Kayaking Adventures in Hilo, Hawaii – Episode 164

We’re taking you out in Hilo Bay, Hawaii with us this week for a kayaking adventure. BE CAREFUL! You might get wet!

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Rick Howard

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10 comments on “Kayaking Adventures in Hilo, Hawaii – Episode 164”

  1. Carrie Freistuhler says:

    Hi Rick! I can’t wait to see the zip lining video as that is on my bucket list!


  2. Mary Callahan says:

    Wow, you guys really did flip over into the water!!! Sorry for laughing, too. ha ha. I enjoyed the steel drum backround music that you put in, as well. I’m surprised you said the water was cold. Burrrrrr..
    Looking forward to more zip lining footage.
    The most unexpected thing that ever happened to me on a vacation: I was in a small shop in Ireland and turned around and saw a couple of neighbors who live around the corner from me!! I was shocked!!! LOL
    Thanks for such a fun half hour, Rick and Andrew!
    Mahalo and Aloha,
    Mary \|||/ (Shaka hang loose sign!)


  3. Kevin Nelson says:

    Kayaking in Hilo, Hawaii, priceless, what a memory and flipping the kayak made it even more memorable!!! I just love getting ideas for upcoming vacations from you Rick, I love to travel and make memories with my bride and two boys and we love everything Disney! I’m so looking forward to the zip-lining excursion! My most unexpected thing that happened to me was, we were on a catamaran when the mast fell into the water, the whole mast, crazy right, luckily not hitting us. It was shallow enough for me and dad to get out and walk the catamaran to shore until four sharks started swimming around us, needless to say we jumped back in and let the tide eventually push us in!! The sharks were pretty swimming around us, great memory for us, all turned out fine! Thanks again Rick!! I showed my boys that I had won the weekly drawing and they started jumping around and high-fiving me, cool! I’m thankful for my friends at TWR, keep those smiles on!


  4. Penny Serrato says:

    That was classic the perfect flip. LOL. Let’s see trying to think of a vacation where something unexpected happened but I can’t seem to remember anything. Oh well maybe I’ll take the Hawaii cruise and flip over my kayak. How deep was the water in the river? Thanks for sharing.


  5. Sue M. says:

    Looks like fun Rick! I love Hawaii, I go to the Kona side of the island. I’m on an outrigger team and we go to a couple of races there in August, every few years. You should try Outrigger next time in Hawaii 🙂

    One unexpected moments was paddling in Kona very early in the morning, we were going along the coast line when the wind shifted, and the smell of the island just wafted out to us, you could smell all the Plumeria, and flowers. Then a school of Spinner Dolphins swam around us, & under our boat. It was am amazing moment I’ll always remember.


  6. John Broadwater says:

    I really enjoy you kayaking it looked like fun. The most unexpect thing that happened when i was on vacation was find out how much fun I could have just doing nothing. I generally work 6 to 7 days a week and find very little time for myself to just do nothing.Always thought I would be bored but wasn’t.
    great show an thank you


  7. Peggy Hickey says:

    Now that looked like fun! Even the flip-over added some adventure.
    I can’t think of any unexpected things happening on vacation. I’m sure there are some things, but it’s been a while.
    I’m still looking forward to the zip-line episode.
    And I’m alway happy to see the entertainment at Epcot, Now that’s some thing unexpec6ted every time right there.
    Thanks for the video of the trip. I have to get me a helmet-cam. 🙂


  8. Bob Nordmark says:

    That was great Rick. The Kayaking tour seemed like a lot of fun and a good way to see a part of Hawaii that you wouldn’t normally see. When book my first Disney Cruise I will call Kingdom Magic Vacations and have them make all the arrangements including the tour options at each of the destinations.

    My most unexpected moment on a vacation–I can’t think of one. But one of my most exciting moments was when I was white water rafting on the White Salmon River in White Salmon Washington. There were six of us in the raft. Going over a class 5 rapid with a 15 foot drop–most of us got thrown out of the raft. We were wearing wet suits and life jackets and safely floated to calmer water. The rapid is called Hussom Falls. I’m too old to try that again.

    See you next week.



  9. Nicklas says:

    Hey Rick,
    Your kayaking video was amazing. Hilo looked like a tropical paradise from a fairy tale. Did you guys dry off fast? Did you get cold? The most unexpected thing to happen to me was last year. I normaly ride Big Thunder Mountain once. Well last year I rode it 5 times. Wasn’t expecting that at all. I mostly used FassPass. See you next week. Looking foward to seeing more of Epcot.


  10. Scott says:

    Great video Rick and Andrew! I bay fish on a kayak on the Texas coast, but never through rapids. I have seen many roll (we call it turtling) their kayaks and it is no fun with a kayak load of fishing gear. Going against a current or against the surf will definitely work out your arms. What a beautiful area you got to see. The most unexpected thing to happen on vacation was when one of our suitcases popped open at the airport baggage retrieval and we had to stand by the conveyor belt picking up clothing as it went by. 🙁 Looking forward to the zipline episode. Keep up the great videos.


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