Meet Boss Goobleman and the Public Works Guys from Disney’s Hollywood Studios – Episode 95

Join me for a hilarious introduction to Boss Goobleman, Garland and Sparky, the Public Works guys from Disney’s Hollywood Studios on this week’s Travel with Rick with host Rick Howard

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Rick Howard

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12 comments on “Meet Boss Goobleman and the Public Works Guys from Disney’s Hollywood Studios – Episode 95”

  1. kim terry says:

    OMG Rick that was the BEST show!! They are hilarious! What a treat to see something so different!!

    OK so let’s see..favorite holiday memory in WDW was a few years back. We went to Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas party in a torrential rain storm. Obviously the night was a disaster but we laughed and laughed because it was going so badly. Disney did offer to have us go another night so we were able to enjoy it the right way!!

    Favorite holiday movie is Polar Express…love watching it with my boys.

    If the question was a fruit it would be a cantelope and dinner is at 6!! 😉



  2. Scott Schultz says:

    Since there were really only 2 sensible questions, and they were a fruit, they would be a Pear…get it? Pair..Pear… oh nevermind.

    Great show Rick! Full of funnny stuff. I wish I could say I really enjoy the street performers but for some reason I avoid them like the plague. They freak me out. Maybe it’s because they remind me of those weird distant relatives that show up for my 4th of July gatherings.
    Favorite Disney Christmas memory has to be when my wife and I first saw The Osborne Family lights a few years ago. It was (and still is) awesome. Favorite Christmas movie has always been It’s a Wonderful Life. It has to be the black and white version with Jimmy Stewart. I have to watch it every year.
    Again..great video. and thanks!


  3. Thanks for posting this! We had a great time!!

    Am I still freakin’ you out???

    – Sparky

    P.S. Happy Holidays!


  4. Linda Miller says:

    Another great video, Rick! Those street performers were a hoot!!
    My favorite Disney Christmas memory has to be the first time I saw The Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights. They are so awesome!! When I need a Christmas fix I still look for them on You Tube.
    My favorite Christmas movie is Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown. I can relate!!
    Again, thanks for the great video!!



  5. Jeanne Cundiff says:

    That was a Fun video! They would be fun at a party.
    My favorite Christmas Movie has to be Rudolph. It’s just so sweet. I do not have a Disney holiday memory but several ornaments on my tree – does that count for something? I would love to see the Osborne lights someday and I love how the MK castle is lit. Just beautiful in pictures.
    Thanks for another great video, Rick!


  6. Robert Nordmark says:

    Those guys are great Rick! I am going to look for them the next time I am at WDW. Watching the video reminded me that whenever I go to WDW or Disneyland that I really need to slow down and enjoy the moment instead of rushing around trying to get to another ride.

    Now the questions: Favorite holiday memory at a Disney park–I don’t have one but I sure would like to go to any Disney park at Christmas time. Favorite holiday movie- Polar Express. And if the question were a fruit it would be a watermelon.

    See you next time,



  7. Kevin Nelson says:

    That made my Monday morning great!! I’ll try to see their street show in January! My favorite holiday memory was the Wishes fireworks cruise my family and I enjoyed on my wife’s birthday in 2008! My favorite holiday movies are Rudolph and The Elf! Thanks again Rick for making my Monday, I’ll be smilin’ all day!


  8. Debbie Bolen says:

    I am still laughing! That was a GREAT show! Loved it! I hadn’t seen any street performers until my last trip and they were quite a trip – LOL! I loved them! Extremely talented people! Love you Sparky!

    My favorite Holiday memory was seeing Osbourne Lights with a friend way back when they handed out 3D glasses – you put them on and see angels all around each light. It was so pretty – I still have the glasses. Putting them on takes me back to the then MGM Studios.
    My favorite Holiday movie~~~~~~~~White Christmas!

    Keep up the great work!


  9. John Broadwater says:

    great show. my favorite time is Christmas. Always like the way you go to bed one night and the next morning it Christmas at Disney World.l
    watching a Christmas carol


  10. Chris Little says:

    What a great show Rick. Boss Goobleman and the Public Works Guys are great. I love all of the streetmosphere characters from DHS.

    Favorite holiday memory from WDW: We visited in December 2005 and I remember visiting MVMCP wearing gloves and hats. I didn’t know that it got so cold in Florida. It didn’t matter because the entire family was like little kids seeing the special shows, parade and fireworks. The park was so beautifully decorated. It’s one of our favorite Disney trips.

    Favorite holiday movie: I’m going to cheat and pick two. Going My Way and Bells of Saint Mary’s.


  11. Penny Serrato says:

    LOL… I love those guys. I saw them last year when we went at Christmas and they were great. Fav holiday movie A Christmas Carol any version I love them all. Favorite Holiday Memory It would have to be last years trip to WDW at Christmas.


  12. Sue M. says:

    Fav. Christmas show has to be Christmas Carol Also enjoy Polar Express. Sadly I don’t have any Disney Christmas memories, as we’ve not been at Christmas. By the time we get there in Jan, all the beautiful decorations are gone 🙁


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