Illuminations – Reflections of Earth – Episode 10

This week we enjoy Illuminations – Reflections of Earth, the incredible fireworks display at Epcot, in Walt Disney World Resort in Florida.

Hope you enjoy this week’s video, be sure to leave a commment!

Rick Howard

48 comments on “Illuminations – Reflections of Earth – Episode 10”

  1. Donna Isard says:

    Hi Rick,
    Great show but you are right, you really have to see it in person. We finally got to see it for our first time in December after trying to see it on two other visit. I imagine we will try to see it again this year when we go at Christmas. We found a good location in Norway to watch it. We could really fell the heat from the barge where we were at. Felt great on a chilly night.

    We don’t really have a favorite world because we enjoy all of the places that we visit.


  2. June Stevens says:

    Thanks for the coverage of Illuminations! It has to be my favorite fireworks!

    My favorite pavillion is France, but it’s purely selfish. I was born in France, but left when I was 3 months old and have only visited the “real” France once in my life. Everytime I go to Epcot, it’s the first place i go in World Showcase, skipping right by UK!! It makes me feel like I belong there. Of course, my southern accent and american clothes pretty much kills the image of being parisian, but isn’t that why you go to Disney, to make dreams come true?


  3. Penny Serrato says:

    I can’t wait to see Illuminations in person. I did not get to see it on my last trip. So I don’t have a favorite place as of yet I am hoping to visit all of the areas this next trip. Thanks Rick for providing my family with info for the locations we need to visit.



  4. Colleen Anastasi says:

    This is my absolute, without a doubt FAVORITE Disney World fireworks show! I have been hoping, for some time now, that you would play this. Extremely appreciated on this snowy first day of spring!

    I loved hearing the little boy’s reaction at the end of the show “Wow! That was big!!” Too cute.

    Favorite country, tough one…I like them all for different reasons – I like Norway for the boat ride, same for Mexico…I have some sweet memories of Japan – wayyyyy back when – my oldest son (now 19), was really into Pokemon when he was little…he was soooooooo determined to get into the store there to buy “Japanese” Pokemon cards with his own spending money. Years later, he had a pearl necklace made there for his girlfriend!

    You are right Rick, as fabulous as this video is, it doesn’t capture anywhere near the real experience of Illuminations!! It is a show that seems to draw you in – right up to the finale where you feel the earth beneath your feet shake!


  5. Hi Rick!
    FANTASTIC!!! I have not been able to see Illuminations but now we will make this a must see for our next trip. I think Norway may be our favorite with Japan a close second. Love your videos!
    Jeanne Cundiff


  6. Maryann Mason says:

    Your clips are just wonderful and thank you so much for doing this and letting all of us enjoy them. Our favorite pavillions are France,Canada and America. We love the movie in France and Canada. America’s show is wonderful and the singers are the best we have ever heard. Looking forward to our return trip in September. You can also get some wonderful drinks in France and Italy. All of World Showcase is great and they also have great food.

    The Mason family from Portland,Oregon


  7. Thelma Huss says:

    The video was a great job. I filmed each time, but did not get a clear image of the globe.
    My favorite pavillion is Mexico. I think part of the attraction is the set down ride. By the time we get to that area we are ready for a rest. The true favorite thing about Epcot is the native entertainers. Those beat any single pavillion 100 to 1.


  8. Outstanding.
    Truly an impressive show. And truly something that is a must see. Thankfully the music alone brings back the memory of standing and watching in person.
    The world showcase is so much fun that it is hard to pick a favorite.

    We love to have lunch in Germany, a treat from the bakery at Norway and a few tunes from Off Kilter outside of Canada.

    Right now I would have to say Germany is our favorite but
    as our kids get older we get to experience more and more. On our last trip we had a great dinner in Morocco.

    Thanks again


  9. Amy says:

    Wow, Rick, you had such an amazing view! =) You are right, though… nothing beats actually seeing it in person, and feeling the vibrations of the fireworks in your chest. But being stuck at work right now, I sure feel energized after seeing that!

    My current favorite country is Norway. Two words… School bread!! =D


  10. Peggy Hickey says:

    It’s so nice to see Illuminations again. It’s been awhile since I last saw it. I do remember the Country Pavillions being involved in Illuminations. Did that change?
    Anyway, I suppose my favorite country, if I must choose one, is Mexico. My first time there was in July and it was ultra hot outdoors, but when I entered the Mexican pavillion with the nighttime “village” inside I fell in love with the place. It was cool in every sense of the word.


