It’s a Small World – Episode 9

This week we visit the happiest cruise that ever sailed, “It’s a Small World” in Fantasyland at the Magic Kingdom – Walt Disney World Resort in Florida.

Hope you enjoy this week’s video, be sure to leave a commment!

Rick Howard

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  1. Colleen Anastasi says:

    I am one of those people who love this ride and am proud to admit it!! I even have a Disney watch that plays that song! One of my ‘teariest’ Mom moments was when my son, who is now 19, was in choir in grade school. He didn’t tell me until I went to see their show…they sang It’s a Small World! I think I was the only parent in there with tears rolling down my cheeks!

    Favorite time of year?? Christmas is soooo pretty! Everything is all decorated, soft music playing in the background, giant gingerbread houses….haven’t been there in Dec since 2006. Heading back this year though!


  2. June Stevens says:

    Great video blog! I love this ride, but it has special memories for me, I guess. I’m a teacher and when I taught in appalachia, I would raise money and bring a busload of kids every year to WDW. We would go to the parks (pre Animal Kingdom) and save Magic Kingdom for last. If they got in trouble at any time, their punishment was to ride this with me 5 times, with me singing in their ear!! Never had any problems with people doing anything they shouldn’t, breaking curfew, etc.


  3. Maryan Blanford says:

    Wow, Rick! Thanks for getting that song stuck in my head for the rest of today!! It was fun, though…I don’t do the ride every time we visit…but, it is fun to see the video!
    I’ve been to WDW in spring, summer & fall. My favorite is fall because of the MNSSHP. We had a blast last September doing that. I really enjoyed the spring, too. The flowers, the green beers, the beautiful weather…what’s not to like then.
    Having a mentally challenged son with mobility issues – fall & spring are the easiest times for him, too!
    Thanks, Rick…it was a blast!


  4. kim says:

    Well I just rode the refurbished version of Small World back in Dec! I have to admit while I love the genuine “Disney” feel of this ride by the end I have had enough of the song! LOL

    My favorite time is the Christmas season for sure! The decorations, songs, shows etc. are just breath taking! It is a very “peaceful” time of year there…can’t explain what I mean…just a feeling I get.


  5. Elizabeth Batsios says:

    Thanks for the video! I’m on hold right now trying to make our ADRs for our June trip so it was fun to watch and pass the time.
    We always travel during summer when the kids are out of school. I don’t mind heat so that doesn’t bother me. I actually took a short trip once in March and it wasn’t warm enough for me. However, I would love to visit sometime during the Christmas holidays and see all the decorations and festivities.


  6. Nicole Freese says:

    This is a great ride I always try to go at least once a trip. The only thing is now when I go I can’t get the scene from Ridley Pearson’s book Kingdom Keepers: Disney After Dark. It’s a great book haven’t read the second one in the set yet, but plan to soon.

    as for my favorite time to visit Disney. I love going early December you get all of the amazing holiday decor and none of the crowds. This is also a great time to go to Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party, last time I went there were so few people it was like having the park to our selves.


  7. J.L says:

    What a great vlog! My kids and I loved reliving our trip last summer through your clip. This ride was particularly special for my youngest daughter, so it was great for her to see it again.


  8. Phyllis Buonocore says:

    HI Rick we love the ride and we never miss it I’m singing the song right now It’s a small world brings back so many memories of my children when they were young now we are making new ones as they grow older.
    We travel in the spring and summer. WE don’t mind the heat. Our next trip will be in Oct. looking forward to the Halloween Party with Mickey at Disney World. See you next week.


  9. Linda Miller says:

    Thanks for another great video! I’ll be singing “It’s a Small World” for the rest of the day.

    We love to visit Walt Disney World at Halloween and are looking forward to our next trip at the end of October. We can’t miss “Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party”–my granddaughter thinks that’s the ONLY way to Trick-or-Treat!! We also enjoy the Food and Wine Festival at EPCOT at that time of the year, too.


  10. Lori Blessner says:

    Thanks for It’s A Small World, always a favorite. Our favorite time of year to visit is early December or January. The weather and the lack of crowds has been the reason but not this past January, parks were packed. May try right before Thanksgiving this year. Thanks again.


