Magical Nightime Fireworks Spectacular Disneyland – Episode 83

See the new Fireworks display, Magical, in Disneyland Park at Disneyland Resort in California on this week’s Travel with Rick with host Rick Howard

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Rick Howard

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13 comments on “Magical Nightime Fireworks Spectacular Disneyland – Episode 83”

  1. Scott Schultz says:

    Thanks for another great video Rick! My wife would Love this fireworks display as she is a huge Mary Poppins fan. Sida note: Those balloons that change colors are pretty cool! I want one. We had a long, hot summer here in Illinois so I would have to say my favorite Summer activity this year was just floating in my back yard pool with my wife while we discussed our upcoming November Disney vacation. Can’t wait to see Mickey and friends again!


  2. Peggy Hickey says:

    Some day I have to get out to Disneyland to fulfill a childhood dream. Thanks for the peek.
    I got a bit distracted by those cool light up, flashing balloons though. 🙂

    It’s been an uneventful Summer for me, and considering what things were like this Spring, that’a a good thing. I’m hoping to have some Fall fun.

    These glimpses of Disney keep me going. Don’t ever stop.


  3. john broadwater says:

    great show Rick some day I get out to Disneyland. I was unable to do any thing this summer due to work and illness.Hope to get to the jersey shore for a few days.Thanks for a peak at fun.


  4. Jeanne Cundiff says:

    Beautiful fireworks! We kinda had a crummy summer this year so I tried to keep happy by watching Rick Videos and looking at all the other great Disney sites.
    Thanks for the beautiful video!


  5. Domenica Dahleiden says:

    Thanks for another great video Rick! Those balloons that change colors are pretty cool! I want one. We had a long, hot summer here in Chicago. I would have to say my favorite thing that we did this summer was take our son to Brookfield Zoo for the first time.


  6. Thelma Huss says:

    Great display. Always a spectacular ending to the day.

    Nothing exciting this summer, just too hot. Fall on the horizon though – hope for better weather.


  7. Robert Nordmark says:

    Great video Rick! I would like to visit Disneyland again and see the fireworks show. I didn’t do anything exciting this summer. I’m to broke to go anywhere. I always look forward to seeing your videos every week. They always get me excited about taking another trip to Disney World or DisneyLand. One thing I am always doing is planning a trip to Disney World. Sometimes I try to see what is the least amount of money it would take to take a week long trip to WDW. Other times I plan a trip to WDW dreaming that I have plenty of money and which resort I would stay at what amenities I would enjoy.

    See you next week,



  8. Penny Serrato says:

    Isn’t it amazing how while watching the video you can visualize the movies that all the voices are from and know all the words to the music that is played. Thanks for the video I loved Dumbo flying… Haven’t done much this summer, saving up for a cruise hopefully next year.


  9. cathy mullen says:

    Hi Rick,
    Thank you for the beautiful video. I do hope to get back to DL someday to see anything I missed in 2009.
    My favorite activity this summer was going to NC to visit my young grandchildren. We took them to the NC Zoo and my three year old granddaughter
    wanted to sleep with gorillas! She almost got her wish because one of the female gorilla’s did attempt an escape. She found a limb from a tree and put it up against the glass enclosure which had an opening at the top. This smart gorilla climbed up the branch and was hanging at the top…yoy could see her
    huge paws over the top! The zoo claims that they don’t know where she found the limb because they do a check each morning but there are several male silverbacks and I just bet one of them broke a limb and the only female knew what to do with the limb! So that was pretty exciting. We watched from a distance. You can see this gorilla’s attempt on you tube because some people stayed there to video the whole thing!

    Another activity this summer has been searching Disney sites to prepare for our Dec 2nd DW trip! Maybe you will,be at DW around that time Rick!

    Have a great day!


  10. Denise Lorentzen says:

    LOVE those fireworks, my favorite part- Dumbo. We just saw that in July along with World of Color!!


  11. Kevin Nelson says:

    Love the DL fireworks, the flying Dumbo was awesome! I agree with everyone about the light up balloons, I found myself just staring at them! We don’t travel much during the summer but a long weekend in Destin, FL was so wonderful, the water was prettier than I’ve ever seen it! Now the countdown continues for Mickey’s Not so Scary Halloween Western Caribbean Cruise, can’t wait! Thanks so much Rick, keep smilin’!


  12. Jeff Barkee says:

    Another great show! Thanks Rick!

    We’ve been blessed to enjoy several fun trips this summer.
    Vegas, New York City, a couple Disneyland trips, and a Mexican cruise coming up in a couple weeks.

    But as always….our Disney World trip will be far and away our Gem of the summer.
    12 nights at WDW was our longest ever stay.
    And with it being split between 2 amazing properties (Boardwalk Resort & Wilderness Lodge), it’ll be hard to top in the future. (Although our first Xmastime trip in 2011 will be amazing!) Can’t wait!!!!!


  13. Nicklas Yeager says:

    Hi Rick.
    Great video. The fireworks at Disneyland are just as awsome as the fireworks at the Magic Kingdon. My favorite thing I did this summer is going to Hershey Park. It is about 10 miles east of Harrisburg. So now you know I live in Pennsylvania. Hersheypark is in Hershey. It has 11 rollercoasters, in all it has 62 rides.


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