  11. Laura says:

    Great video. I enjoy them in person better, too, but I have to say, this is the next best thing since I’m not there right now.

    I guess my favorite country is Norway. I love the ride, the food, the ambience. It is really nice there. Second would have to be France.


  12. Summer says:

    I got chills watching it on the computer, I can’t imagine what it would be like in person! So sorry I missed it both times I was at Disney. I won’t the next time!

    All of the countries are great…they each have something unique to offer.



  13. Disney Dean says:

    Holy cow – I can’t believe I haven’t run across your site before. Definitely heard of Kingdom Magic, but never saw this site. It is just phenomenal, and I will be visiting ALL THE TIME now! Can’t wait til the next video. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Illuminations. The last time we saw it – there was a super-fine drizzle falling. Not really enough to dampen our evening, as it was very light and fine. For some reason it added a new dimension to Illuminations, and we thought it was so cool! Keep up the good work!


  14. Janet Gill says:


    Outstanding filming of Illuminations! It is a spectacular show for all the senses! We were fortunate to see if from a private Disney boat, I believe right below the bridge you were filming. My parents were celebrating their 50 wedding anniversary and we decided to reserve this special boat ride. Beautiful show, champagne and chocolate strawberries. Dinner that night was at Bistro de Paris. A very memorable evening for all!

    My favorite country would have to be Germany; with the beautiful clock and courtyard. Yummy pretzels and beer!!

    Keep those videos coming!



  15. Casey Clark says:

    Hi Rick,

    You are so right! There is nothing like seeing Illuminations in person. I have been trying to get my parents to see it for years. I had brought home a video that I had taped of Illuminations the last time we were there. I showed it to my parents and of course they loved it!!!

    We just got back two days ago from WDW where my parents finally got to see it in person. We sat by Italy and what a magnificent view! I have ever never seen my parents jaws drop wide open like that before. My dad actually cried for the first time in a long time and said how beautiful it was!

    Keep up the great work! I will be watching your videos to get me through until my next Disney trip this October.


  16. Karen Revis says:

    Rick- loved the show again this week! Actually got the goosebumps watching it!~

    My favorite country is Mexico. Can anyone say Margarita???? Plus the boat ride is fun also!~ We always have a great counter service lunch in Mexico. My #1 favorite country!

    Karen Revis in Connecticut


  17. Tammy Norman says:

    My fave country is Norway. The perfume Laila is my all time fave and takes me to Epcot everytime I smell it.


  18. Linda Miller says:

    Great video, Rick! It was a new angle for me–we always have watched from either the Gateway or somewhere between Mexico and China. We missed it on our last trip due to the crowds and cold weather, but are hoping to see it in October on our next trip.

    I think my favorite country pavillion is U.K. I especially love the Twinings Tea House–it is one of the only places I can get the flavor of loose tea I drink. The whole area reminds me of my visit to England several years ago. My family loves to visit all of the countries in the World Showcase–I think we spend more time here than in any of the other parks during our stay.


  19. Mayra says:

    This video was awesome!! I got goosebumps watching it. Those first fireworks, you can hear the people’s reactions, so cool. This is a show I cannot miss.


  20. Alisa Niethammer says:

    Thank you so much for this video. I listen to the music but love to see it is something else! Love it!


  21. Judi says:

    Wow! What a great site Rick! I just found you today and finally had a chance to watch some of the videos. The IllumiNations eposide was fantastic – I especially loved the up close shots of the globe! Keep up the great work and I look forward to making this site a part of my daily website check-ins!


  22. Lori Blessner says:

    Thanks for taking me back to WDW every week. The last time we watched Illuminations we were on the benches in Japan, very enjoyable. Japan is our favorite anyway, Teppan Edo!!


  23. Doreen says:

    Rick thank you so much for the Illuminations video. It is my absolute favorite fireworks show & I tear up every time I see it!!


  24. Domenica Dahleiden says:

    Rick loved the show again this week! EPCOT is my favorite Walt Disney World Park, Illuminations is a must see for my husband and myself .My husband and I, our favorite country pavilion is U.K. Love those fish and chips.


  25. Carol Nash says:

    Great show! Can’t wait to see it in person again.
    Norway is my favorite. They have the Maelstrom ride, the trolls in the gift shop, a museum and the big viking ship out side.


