Holiday Illuminations at Epcot – Episode 50

Come watch Holiday Illuminations with us from the lower terrace area at the UK Pavilion in Epcot on Travel with Rick with Rick Howard

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Rick Howard

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19 comments on “Holiday Illuminations at Epcot – Episode 50”

  1. kim says:

    Thanks for sharing that!! Wish I were there with all of you…next time!

    Well, this has to be my favorite episode of the year. I love Illuminations but the holiday version holds a special place in my heart. “Let There Be Peace on Earth” was one of my Mom’s favorite songs. Every time she heard it she cried and I have many memories of her tears hitting my head while sitting with her in church as a child.

    Happy Holidays!!



  2. Penny Serrato says:

    Merry Christmas
    Wow it’s hard to believe I’ve been watching these for 50 episodes. It’s been fun. Favorite episode wow that’s hard I loved TTA with John and Soarin and your food and wine adventure with Rhino Ken Both if them you guys were very entertaining. Anyway Thanks Rick and I look forward to next years videos. Hopefully some cruise videos since I think next year my family will be trying to go on a Disney Cruise.



  3. Dale Short says:

    Merry Christmas!!
    That was a great episode of Illuminations. We always love it. Our favorite episode I think (there are so many) is Episode 49 of the lighting of the castle. That was so beautiful. I’m sure Walt would be proud.
    Thanks for all your episodes Rick! Happy New Year to you!


  4. John Broadwater says:

    Happy Holidays to you.
    My favorite episode was the one about Adventures By Disney. It showed that there are other thing to do with Disney other than the parks.Thank you for another great show. Can’t wait to see what is next.


  5. Gracie N says:

    Hard to pick a fave, but I think the Castle lighting would be it! Merry Christmas, Rick!


  6. Scott Schultz says:

    Wow! 50 episodes…that really went by FAST!

    Thanks again Rick…ya gotta Love those Disney Fireworks. They really know how to put on a fireworks show don’t they? As far as a favorite episode goes, I liked them all but really enjoyed watching the Disneyland version of Pirates of The caribean episode. I guess I just like comparing attractions from one park to another.
    Looking forward to many more videos and I really Love watching them. Have a great 2010 Rick and to everyone of you reading this.
    Scºoº tt


  7. Scott Allen says:

    What a great vantage point for Illuminations — thanks as always for sharing, Rick!

    This and the castle lighting ceremony just really complete the holiday season…but I’d have to say that we really enjoyed a lot of your adventurous roller coaster video footage this year…esp. Ep. 22-Expedition Everest. My kids were too young to ride last year, so we all really enjoyed the first-person view of that one…

    Merry Christmas & I can’t wait for what’s to come in 2010! Thanks again for letting us share in the Disney experience every week!


  8. Duane P. McCall says:

    One word, AMAZING. Illuminations I believe is what turned me into a Disney maniac. The half dozen times I have seen it, it still gets me misty eyed. I love it.
    My favorite episode I think is the show you did on Tom Sawyers Island. It is my favorite because I did not know it exsisted until your show.

    Rick, Thank You for the pins, my daughters love them.
    Merry Christmas and may we all have a joyous and prosperous New Year!


  9. Peggy Hickey says:

    Thank You for all the glimpses of Disney Parks through the year.
    My favorites are the ride videos, but I especially loved your coverage of D23. For those of us who could not go you let us in on a lot of cool stuff we wouldn’t have seen without your video.
    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, to you Rick, and family, and all the other commenters here. 🙂


  10. Thelma Huss says:

    Oh, just can’t choose a favorite, but the ones I enjoy the most are the ones that show the ride attractions.
    Illuminations is so fantastic in person. The globe’s pictures are amazing. They do not show up on video, but memories fill in what film doesn’t capture.


