Margaritaville at Universal City Walk – Episode 202

Waste away with Rick and Amanda Tinney from Disney Every Day as they spend an afternoon at Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville at Universal Orlando’s City Walk.

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22 comments on “Margaritaville at Universal City Walk – Episode 202”

  1. Marc B says:

    LOVE their conch fritters, need to get back there soon…


  2. Bob Kaiser says:

    We have never been to Universal as we spent all of our time at the Disney parks. After viewing the video, we will visit the next time we are in Orlando.


  3. Noreen Walsh says:

    Actually saw Jimmy buffet there out of the blue a day before official opening. He sang for 40 minutes. It was great! Not very many people there.


  4. Jennie Nowers says:

    I love CityWalk, and the fried pickles at Margaritaville are my favorite! Such a cool place to shop and eat, can’t wait to be back!!


  5. Laurie Tetreault says:

    I’ve never been to Margaritaville, we are planning to be at Universal on May 10th…that will be our dinner choice. The atmosphere looks awesome and the food looked so good, I may try the fried pickles, although the boneless chicken wings looked Amazing. My favorite burger topping, well I’m kind of plain jane and I stick to Mayo, mustard and ketchup, but after looking at the burger menu I may try something new!! Thanks for the video.
    Take Care


  6. Heidi Collins says:

    Great video..we’ll be there in June and can’t wait to visit Margaritaville! I’m sure my husband will really like the burger you tried, I’ll probably go for the black/blue. Oh, and we love fried pickles…we’ll be ordering those too. 🙂


  7. Kate Jackson says:

    Hey Rick,
    I’ve always passed by Margaritaville but never tried it. I definitely will try it next time I go


  8. Jim Anthony says:

    Universal Margaritaville looks like a fun place to eat.


  9. David Thacker says:

    Just love margaritaville. we have to go there everytime we go to universal. You are totally right that it is a great place to sit and enjoy the views of universal. People watching is always great from the bar across from the restaurant. My favorite topping is Heniz 57 sauce even better if they have the mixed version with worcestershire sauce.


  10. Steven says:

    as many times as we have been to disney—we have never been to universal! would love for you to do a video of their resort—we shall visit 1 day!
    as far as burger toppings go—B A C O N! grilled onions & mushrooms are great on there too….thx for the videos…steven


  11. Nick Yeager says:

    Hey Rick…
    We went to Univeral Studios in 2008. I loved it. Favorite roller coaster is Dragon’s Challenge. Then, back in 2008 it was the Dueing Dragons. We should eat there next time we go. I like my burgers plain so I don’t have a favorite topping. I like the meat cheese and bun. But I do like bacon on my burger, and that is it. See you next week.


  12. Mary Callahan says:

    Ahhhh from one Parrot head to another…ha ha LOVE Buffet! Oh, my ultimate burger has carmelized onions and hot mustard on top! uh oh my mouth is watering. Better go fire up the grill! Thanks for another super show!!


  13. John Broadwater says:

    my favorite topping on a burger is jalapeno cheese, bacon,slice of raw onion, lettuce, tomato ketchup, muster,pickle slices,and a little touch of horseradish.Looks like burgers for dinner tonight. thanks foe a great show.see you next week.


  14. John & Lisa Przychodzien says:

    We have been to Margaritaville in Key West and really enjoyed it. Especially the Key Lime Pie. Now one of my favorites to make. We both like cheese on our burgers. Thanks for another fun show.
    John & Lisa


  15. Kevin Nelson says:

    I always eat at a Margaritaville when ever I can find one, they are AWESOME! The conch fritters are the best! I’ve never tried the cheeseburger you were eating Rick but I’ll change that next time I eat there! I love good ole bacon on my burgers. I’m looking forward to your pirate themed #203 episode, I just got off the Fantasy and our pirate night was so much fun, I’m always ready for a little swashbuckeling! Thanks my friend, keep that smile on!


  16. Bob Nordmark says:

    Hey Rick and Amanda,

    That looks like some pretty good food. I will have to keep Margaritaville in mind when I go to Universal. Some of my favorite burger toppings are avocado and grilled pineapple.

    See you next week.



  17. Guy Levacque says:

    Did Margaritaville in Honolulu Beachcomber, was a great time and atmosphere. Will be doing a Jimmy Buffetts restaurant soon. Maybe Universal or Key West. My favorite burger topping is BACON,cheese and cucumber.

    Cheers my friend;
    Fins left…


  18. Jacob says:

    Great episode.You know I love the food episodes most.This looks like a really cool place.I love Jimmy Buffet’s music and great food so it’s my kind of place.I like spicy food,so my favorite toppings are jalapenos and spicy sauce with onions.I could go for one right now.See ya guys,can’t wait til next episode.


  19. Peggy Hickey says:

    I’ve never been to Margaritaville so I enjoyed the peek inside. Looks like my kind of place.
    Burger topping? I go with the traditional ketchup and maybe some pickles.
    The new Weekender Newsletter looks great, by the way.
    I’m looking forward to more pirate themes. I love my pirates. See ya next week.


  20. yvette says:

    Never been to Margaritaville, but have been to Hard Rock..
    Is it still there?

    Love Bacon on my burgers:)


  21. Blake Schmidt says:

    Hey Rick that looked like a great burger . My favorite toppings would have to be Bacon cheese tomato lettuce mushrooms ketchup mustard & relish . P.S that is a nice looking cat you have wondering in the background .



  22. Penny Serrato says:

    Playing Ketchup LOL. Good food. I eat my burgers with no bread.


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