Hard Rock Hotel Orlando with Gracie the Traveling Cat


Meet Gracie, our traveling cat.

While Gracie doesn’t always travel with us, she does make the summer trip with us up to our retreat in Maine, and Leslie thought it would be nice to let Gracie join us at the Hard Rock since Loews Hotels are pet friendly.


The Hard Rock welcomed Gracie and she had a wonderful time there.


The Hard Rock Hotel provided some welcome gifts upon Gracie’s arrival, a water bowl, complimentary water, and food all in her own pet-friendly bag. There was also a litter box set up for Gracie in the room.


During the day while Leslie and I played in the parks, Gracie enjoyed hanging out on the bed.  There was a special tag we hung on the door to let housekeeping know Gracie was home so they wouldn’t open the door and have a possible pet escape.


She also enjoyed gazing out the window and passerby’s on their way to the park, and waiting for her mommy to come home.


The Hard Rock also provided Gracie with her very own scratch post in the room.


Room Service anyone?