Happy World Monopoly Day!

Today March 19th is World Monopoly Day! And we’re so excited to be playing today
because this year Universal Parks & Resorts is featured as a Brand Space in the 2016 edition of Monopoly Empire!


This is the second edition of the Monopoly Empire game, but the first time Universal Parks & Resorts has been included.


The Empire version features unique player tokens, top brands to collect and towers to fill with the billboards of the brands you buy!



If you know how to play the classic Monopoly game, then this is all you need to know..

975modTo win, you must fill your tower first!

  • Buy billboards to fill your tower
  • The more you buy, the more cash you collect!
  • Fill your tower first to win!


All your favorite brands are up for grabs!


When you land on a brand space, buy it and slide it’s billboard into your tower.

Now you on that brand!


Product description: In the Monopoly Empire game, players can own the world’s top brands. After choosing one of the uniquely branded tokens, players move around the board, and start building their empires. The game is a race to the top as players buy their favorite brands one by one and fill their towers. Players can own famous brands, including Nerf, Transformers, Levi’s, and more. Opponents collect rent from their rivals; the higher their tower, the more they can charge! For two to four players, the first player to fill their tower with billboards wins!