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  1. Linda Miller says:

    I loved the video of Kilimanjaro Safaris. It’s a favorite of ours when we visit Animal Kingdom. I think our favorite part of the trip is the elephants. We have been fortunate enough to see baby elephants on each of our last 3 visits.

    Thanks for the great videos. I look forward to Fridays to see what we will be visiting. I wish I was going to be at the World on September 23rd for your “meet and greats”, but we won’t be arriving until October 25th. Maybe we will get to see you then!

    Linda Miller


  2. Colleen Anastasi says:

    Great video! I love this ride, especially first thing in the morning. All the animals are awake and active. Even though we have seen it many times, we always make it a point to ride again. Since the animals are real, it is really never the same ride twice! My favorite part has to be the bumps in the road! Keeps you on your toes (but can make taking still photos a challenge!)


  3. Duane P. McCall says:

    I guess my favorite part of the safari will be the anticipation of my first ride with my 2 daughters. My wife was pregnant the first and only time we were at Animal Kingdom so we were unable to ride the Kilimanjaro but I am looking forward to seeing the hippos with my girls. Thanks Rick!


  4. Pati McElroy says:

    My favorite part of the safari is seeing the babies that are born and the growth of them through the years. Thanks Rick!


  5. Penny Serrato says:

    This ride is so much fun with kids. My son really got into the poacher catching. Our tour guide/driver really made it exciting for him by interacting with him. I was laughing at my son so hard because he was telling me to get my camera ready, “Mom get the camera ready, look over there and than look over here” The driver was getting a kick out of his excitement and was commenting things like yea Mom get your camera ready and hurry you got to get that picture fast and do I need to slow way down for ya Mom. When we got the poachers boy was my son proud of himself. It was hilarious and a priceless moment. The driver made the whole ride perfect. The animals are great I love the lions. Favorite part of the ride “ALL OF IT”

    Thanks Rick



  6. Thelma J. Huss says:

    Thanks for refreshing my memory of that safari. My favorite thing for some odd reason is the upside down tree. It is so unusual.


  7. Scott Schultz says:

    Thanks for another great video Rick!
    We Love the safaris ride and make sure to do it every trip. Sometimes we even ride it twice just to see animals that may have not been out for viewing the first time. Our favorite park of KS is spotting giraffes. We especially like it when the animals come close to the safaris vehicles.


  8. Janet Gill says:

    Thanks for the great video! My favorite part is the vehicle. Feels so cool and adventurous. This is one of our favorites at Animal kingdom, love to go early in the morning when there are more animals out before the heat peaks in the afternoon.


  9. Donna Isard says:

    We enjoy the whole safari ride. We try to do it every time we go to AK. It is on our list of must do’s for Christmas this year. Thanks again for another great video.


  10. Annette Peppler says:

    The safari ride is always fun. Always trying to see new animals we haven’t seen before.


  11. cathy mullen says:

    Hi Rick,
    When we go to the Animal Kingdom the first thing we do is head over to the safari! I’m an animal lover so the best thing for me is seeing the animals roaming freely and not being in a cage. I can’t wait for my grandchildren to get a little older so I can share this attraction with them.
    Thanks for taking time to make this video!


  12. Kevin Nelson says:

    Thanks Rick so much, we love Kilimanjaro Safari! Its never the same twice and that’s so cool. My boy says his favorite parts are the music and the lions! I hope to meet you on September 23, I can’t wait! Your videos are such a blessing, keep smiling my friend!


  13. Brad S says:

    We took my mom to Animal Kingdom last time we went to WDW and we went on the Kilimanjaro Safari first thing in the morning and she loved it. The best part was we got to see the baby giraffe really up close, he actually was in the middle of the road and they had to stop all the trucks. He was trying to chew on the top of our truck, we were there for a good 10 minutes watching this baby up close and got some great pictures. They had to get someone to come out and get him to move out of the way by feeding him and coaxing him into the middle of the field instead of the road. It was a great trip and everytime you go on the safari you see something different.


  14. Peggy Hickey says:

    Ah, the camera loving cat returns! LOL
    I had a bit of trouble seeing the animals in this video. It was kinda digitalized for me. But it did bring back memories of when I last rode the safari and that’s always great.
    Love those giraffes.


  15. Bob Nordmark says:

    Hi Rick, Thanks for showing this video. Seeing the video reminds me of how much I love this attraction. It is hard to say what is my favorite part of the attraction. I love seeing all the different animals. But some times the vehicle passes by so quickly you don’t get a good view. I love seeing the Savanah and the animals grazing. It really looks like Africa even though I have never been to Africa. And at the end of the ride to see the lions on top of the rocks. WOW! It just doesn’t get better than that.


  16. John Broadwater says:

    What we enjoyed about the Kilimanjaro Safaris is the scenery and the animals.It is always so beautiful out there. We Also enjoy the tour guide and the commentary. Thanks for another great show.


  17. Debbie Bolen says:

    Hi Rick – Thanks for the great video. With all the bumps and ditches in this ride – it is hard to video tape, but you did a great job – as usual!
    I’m not sure which is my favorite part of the ride, there is so much to see and enjoy. The one thing I always enjoy is seeing the animals in their natural setting – Disney did a great job. Whenever I tell someone that has never been to Animal Kingdom that they must ride the Kilimanjaro Safari, they think of a typical zoo, which is furtherest from what it is! They are always truely surprised!
    Keep up the great work………OH – and nice to see the camera loving cat again!


  18. Phyllis Buonocore says:

    Thanks for the great ride.
    We love the Safari ride we never miss it. We love everything about it especially when we reach the poachers.
    and you always see animals you missed the last time you were on it.
    Looking forward to next week.


  19. Kate Puckett says:

    Hey Rick! Great video this week. My favorite part of the safari are the hippos and the lions. When I rode in May we saw a lion standing right at the end of a rock all tall and proud. The little girl in front of me shouted, “Look mom! Like Simba!” It was a great moment and I love how every time you ride it’s different.


  20. Sara Lennartson says:

    I love this Safari. There are too many favorite things to name. The best thing is the kids that have never seen a animal close up react. If I could I would do this ride all day long.


  21. Jean Betses says:

    Love the weekly videos!
    My favorite part of the Safari Ride are the Lions especially on a warm day when they are belly up, sleeping.


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