Flight of the Hippogriff at Universal Studios – Episode 97

Ride with Rick Howard and Amanda Tinney, from disneyeveryday.com, on Flight of the Hippogriff, the newest roller coaster in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter land in Universal Studios’ Islands of Adventure!

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Rick Howard

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17 comments on “Flight of the Hippogriff at Universal Studios – Episode 97”

  1. John Broadwater says:

    great show. never had butterbeer so I can’t tell you what it taste like. so it must be good sounds good. thanks for a great show


  2. Scott Schultz says:

    Great show Rick and Amanda!
    That ride kinda reminded me of a short version Big Thunder Mountain railroad. Not something I would wait a long time for, but if it was a walk on, or had a short queue, I would give it a go, Never have had Butter beer but since my wife is hinting at a trip to Universal in the near future, I may have to try it soon.


  3. Penny Serrato says:

    Thanks for the ride, reminds me of our Mini Mine Train ride here in Texas at 6 Flags, great for the little ones until they graduate to the larger coasters. Never had Butterbeer so I’m out on that question.

    Thanks Again,


  4. Debbie Bolen says:

    Loved the ride guys! Boy, was it a short ride?! But a cool ride. I’ve never been to Universal and definitely haven’t had Butterbeer, so can’t tell you what it taste like. Maybe my next trip to WDW will include a day over at Universal. I’ll try it on that trip.

    Thanks for the ride!


  5. David Reasons says:

    Another awesome video Rick! Thanks! I have always wanted to go to The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter. Looks like an awesome place.


  6. Christopher Rainville says:

    It looks cold!


  7. Carly Cundiff says:

    Hi Rick!

    Great video! We have been wanting to go to Universal to see the Wizarding world and hope to in 2012. Haven’t tried Butterbeer and will try it in all the forms!

    Thanks for showing us this one.


  8. Tammy in Dexter says:

    Hi Rick, Loved seeing you at Hogwarts. My girls and I love your videos. We were at Universal in November and rode the flight of the hippogriff alot. We loved the butterbeer and even got the souvenir mugs. We have recreated it with Birch beer(from pennsyvania) and heavy whipping cream. Love it and have it with our harry potter movies. Take care and hope to see the forbidden journey to follow.


  9. Peggy Hickey says:

    I haven’t been to the Wizarding World yet, so I’m alway eager to see what the rides are like. I’m not big thrill ride fan but this one looks too tame for even me. I wish it was more themed. But the views of the other attractions look great.
    Butterbeer? I’ve heard it tastes like butterscotch, but I imagine that rootbeer recipe might be close. I’ll just have to try it myself and see what I think it tastes like.
    I hope the locale means we might get a peek at the ride inside Hogwarts? I want to be surprised so I don’t want to see it all…yet. After I ride it I’d love a video of it.


  10. Sue M. says:

    Haven’t been to WOHP yet. Last time we were in Universal, it was still being built, and Tropical Storm Fay was keeping us very wet! We did ride that coaster when it was a different name! Can’t remember what it was called.
    Can’t wait to go see this new addition!


  11. Colleen says:

    This coaster reminded me of Barnstormer in WDW. Really quick coaster but I know a lot of the little ones will think they are “all that” after riding it, especially with the location.

    Having had butterbeer, the frozen version….I loved it! It tastes like a very sweet butterscotch. I would recommend sharing one if you haven’t tried it before. Definitely worth it!


  12. Robert Nordmark says:

    Hey Rick, That was a fresh idea to show a ride from a non-Disney Park. I would like to see videos of attractions at other Orlando theme parks. I would like to try some Butterbeer but I am afraid it might be too rich for me. It has sweet and condenced milk, butter scotch topping, whipped butter, and vanilla cream soda. I sure I will at least try it when I go to Universal Studios.



  13. Robert Nordmark says:

    P.S. The Flight of the Hippogriff seems like a really short ride, not too fast, not too steep, and no sharp turns–it sounds just right for me. I have never been to Universal Studios but I definely want to see it–especially the Hogwarts part of the theme park.



  14. Jeff Barkee says:

    Enjoyed the show Rick.
    We liked riding Flight of the Hippogriff earlier this year, not much of a ride, but as you said the line is interesting. Worth it alone for the view of Hagrid’s Hut and Buckbeak’s Nest.

    We didn’t try Butterbee. we visited during the first month opening of Harry Potter Land and didn’t want to wait a half an hour to try it.

    Anybody who’s held out on visiting Islands of Adventure(as we did for so long)should strongly consider making the excursion over to see it now that HP land is there.
    It’s a solid park, and the Forbidden Journey ride is without a doubt, in my mind (and I’m a PURE DISNEY LOYALIST) the best attraction on the planet…..bar none.
    Nothing is even close……I still can’t believe I’m saying that about a non-Disney attraction.


  15. Alicia says:

    Great video… If that was me I can never get such a wonderful shot on the roller coaster ride. Definitely I will be shaking the entire ride. Anyway, I also wonder how the butterbeer taste like. I had so many attempts but too bad never given the chance because the line is always long. No wonder the sold a million in just a few months.


  16. my niece and I shared a frozen one with dinner then later had a ‘regular’ one. Butterscotch was the taste and BOTH were ohhh so yummy (odd as butterscotch is not a flavor of choice for me) but delicious!! try it – you’ll LIKE it !


  17. Kevin Nelson says:

    Thanks Rick and Amanda, the theming looks awesome!! We were in Universal just for one day after our Disney Cruise but we didn’t have time for the Harry Potter, Islands of Adventure, I was wanting to see it but my boys wanted Universal, oh well, it’s all about family and having fun! I’ve never heard of ButterBeer but it very good, looking forward to see how y’all rate it. Take care and keep smilin’!


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