  11. Caroline Jubelt says:

    Thanks for the video Rick! I’ve never been on the ride, but I will be sure to ride it when we go in August.

    My favorite time to visit Disney World is in the fall. It’s cooler and not as crowded.



  12. Mark Nash says:

    Hi Rick, my wife and I love to watch the episodes. We go to DIsney World every year. I have great memories of going to Disney World two years after it first opened. That was the best family vacation I had as a child (I was 9)! My wife and I love to go during the Christmas season. Our wedding anniversary is November 20, so we try to go either in late November or sometime in December. We are planning on going back this year with my mother in law either for the Christmas season. Keep ’em comin’, we love to watch!

    Mark Nash


  13. brandy dunbar says:

    Thanks for the great show and my favorite time of year to visit the World is in late August Early September the crowds are thined out the weather still warm and the free food is a wonderful perk if you book in may or june.


  14. Teresa Mays says:

    Thanks for the video! I love this song and it reminds me of the wonderous looks on my girls faces as they try to take everything in on this ride. Love it.

    My favorite time of year is Christmas. We have gone 4 times at this time and it works out well because it is near one of my daughter’s birthdays and we usually do something special for her there. No one does Christmas like Disney. We skipped one year and my husband told me I had ruined the holiday for him because it did not feel like Christmas without our trip and it is true. The weather is usually awesome and the music and the decorations. We enjoy going to the hotels and looking at the gingerbread houses and touring the countries a Epcot.

    Thanks for the videos…they keep me sane.


  15. Donna Isard says:

    Our favorite time of the year is at Christmas. We have been there the last 2 years at Christmas and we are returning this year with family from NJ. Love the decorations and the shows.


  16. Lori Jubelt says:

    Hi Rick! Loved the video this week. My daughter is 16 now but we still hit It’s A Small World every time we go! Watching your videos has always been fun but as my trip draws closer they are really getting me excited….and I was just there in December! So, I would have to say that my favorite time of the year to go is in the fall. I have been in late August, early September, and mid October. As my daughter moved onto high school we have pretty much stayed with the late August/early September time frame and have been lucky enough to have free dining several years now too. I had always wanted to see Disney World at Christmas and finally did this past December. I loved it but found that the Aug/Sept timeframe is still my favorite!! I am going as part of a family Grand Gathering August 26 – Sept 5th…10 nights with free dining…Can’t wait!!


  17. Thelma Huss says:

    It’s a small world is wonderful. I like the yodel section the best. I remember taking my kids when they were little and now my grandchildren. Seeing it through their eyes makes it new again.

    Favorite time was Halloween and seeing everyone dressed up for the occasion. Have never been there at Christmas…and think that would change my Favorite selection!


  18. Penny Serrato says:

    Since I have only been to WDW 1 time (Thanks to Colleen Anastasi for making it a wonderful experience)and it was in July and hot. We have however booked a trip for this Dec 2009 to experience the Chrismas at WDW. I am very much looking forward to it. I did not get to ride It’s a Small World my first trip but I will make sure we do this time, now if I could just get that tune out of my head….and Rick I would still like to have a job like yours even with the responsibilities. LOL


  19. David H says:


    Nice video. Not a big small world fan, but I understand the tradition and meaning of it which makes it special. We love coming to WDW during the last week of May. Right after Memorial Day. Seems to be less crowded and still summer time which is when I love to take a vacation.


  20. Annette P. says:

    The best time for me is late September. It is a slower time and the weather is still beautiful.


  21. Becky Adams says:

    I love It’s a Small World. My husband likes it too, that’s when he gets his nap! 🙂 Our favorite time of year to go is in the spring. We live in Kentucky, so winters can be cold, and sometimes long… My parents have brought my family down every year since WDW opened- we haven’t missed a single spring break in 38 years. It’s great now that my brothers and I are all grown up, and we still start our countdown at Christmas- how many days till we get to go. We all turn into 30 and 40 year old kids. 🙂 I can’t wait- only 11 more days until I am there again!!! 🙂
    Thanks for the videos. It makes my weeks of winter go by so much quicker!!!!


  22. Karen Revis says:

    Hey Rick- Loved It’s A Small World video this week! While this is not a favorite of anyone in my household, it is always a MUST DO! How can you go to DIsney and ride it?? Loving your videos each week! 110 days from today till I return (I am not counting or anything!) after 2 yrs away. I love you videos each week as I feel I am that much closer to my trip!

