. Katherine Poche says:

    So nice to finally meet your better half, Rick! Aulani looks like a very romantic place to visit. To answer your question, Leslie – the sun flower is my favorite. It’s just a very unusual looking flower that makes me smile every time I see it!


  10. John Broadwater says:

    Thanks for a great show. Some day I’ll get a chance to go there.I like all flowers I have no favorites.
    thank again sorry I missed last week show but had health problems see you next week


  11. Kathy says:

    My favorite flower is the teacup rose. They are small but beautiful. Hope to visit Aulani one day. We have been to Hawaii a couple of times and loved it, once with kids and once without. Thank goodness for all the travel points my husband was able to accumulate. Now that he is retired we sure do miss the points. If we ever get back to Hawaii we would love to visit the ialand of Kauaii. I hope I spell that right.


  12. Nick Yeager says:

    Hey Rick,
    I loved the pool area at Aulani. It looked like a mini water park. Aulani in general looks great and gorgeous as you said numerous times. I am ready for Food and Wine at Epcot. I am old enough to drink so mabye some year I will go. Hands down my favorite flower is the marigold. I liked it since I was a young boy. See you next week.


  13. Karen says:

    Wow. What a beautiful resort. I don’t think I’d ever want to leave. But then again I never want to leave disney world with 🙂

    I have never heard of snuba diving before. That would be something I’d live to do. Is there an age limit?

    I live the sweet pea flowers. They are so delicate and pretty but the don’t last long and hard to grow in our neighborhood thanks to squarels and raccoons

    I introduced my hubby to your videos and hes very thankful I did. He just got finished watching all of last years food and wine videos and can’t wait for this years.

    Come winter I’m going to be so jealous watching you sitting by your pool answering emails :). (we are closing outs this weekend)

    Thanks for aulani


  14. Aloha,
    We are headed to Hawaii in 3 weeks to visit with my daughter and her family. She is on Schofield Base on Oahu. Thanks for the info on this resort. I loved the snuba diving. It sounds like something we can try. I don’t think you should have said anything about your 17 yr old being bored. My 23 yr old and 20 yr old grandkids love being with us and participating in all of the activities, even the kiddie water park area!!! Tell him being cool doesn’t let him have fun. My favorite flower is an iris. They are so beautiful and easy to grow. I was disappointed that none of the activities were included if you were staying at the resort. We stay at Disneyworld often and it seems more is included.
    Thanks again.


  15. Johanna Andersonz says:

    favoritr flowers,,Roses, babies breath and lilies of the vally. I think it may beba weed, butbits beautif,smell and bells are magical.



  16. David H says:

    Great video and very informative! It looks really cool! Snuba looks really cool! I had never heard of that. I love the Columbines! Gorgeous flower with great characteristics! Beautiful mountain flower! Thanks again!


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