  26. Duane P. McCall says:

    Hi! Rick great video. Illuminations was what sealed the deal for me and made me a true Disney fanatic. Also, one thing you did not mention or did not know is that the soundtrack for Illuminations, Reflections of Earth is sold in the gift shops in Epcot. It is my #1 soundtrack I own. I love to listen it and we use it for our family 4th of July fireworks display.
    As for my favorite country it would have to be England. Had a great experience with the street performers (got pulled into the show) and the bartenders are great at the pub and as you stated it is one of the best places to see the fireworks display.
    Thanks again, you help brighten my day when I watch your video.



  27. Barbara Thompson says:

    Hi Rick, Thanks for the great video. I just love it. I cant wait to get there to see it again. My husband loves to see firework shows at Disney World or Land every night that we are in the parks.As for as my favorite countries they are Morocco, Germany, Canada, and the U.S. We can’t wait to get there in three months. We’ll be there for at least 7 days if not more this trip.
    disney is my husband and I’s favorite places to be. It helps you forget everything that is going on in a persons life.

    Thanks again, Barb Thompson Lemoore,Ca


  28. Vicki Weiss says:

    Just found your website and I love it. I was so happy to watch the Illumination show. I think it is my favorite fireworks show. My favorite pavilions are Germany and England. They are two places I would love to visit someday and until I do I enjoy visiting them at EPCOT. I also enjoy the Mexico pavilion (I have been to Mexico several times). A good Mexican meal or a basket of fish and chips are the best meals.


  29. Stephanie says:

    I get chills everytime! It is such a beautiful and moving show. Thanks for allowing me to experience it since I am 7 months away from seeing it again in person.


  30. Jeanie Danielak says:

    Beautiful video- ALMOST as good as seeing it in person. Thanks for bringing it to us! 🙂


  31. Hi Rick,

    Great video this week, I was last over at WDW in 2006 and the day I set aside for epcot it rained :/ needless to say the foul weather got the better of us and we didn’t stick around for the fireworks so I just wanted to thank you for showing me what I missed!

    Time to start planning my next vacation!!


  32. Annette P. says:

    Great job on the video, the fireworks are beautiful. Makes me want to be there right now! I really don’t have a favorite pavilion but I love Canada for the restaurant Le Celliers. I also liked Off Kilter music.


  33. Steve Rydzyk says:

    Hey Rick,

    Great job on the video. It’s tough to keep it in focus with all the lights and fireworks going off. IROE is just a great show and a must see every time you can visit. My favorite country is probably Canada. Love the Totem Pole, rock formation, waterfall and the gardens. Le Cellier is a nice place to dine. Norway is close second because of the Maelstrom and the trolls.

    Steve From NY


  34. Elizabeth Batsios says:

    Thanks for the video, we love IllumiNations and can’t wait to see it live in June!
    Our favorite country to visit is Canada. We love Off Kilter and Le Cellier is our favorite place to eat dinner. We have the privelege of visiting the “real” Canada often since we live in Michigan about an hour from the border. It is a very nice place to visit.


  35. kim says:

    OK Rick..this was an AWESOME video of Illuminations!! I actually had tears rolling down my cheeks…not only was the video great but hearing those little voices in the background talking about how “awesome” it was made it extra special. Makes my job even more special “hearing” the enjoyment in others. There was a night not too long ago that I was watching this very show and although I enjoyed the fireworks etc I also (more so) enjoyed the expressions on those around me that had never seen it…..PRICELESS!! WDW is truly magical in every sense of the word!


  36. Rick, Like others here I just recently found your site and love it. I sat today with my 6 year old (who’s favorite ride is it’s a small world, ridden 5 times in a row on the last visit) and watched your video’s today. He can’t wait to go back and said “This time I won’t get tired daddy I want to watch the fireworks and see the glow in the dark world”. Made me laugh and cry at the same time because I realized that I had just turned 6 again as I looked at IllumiNation, via your video, through his young eyes.

    You are doing an amazing job, Thank you

    As for my favorite I would have to say Japan, but having been raised around the world as a “Navy brat” I love it all.