    My favorite time to go is summer- Yes it is HOT. But the kids are off from school so there are no obligations for them and it is the easiest time for my husband to be away for 2 weeks, so we go and have a great 2 weeks there! By the time I leave I am ready to leave and not sad, which since I am the MOM, the old saying still stands- If Moms not happy, then ain’t no one happy! Though we go once every 4 yrs or so in the spring and that is nice also- not as hot as the summer!

    Karen J Revis in CT


  23. Carol Tootalian says:

    Great It’s A Small World video. I remember the first time I saw IASW way back in 1976. We usually ride it at least a couple of times each visit.

    I love visiting WDW at Christmas time. I never thought I would be lucky enough to do a Christmas visit and then in 2005, my husband told me to just book a trip. I loved it so much, I have been every Christmas since then. I will say though that we always visit in the summer, and while it is so unbearably hot and humid, that is when I feel like I am really at WDW!!

    Can’t wait to see next week’s video.

    Carol (MI)


  24. Stacy Armer says:

    Another great episode Rick!!

    My favorite time of year to visit would have to be Early Spring!! Just when the Flower & Garden festival begins. It is warm without being too hot and humid and all the flowers at Epcot just make it that much better!! Unfortunately, with kids in school, it seems like the only time we can go now is the end of May. That is a pretty good time too since it is my daughters birthday and we celebrate her birthday in WDW, what could be a better setting for a birthday party!!

    Thanks for the great job you do!

    Stacy Armer


  25. Scott Schultz says:

    Thanks for all the great videos!
    My wife and I go to WDW twice a year. It’s a Small World is an attraction we visit on every OTHER trip. We like it so much that we don’t want to get sick of it and riding it once a year is just about right for us.
    Our favorite time to travel to Walt Disney World is in the spring. The kids are still in school, it’s not blazing hot or overly humid as it is in the summer, and most of all, we absolutely LOVE The Flower and Garden Show at Epcot. The topiarys are amazing and there are beautiful flower gardens everywhere. My wife especially Loves the Rose garden path that runs between Future World and World Showcase. Personally, I like all the gardening tips I get when we go.
    Again, thanks for the great video of IASW and I look forward to next weeks video. I will be in WDW in 56 days and can’t wait to see it all!


  26. LINDA/TINK says:

    Well what can I say—–I WILL BE SINGING THAT ALL DAY!!! With a smile onmy face!!

    Thanks for another great end ride and reminder of how fast our little ones grow up—this was a must ride years back for my now 26 yr old son—-will always be a have to ride at least once per trip ride..

    I would have to say our Favorite time at Disney is our trips between Thanksgiving and Christmas—right after the lights go up—and the Castle SPARKLES!!! What a MAGICAL time—-but we love the food and wine time too -lol and the FLOWER POWER concerts are wonderful—ok I would have to say
    FAVORITE TIME –ANYTIME–(is that cheating???)

    Thanks again Rick –love this site!!!



  27. Debbie Bolen says:

    Thanks Rick – “It’s a Small World” will be playing in my head the rest of the day! It’s still a cute ride, but haven’t been on it in years – the changes are great – remind me more of Disney World.

    My favorite time of the year is fall – especially for the Food & Wine Festival. The crowds are down and the weather is beautiful. I love the warm days and slightly cool evenings to watch the fireworks. The Food & Wine is still my favorite event – enjoy the variety of foods, wines and beer. Hope to return one year for the Flower & Garden Show – I think I would really like that also. Christmas is nice too, but in early December, when all the decorations are up, but the crowds aren’t.


  28. Bob Nordmark says:

    I haven’t been on the “It’s A Small World” ride in years. It was good to see the video and it will even be better next week because I will be at Disneyland. My favorite time of the year to visit Disney World–for now I would have to say October. I love to go to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party. If money weren’t an issue I would probably go to Disney World at least four times a year–my Birthday in February, Spring (late April,early May), October for Halloween, and December for Christmas.


  29. Tammy Norman says:

    I love Christmas time with all the decorations and the Candlelight Processional that tells the store of my Saviour Jesus Christ!