  11. Linda Miller says:

    It’s hard to believe that the year is almost over and we have enjoyed 50 episodes of Travel With Rick!!
    Thanks for the great video of Illuminations–it’s my favorite fireworks show by far. It was one of the best of the year!
    It’s hard to pick a favorite, since they were all so different and so much fun to watch.
    I’m looking forward to another great year of Travel With Rick in 2010. Hope you and your family have a very Happy New Year!!

    Linda Miller


  12. kymie says:

    Merry Christmas! Thanks for a great episode – I have never watched Illuminations as so far all of our trips have included a baby who wouldnt tolerate the noise, so its great not only watching it all the way through, but also seeing the extended edition for the Holidays! Now as for a favorite episode, I have to name my top 3 as just 1 is too hard!So in no particular order is the Splash Mtn ride through – one of the family’s favorite rides, the Lighting of the Castle – so beautiful, and the Episode with Gary Vaynerchuk – I hadnt seen him before (as I live in the uk) and his enthusiasm just jumps right out of the screen!! Thanks for a great year Rick!


  13. Robert Nordmark says:

    Merry Christmas Rick! Wow that Illuminations show is great. I think it is my favorite thing to see when I come to Disney World. I think my favorite Travel With Rick episode is the Castle Lighting Ceremony. I can’t wait to see it in person. And all the episodes with Amanda Tirney. She has a spark about her that kicks the excitement and wonder of Disney World up another notch.

    Thanks again Rick. I always look forward to watching your videos. May good things come to you, your family, Travel with Rick, and Kingdom Magic Travel in 2010.

    Bob Nordmark


  14. Kevin Nelson says:

    Great video Rick, Merry Christmas my friend! I’ve never seen the holiday Illuminations, so that was a treat for me! I am so looking forward to 2010! I am so pumped to know I’ll be getting an extra Christmas gift, a passporter, I am so thankful for your generosity, I can’t wait to read it and plan my next WDW trip! I really enjoyed The Festival of the Lion King episode and can’t wait until the next time I see it in person. Rick, thanks so much for bringing joy to me as I sit at work and watch your episodes, they take me away from the stresses of work for just a little while and it makes me a happier person. Keep that great attitude and smile my friend!


  15. Colleen Anastasi says:

    This is my absolute favorite Disney Holiday Experience!! When they play Let Their Be Peace on Earth, then proceed to shoot off enough fireworks that the ground beneath your feet actually vibrates… takes my breath away each time. It is soooo nice being there at the Dessert Reception with you and my family. Definitely something I won’t forget!

    This has to be my favorite episode so far!!


  16. Doreen says:

    Great episode Rick!! Illuminations is my absolute favorite nighttime show & I have not seen the holiday version. It is wonderful!! My favorite episodes would be the Food & Wine festival ones as I want to try that sometime & it was great watching all the great food & drinks. I have enjoyed ALL the episodes & cannot wait for what is in store for 2010. Happy Holidays & Happy New Year.


  17. Debbie Bolen says:

    Merry Christmas Rick – Loved the video this week. It has been a long time since I’ve seen Illuminations during the holidays. Seeing it today got me started on a list to see how I can make it for next year.

    I have truly enjoyed every episode from this year. Every Friday – I can’t wait till I receive the e-mail with the latest. I have really enjoyed the episodes with Amanda & Rhino Ken. Not that I don’t enjoy the others :~) but the interaction with others especially during the Food & Wine Festival really enhanced the feeling we were there with you.

    Keep up the awesome work and I am really looking forward to 2010! Maybe even next year, I’ll see you in WDW!


  18. Mike says:

    Hi Rick

    Me and my family really enjoyed meeting you at Epcot,, just before illuminations Sorry we couldnt stay..We had a wonderful trip Thanks to Peggy
    We really enjoy all the episodes and look forward to seeing our picture with you on your site,

    Take care cant wait to go again,,,


  19. cathy mullen says:

    Hi Rick,
    Selecting a favorite was easy for me; it’s the castle lighting video!
    I’m coming to DW next Dec to see this in person!
    Happy New Year and Congratulations to PSU!!!!
    from Cathy
    in Nittany Lion Country!


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