  37. Linda Martin says:

    Rick, loved the show again this week. Thanks for the memories that hold me over until my next visit. Illuminations is so awe inspiring and chill bumps inducing! Now on to the question of the week. Hmm, this is a hard one. I have a strong pull to two fo them, my favorite is France but I have to say that Germany is sooooo very close it is almost a tie.
    I have both French and Germany in my ancestry, but to choose my favorite comes down to purely selfish reasons: I love the tasty food that is served at the Patissiere (yum), and I always enjoy watching the movie presentation (ah air conditioning too)in the pavillion, and then finally there is the perfume shop (I love being able to pick up a bottle of imported french perfume that is difficult to get anywhere else! Yep France is my Fave but Germany is right on the heels!!!!!


  38. Lori Jubelt says:

    Rick! Loved this week’s show. It had been quite sometime since I have seen Illuminations but we have it on our “must do” list for out August/September trip.

    Favorite country…gosh, if I had to choose I guess it would be Norway! Love everything there…the grass & flowers on the roof of the eatery, Maelstrom, the gift shops, the perfume room (love that Laila!) and love the big troll. I have pictures of my daughter with that troll that span a decade…the first one was at age 3 and the most recent one was last year at age 16. I love those..We call that “her” troll!! Can’t wait to get back there!


  39. Debbie Bolen says:

    I am so glad you showed Illuminations – it is by far our favorite fireworks at WDW – a perfect ending to a wonderful day. Although it is better in person – I still sat here watching it with tears in my eyes and a warmness in my heart…….the music – the fireworks – the giant torches around the lagoon – it all brings back so many wonderful memories. I do miss the countries being outlined in lights and the lasers like they did many years back – made the entire World Showcase come to life. Any word if they will ever bring that back?

    I have been sitting here thinking of my favorite country and they all hold so many highlights for me. My absolute favorite is France with the Kir Royale’s and taking my husband to eat at the Bistro for the 1st time. But our favorite thing to do is watching Off Kilter – my husband saw them for the 1st time our last trip and I have never seen him so into the music. World Showcase is still by far our favorite place in all of WDW.

    Keep up the good work – I love seeing the videos every week.


  40. Becky Adams says:

    I love Illuminations! Thanks for sharing it. I would have to say my favorite pavillion is the America pavillion. I know, I know, I doesn’t make a lot of sense… The Voices of Liberty make it my favorite. Being a musician- I just love to hear them. They are absolutely fantastic. I keep telling my husband we need to just pack up and move so I can sing with them. I love teaching, but singing with the Voices of Liberty would be my dream job!!! 🙂


  41. Dale Short says:

    Great job Rick! We love your site! Keep up the good work. Our favorite
    place at World Showcase is the American pavillion. We love their show there.
    Talk about goosebumps!! I don’t think they let you video there or that would
    be a great video. The pre-show is also great.


  42. Laurel/Samatha Galvin says:

    This show is FANTASTIC! We love to watch every time we’re there. The girls love the shows you send to us. Sam’s favorate country is China and Laurel’s
    favorate country is china also. Sam like’s china because she did a project
    about China last year in second grade we did a culture study of China. China has such wonderful colors to it.


  43. Randy Nelson says:

    Illuminations Is one my favorite shows at disneyworld and my favorite place in Epcot is Germany


  44. Phyllis Buonocore says:

    Great Video Rick we never miss Illuminations when we visit Disney Our favorite country is Mexico and Italy.
    Looking forward to your next show.


  45. Rick Osborn says:


    Thanks for the awesome video. I tried to video Epcot last year for the fireworks presentation with my digital CAMERA. I didn’t even think to bring a video camera. Anyway, my recording was too short and severely lacking. Glad to see your video. And you’re right, the Epcot show is amazing. I just wish I were headed there this month, just like I did a year ago. Keep sharing!


  46. Linda/Tink says:

    HI Rick—-

    What can I say,, FANTASTIC as always—–this is a MUST see at least a couple times on our trips–it just doesn’t get old for us—we saw it on opening day,,,and its always a heart warmimg show,,,Love the little extra they added at Christmas too.

    Fav Country would have to be Germany-love the trains, love the cuckoo clocks
    LOVE LOVE LOVE the food (lol)

    until next week:::

    ºoº EARS TO YOU ºoº



  47. James Bond says:

    Hi, Rick –

    Another fantastic video memory!

    Being an Anglophile since the British Invasion of ’64, my favorite pavilion is the UK. Every Epcot visit ends with a British Invasion concert (if they’re playing), a stroll through the shops, and dinner or drinks at the Rose & Crown, which is a great place to catch Illuminations.

    Thanks again for sharing these wonderful videos.



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