  30. Pati McElroy says:

    Loved this episode because Small World is my favorite ride. My favorite time to go to WDW is Christmas because Disney outdoes itself with the decorations. It takes me back to my childhood even more so than any other time that we are down there.


  31. Jay Estis says:


    So how long did it take for you to get the song out of your head after filming that video? I think anyone with kids will always have fond memories of this ride. I do. Song and all.

    My favorite time to go to Disney is anytime! Actually, anytime except July/August/September. It’s just too hot to go then, unless you spend most of the day at the pool and visit the parks at night.


  32. Dawn Steinfeld says:

    Thanks for the Small World video this week. My 4 year old was ecstatic when I told him what the ride was for this week. Our whole family just sat and watched it. And yes…I’ve got the song stuck in my head 🙂

    Our new favorite time of year to go is on Halloween and then a week after that. We LOVE the Halloween party and dressing up (We went as Donald, Daisy, Huey, Dewey and Louie last year). And then we get to see 2 sets of decorations because they start putting up the Christmas decorations before we go. So that’s our favorite time!! (Of course any time at Disney is always great!)


  33. Tim Rose says:

    Rick, this was so cool because one of the persons in our party that just went in Jan 09 wasn’t able to go on this ride because they were not feeling well that day. This gave them a chance to see it. I guess for you it’s good because you never can know how you might be helping someone. Thanks Rick for all that you do.


  34. Cheryl Mekarski says:

    This ride will never be annoying to me because for 15 minutes, I am sitting down in the cool air, watching dolls, and not standing in line in the heat!

    It’s such a dear premise, that we have more in common than we have differences. I like to believe in that.


  35. Domenica Dahleiden says:

    Thanks for the great show, but not a big small world fan and my favorite time of year to visit the World is in late August Early September the crowds are low the weather still warm and the free dining plan is a wonderful perk.


  36. john broadwater says:

    Thanks again for a great show. My favorite time to go to Disney World is mid September and late August. I find I can do more of the park and hit just about every ride with little or no waiting in line. Plus it is a great way for us to to celebrate our wedding anniversary. I always enjoy this time of the year not to hot and not to cold just right.


  37. Lauren Gallagher says:

    Thanks again, Rick! That is one of our all-time favorites…great memories of It’s A Small World…especially of the kids riding for the first time! Our favorite time of year to visit is April…we love to go to the Flower and Garden Festival at Epcot!! Keep up the good work!! =)


  38. Dee Barnefiher says:

    Thanks Rick!! It’s A Small World brings back such nice memories for me when I was little and memories from the first time we took our little girl on it. I’m probably one of the few people who love hearing the song and don’t mind having it stuck in my head all day. Thanks again for all the wonderful videos you post.



  39. Sherisse Holtom says:

    Hi Rick!

    Thanks so much for posting my favorite ride in all of WDW. I know it makes some people groan, but I will NEVER apologize for loving this ride! If you don’t leave this ride with a smile on your face, there really is no hope for you. I was a Canadian CM from ’95-’96, & the majority of the literature in our arrival packets had the “It’s a Small World” logo on it. I pulled my Disney treasure box out the other night, & had so much fun showing my DD5 all of my Small World items. My favorite time to be at WDW is Christmas. We will be there this year at that time, & I am beyond thrilled to be taking my DD, & niece on this ride for their very first time. You made my week! Thanks!


  40. Hey Rick! Just love watching your videos and wish I had a throw like the one on your couch. We love to go to WDW in October. The weather is perfect and the Halloween decorations are really cute. As the others have written, I would also love to see the world at Christmas. Maybe someday!
    Thanks again, Jeanne Cundiff


  41. Janet Gill says:

    Hey! Love your videos & I do like It’s A Small World.

    We live in the Chicago area and visit WDW often. Our favorite time is Halloween. I love the Not So Scary Halloween party. We usually have any early dinner that night at Tony’s Town Square, we try to get seated outside, and we can watch all the great guests in costume walking on Main Street. The other great thing at WDW at Halloween time is the Food & Wine Festival. The Halloween party & Food & Wine together make October a great time to visit WDW.

    Thanks again!


  42. Mayra Lopez says:

    This ride is one of my favorites. I must ride it everytime I visit. My son doesn’t get too thrilled about it but he agrees on going on it.


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