Kona Cafe, Disney’s Polynesian Resort – Episode 65

This week we take you to lunch at the Kona Cafe in Disney’s Polynesian Resort on Travel with Rick with host Rick Howard
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Rick Howard

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35 comments on “Kona Cafe, Disney’s Polynesian Resort – Episode 65”

  1. Marc Acosta says:

    I’ve never eaten at Kona Cafe. I’ll have to try it. That Kona Kone looks delicious. Hey Rick, what’s the surprise that comes with it? Just kidding! LOL!


  2. Andrea C says:

    All of that food looked delicious! I think that I would have to say that the Chocolate Banana Creme Brulee thing looke yummy! I will definitely have to try it when I go there! Great show Rick!


  3. Eric Berger says:

    I have always wanted to eat at Kona and now I have to eat there. Great episode Rick. I will be sure to get the Kilauea Torte.

    Thanks for another wonderful video.

    Eric, akatrumpeteer


  4. Linda Maxey/TINK says:

    OH YUM OH YUM——to think I Have never made it there to eat—but it will be a MUST on the next trip over!!!!! And I for sure would have to say the KONA KONE—who doesnt love a surprise and a DISNEY one at that!!
    Once again thanks for a great video Rick—– two ºoº ºoº up!!!!!



  5. Jim Minekime says:

    Kona cafe is my favorite breakfast spot, but now we are going to have to try it for lunch, too! I would have to say the no sugar added apple desert would suit my dietary needs. Leave it to Disney to think about a desert for me without my even asking!



  6. Linda Miller says:

    We’ve never eaten at Kona Cafe, but I will definitely be adding it to the list of new places to try. Everything looked delicious! I love creme brulee, so the chocolate banana creme brulee would be my choice. Although, the Kona Kone looked yummy, too!

    Linda Miller


  7. Caroline Jubelt says:

    I love the kids “make your own sundae” and the Kona Kone. We love ice cream and it looks like a lot of fun!


  8. Scott Schultz says:

    Great video Rick. My wife and I stay at Disney’s Polynesian Resort a lot and The Kona Cafe is our favorite place to eat. I’m fond of the Big Kahuna meal they serve for breakfast. We will be eating there again next month and can’t wait! Not much of a dessert person myself, but my wife always enjoys the creme brulee.


  9. gracie n says:

    The adult sundae looks very inviting. I think I would choose this dessert! Thanks, Rick


  10. pati m says:

    Count me in on the cheesecake! Can’t wait to get down there in a few weeks!


  11. Carrie Freistuhler says:

    Definately the Creme Brulee! It’s one of my favorite desserts.


  12. Kristine Koelzer says:

    Nice video. We eat there for breakfast every trip but have never had another meal there. I think we will definately have to try lunch or dinner next trip. So many of the desserts looked great but I would probably end up going with the last dessert the chocolate lava cake.


  13. cathy mullen says:

    Hi Rick,
    I have always wanted to try this restaurant so now I’ll have too for sure!
    Thank you for inviting us along while you had a delcious lunch.
    I have a toss up between the Kona Kone and the cream brulee. I better decide before we get there.
    Have a happy day,


  14. John Berg says:

    It all looked great yum!!!!


  15. Thelma Huss says:

    I think I would go for the sugar free apple dessert, love apples.
    All of them looked so lovely.


  16. Penny Serrato says:

    YUMMY DESSERTS. Your waitress was awesome. I think I want the waffle cone but all of them looked yummy. I have eaten there 2 times both were breakfast and character meals the food was always great lots of fresh fruits. Thanks Rick see ya next week…


  17. Robert Nordmark says:

    Hey Rick, That was great. I will definitely have to go to the Kona Cafe and have the Lava Cake. Actually, I would like to try all of the desserts.

    Thanks Rick. See you next week.



  18. John Broadwater says:

    It maybe 8 am here but you just made me hungryfor the lava cake and the adlt waffle cone sundae. thanks for a great show.


  19. Debbie Bolen says:

    Great Video! Kona Cafe will be on our list next time in WDW! Love the atmosphere! The fondue looked awesome!


  20. Nicklas Yeager says:

    Hi Rick,


  21. Nicklas Yeager says:

    Hi Rick,
    I stayed at the Polynesian Resort on my 2009 trip. We wanted to eat there but we never got a chance to. I will try to eat there on my 2011 trip. My favorite desert was the Kiluea Torch. Looks REALLY good!!!!!


  22. Chris Ryone says:

    I vote for the Kona Kone, I may need to find out what the surprise is next time I am in the world.


  23. Colleen Anastasi says:

    OK! I was trying to be good and not have a bowl of ice cream tonight…now I see all those awesome looking desserts and I am HUNGRY! Thanks Rick! 😉

    That chocolate banana looked yummy…we will have to try that! Can never go wrong with chocolate!!


  24. Peggy Hickey says:

    The cheesecake looked good to me.
    When I saw Polynesian Resort I was hoping to see one of the rooms. A friend and I were just discussing it and I am curious since I have never been there.


  25. Laurie Holden says:

    I love Kona Cafe! Dinner there never disappoints! I’ve had quite a few of the desserts. The cheesecake is amazing, but the lava cake is my favorite. Honestly, the no sugar added dessert is very good also! It doesn’t taste “diet” at all!!


  26. Jeanne Cundiff says:

    Hi Rick,
    The food looked fantastic! I just love everything about the Poly! Next trip we will have to hit the Kona and just order desserts. The Kilauea Torte sounds awesome.
    Thanks for another great video!


  27. Kevin Nelson says:

    My family and I ate at Kona Cafe in Sept. ’09 and loved it! Thanks Rick. My favorite dessert was the adult sundae, yummy yum! Always keep smilin’, and I look forward to next week!


  28. Mayra Lopez says:

    Great video!! I’ve never eaten at Kona, but the food looked delicious and your waitress was awesome. As for the desserts, since I can’t say all of them (let’s face I have a sweet tooth), I have to go with the Kilauea Torte.

    Looking foward to next weeks video!


  29. Janet Gill says:

    One of our favorite restaurant spots! How can you possibly choose just one?! I think you should go with a group so you can try every dessert. Sharing has never been so much fun. Love the video-Great Job!!


  30. robert says:

    Rick, Check your RSS feed. It’s returning 404 errors. Nothing is coming across from your feed.


  31. Rob says:

    Have to say I would like the Kona Kone. Ate at Kona Cafe in 2007 with a group of 10. Had a bad experience, with both the food and service. Would like to try again next time I am down there.


  32. Brad S says:

    Just got back from WDW yesterday and had a great dinner at Kona Cafe, one of our favorite restaurants in all of DisneyWorld. The food and service were excellent, we had the $29.99 dinner special that included an appetizer/salad, entree and dessert. We both had Mahi Mahi and it was delicious even though the waiter didn’t suggest it. The torte is my favorite dessert!


  33. Terri Gonzo says:

    We eat here every trip,seeing this video sure makes me want to go. One of the best kept secrets!! Between myself, husband and my two boys we have had most of the desserts. My favorite is the coconut tart. They also have the best bread and honey macadamia nut butter!!


  34. CHRIS K says:



  35. Kate Puckett says:

    Love Kona Cafe! Have many good memories there. I even named my new puppy Kona 🙂
    Thanks for the video!


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