It’s Epcot Food & Wine Month on Travel with Rick!

f&WOctober 1st kicks off Food & Wine month on! All month long we are going to be bringing you the best and the worst (Singapore) of what we are tasting in Epcot. On Fridays we’ll have new episodes each week highlighting the marketplaces around the World Showcase promenade and on our Social Media channels we’ll be going more in depth, so check us out on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. We’ll probably have some blog posts too, just for good measure!

 We’ve already thrown out a couple of teaser episodes on TwR, Friday September 19th we brought back the ever popular training video from last year and on Friday September 26th we had my friends and guest hosts, I like to call them the “usual suspects”, on a show and we all talked about what we enjoyed from last year and what we were looking forward to from this year. We had to run those episodes, even though the festival had already begun, because Leslie and I were on the Disney Magic sailing across the Atlantic from Barcelona to San Juan, you can read more about that here.

508Speaking of the usual suspects, they’re going to be on upcoming shows to help me tell you all about the food and wine we are enjoying! Amanda Tinney, Rhino Ken, Marc Bigbie, Sarah Luka, Kate and Chad from Anaheim and yes my wife Leslie will be back too, and you never know who may pop up all surprise style, so you won’t want to miss a single show. We’ll have episodes starting this Friday, October 3rd, featuring the marketplaces around World Showcase, and we’ll have them every Friday following until we’re done!

f&w-buttonSo, sit back, relax and enjoy Epcot’s International Food & Wine Festival with us, or get off the couch and come on down and join us, we’d love to see you there! Come up and meet us, get a picture and we’ll of course have giveaways, like TwR pins, buttons, stickers and who knows what!

 I’ll be seeing you around the World Showcase….Cheers!




Here are some of my friends and co-hosts you’ll see this year, or as I like to call them, “the usual suspects”


My Wife Leslie


Rhino Ken


Amanda Tinney and Sarah Luka


Marc Bigbie


John on this side of the camera, also Producer, Director, Editor, Publicist and all around great guy!


Kate and Chad from Anaheim, or left coast friends