Legend of Captain Jack Sparrow at Disney’s Hollywood Studios – Episode 203

This week Rick and Parkhopper John venture to Disney’s Hollywood Studios to take on mermaids and the mighty Kraken to join the crew of the Black Perl in The Legend of Captain Jack Sparrow, a “first-of-its-kind sensory experience” at Walt Disney World Resort!

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23 comments on “Legend of Captain Jack Sparrow at Disney’s Hollywood Studios – Episode 203”

  1. Kate Jackson says:

    Hey Rick,
    Great episode!!! Definitely will check out this attraction when I go to Hollywood Studios in the summer. It seemed like a lot of fun.


  2. Kathy Poche says:

    Avast ye land lubber … LOL pirate speak never gets old with me (can you tell?) LOL. This is one of the attractions we haven’t had a chance to see yet. Very thought provoking question this week. I would have to say if I was a pirate captain … my ship would be the ‘Dark Mistress’. And of course we’d be flying black sails!


  3. Jacob says:

    Hey guys.Great episode as always.Anything pirate themed is always cool and this is no exception.Really cool effects and atmosphere going on at that attraction.Will definitely have to go to this one when I get there.I think I would name my pirate ship The Hunka Junka.I don’t know why,but that just popped up in my head for whatever reason.Take care care guys.Have a great trip Rick.


  4. Mary Janiga says:

    I will check this out when I am there this coming week to celebrate my 60th birthday! I love Captain Jack Sparrow.If I had a pirate ship I would name it The Dream Catcher.


  5. David Thacker says:

    Yo Ho Yo Ho a pirate ship named for me would be RUMFEST. I love everything about Pirates of the Caribbean. It looks amazing and will be going in July/August.


  6. Jim says:

    I went through Legend of Captain Jack Sparrow at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in March. I thought it was cool!


  7. Guy Levacque says:

    Another great episode. Looking forward to see it in person. My ship name would be “Passing Wind”. lol


  8. Mary Callahan says:

    First of all,Loved that 3 Sooges t-shirt!!! wooo wooo wooo!!! LOL
    My ship would be called The Emerald Marina… Because Emerald is my birthday stone, an I love the Marina At the Contemporaty resort!!!
    Super “get-away” video, as usual!!! Thanks for the Disney Moods!!!!


  9. Elizabeth says:

    Thanks! We are headed that way in 14 days, this is one of the new things to see for us! My ship would be the Shady Lady.


  10. Joyce Thiam says:

    My ship would be the Fantasea. Loved this attraction. Hope to see it in June when we are there.


  11. John Broadwater says:

    Great show, can’t wait to see this area of the park. The name of my ship would be the SOUTHERN CROSS.Enjoy your trip an see you next week


  12. Blake Schmidt says:

    Great episode Rick . Have a great cruise. Living on the flat prairies I can’t even think of a pirate ship name.



  13. John & Lisa Przychodzien says:

    Hi Rick, Great episode. We love the Pirate movies. We are currently building a Chesapeake Deadrise boat in our workshop. We are big Buffett fans so we think a good name for a ship would be the Leaky Tiki.


  14. Jennifer says:

    Hey Rick! Loved the video of Captain Jack! I’m admin for a POTC fansite, so I love anything POTC. To answer your question of the week, my ship’s name would be Destiny’s Mate


  15. stephen bumbaugh says:

    Great show Rick..Just love Capt. Jack Sparrow and The Black Pearl..So thanks for keeping us all up to date on what is new at Disney.
    My ship would be named The Phantom of the Sea,As was my last cruiser that we had..


  16. Stephanie Moore says:

    We were just at Hollywood Studios and hate that we missed this. It looks pretty cool.


  17. Jeanne Cundiff says:

    Thank you Rick and John for another Great video! We missed out on this one when we visited last. Bummer! It looks really great. I think my pirate ship would be called Jeanne’s Jib.
    Thank you once again for the Disney fix!


  18. sylvie says:

    My ship would be named The Good Ship Lollipop. Great Show.


  19. Megan G says:

    Hey Rick! This was a great video! I love that I can keep up with everything that is going on at the parks even though I am stuck up north! The ship name that I came up with is Whispering Waters. It’s the best I could come up with and that even took awhile! Have fun on your trip!


  20. carrie eakin says:

    great episode!!! I’m already counting down the days until we go to Disney in September… now I want it to come even sooner!!!


  21. Bob Nordmark says:

    Hey Rick,

    That looks like a pretty fun attraction. I will look forward to seeing it on my next trip to WDW. I’ve got a question for you: Was that a live cast member playing Captain Jack Sparrow or was that Jonny Depp filmed in his role as Captain Jack Sparrow?

    If I had a pirate ship I would name it “BOBALICIOUS”. I would be a fun and easy going Pirate Captain.

    Enjoy your cruise Rick. See you when you get back.



  22. Steven says:

    i guess every disney fan should see this attraction once & i’ll leave it at that….
    & since you’re on a cruise & i’m in the office, i’d name my ship the “ALL BIZNESS”! take care…steven


  23. Peggy Hickey says:

    Looks like I missed the comment deadline since it’s afternoon on Monday when I’m watching this, but I’m commenting anyway.
    Love the video. I hope the Jack Sparrow attraction is still running the next time I get to Disney World. It looks like a lot of fun. I was trying to figure out if that was an actor or a film of Captain Jack. I decided it had to be a film. Am I right?
    I’m trying to think of the name of my ship in the Pirates of the Caribbean online game. I think it had a name. Well, I’ll come up with one now. How about The Silver Lady.
    Thanks again for the video. It’s my weekend escape. 🙂


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