Pirates of the Caribbean in Disneyland California – Episode 43

Come take a ride on Pirates of the Caribbean in Disneyland Park in California on Travel with Rick with Rick Howard

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Rick Howard

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26 comments on “Pirates of the Caribbean in Disneyland California – Episode 43”

  1. Kevin Nelson says:

    Very cool, I’ve only ridden POTC in WDW, but after seeing that version, I think I love it! Thanks Rick for all you do, keep smiling my friend! Can’t wait for next week.


  2. Debbie Bolen says:

    I haven’t been on the CA version of POTC, so my vote is FL, but after watching the video it seems to have more tie-ins with the movies, which I love. Can’t wait to see this one next spring – grandson will love it.

    Loved the video as usual – keep up the great work.


  3. Scott Schultz says:

    WOW! While I have never been to Disneyland, I can already tell from this video that the POC attraction is much better than the Disney World version. It seems that much more detail was put into the Disneyland version, not to mention all the additional scenes that Disney World doesn’t have. I may have to make a trip to California to view this attraction in person. Rick…thanks again for another great video. Have a great week!


  4. Penny Serrato says:

    Looks like most of us haven’t ridden or been to Dianeyland but I will make sure I ride POTC if I go. Who’s voice is it we hear at the beginning of the ride? I love the dog barking at Jack in the barrel. Rick when you go to Disneyland and ride the rides there do you find that you do alot of mental comparisions. I found while watching the video I was mentally noting if that was or was not in the Florida ride. Anyway Thanks for all the info you provide I look forward to it every week and WHOO HOOO I got a PassPorter. See ya next week



  5. Terri Gonsiorowski says:

    Awesome :)!! Just got back this week from WDW, this is my son’s FAVORITE ride. Can’t wait to show him :). Thanks Rick for taking me back! My fav is Florida and I have to say I love that they added Jack Sparrow.


  6. Gracie N says:

    I think the one in Disneyland is better, but I do enjoy them both. Can’t wait to get down to Florida next year, though, to experience POC in WDW, again! Thanks, Rick!


  7. Elise Hearn says:

    I enjoy both, but I think California is my favorite. Got to ride it again earlier this year and will be in Florida before the end of the year to enjoy their version. Captain Jack is a fun addition. And the two waterfalls that the boats go down in CA are fun. Thanks for the videos and all you do to keep us informed and up to date!


  8. cathy mullen says:

    Hi Rick,
    I really enjoyed this ride when I was at DL in April. It is not one of my favorite attractions but the CA version is much better then the DW ride. The Blue Bayou really is that dark! I don’t think I would know what I was eating if I dined there!
    Can’t wait to see more of the CA attractions so I can show my husband who missed the CA trip.
    Have a magical day everyone!


  9. Tim Rose says:

    Hi Rick I like the attraction Pirates of the Caibbean in Florida better because it shows more of the building. the ride is not so dark in the ride itself. and the pirates look more lifelike. compared to the one”s in california.


  10. Peggy Hickey says:

    Pirates is my favorite ride! I love seeing it. I’ve only been to Florida, so I can only judge from the videos. Looks like California has more, so…well, I can’t pick a favorite. 🙂
    Some day I hope to get out west and see for myself.
    I can’t wait to see the rides that are only in California. I wish I had your job, Rick. LOL


  11. kymie says:

    Great show Rick! It gave me the chance to see the West coast version,as I have never travelled over there. I did notice though, you didnt tell us which one you prefer ;~)


  12. Steve Rydzyk says:

    Hi Rick,

    I been fortunate to be able to ride both PotC rides and the version in Disneyland is by far better. The extra scenes in the beginning and riding along the Blue Bayou restaurant gives you a little extra “Disney”. One item that is definitely better in Disney World’s version is the queue and being able to wait inside versus outside in the heat. Thanks for the video!



  13. Brad S says:

    I have been on the POTC at both WDW and DL and I like the original one at DL better. I think the beginning of the ride is great, love the waterfalls and the Blue Bayou Restaurant is an excellent restaurant if you get to eat there, although sometimes it can be hard to get a reservation. Also, I really like that they have added in the characters from the movie. Thanks again for another great video.


  14. Linda/Tink says:

    WOW–thanks Rick ANOTHER GREAT one—I have only been on the Ride at WDW—but I think I would LOVE this one, just a bit more then the one at WDW..and I do miss our LITTLE PARROT at the front entrance at the Disney World ride…
    Once again THANKS for all you do to get us these videos, A TREAT each week..
    Looking forward to the next food and wine one video,, I LOVED those!!!!

    Have a ºoº DISNEY DAY ºoº
    Linda M


  15. Linda Miller says:

    Thanks for sharing Pirates of the Caribbean from Disneyland. I have not been to Disneyland, yet. I love the WDW ride, so it was nice to see the difference.

    Again, thanks for the wonderful videos. It’s almost like being there!!

    Linda Miller


  16. Sheryl Bowman says:

    Love POC at Disneyland and it opened on my birthday too!


  17. Robert Nordmark says:

    Thanks for another great video Rick. I have ridden on both POTC’s. I think I like the one at WDW the best. But to be sure I guess I had better go ride them both again. I was nine years old when I rode POTC at Disneyland for the first time. It kind of scared me. I was afraid the guns and cannons were shooting real bullets at me. And when I rode the Haunted Mansion I wasn’t sure if the ghosts were real or not. After all these years I still love both of those rides.

    Have a magical day!


  18. YaY! Glad to see your kitty decided to make another cameo in this week’s video! I always wondered what the CA PoTC would be like. It was wild to see the pirate beach scene reversed on the right side instead of the left as it is here in the FL PoTC. Will have to make a ‘research’ trip out to DL so I can give a comparison. Now if I could just find my suitcase….


  19. WOW! This is the first time I’ve ever seen one of your videos ~ I love it! We have been to DLR & WDW several times & POTC is by far better in CA (IMHO)! The Blue Bayou just sets the tone for the entire ride ~ it’s amazing! The crickets & the banjo too! =) Plus the two drops are awesome ~ the first one is a really good one & the second one is more like the one drop @ WDW. This is one of my family’s very favorite rides ~ it gives my husband that “warm fuzzy” feeling!


  20. John Broadwater says:

    never been to disneyland in CA but thanks for showing the potc from there it looks like it would fun. hope some day of getting out there to see it in person. thank for another great show.


  21. I remember watching the Wonderful World of Color show a few months after Walt died when they opened Pirates. I had been looking forward to the attraction since he had introduced the idea on the Disneyland 10th anniversary show. It looked absolutely fascinating.

    I did not get to experience it until October 2000 when I made my first trip to a Disney Park and went to Walt Disney World. I had no idea at the time that the two attractions were different. I enjoyed the WDW version but found myself puzzled as there seemed to be scenes missing from what I vaguely remembered from the tv show.

    I visited Disneyland in 2002 and 2008 and rode the original version multiple times. Walt’s original in Disneyland is vastly superior to WDW’s “lite” version.

    I know the history behind the development of the WDW version and wish they had been able to duplicate the original. (Thunder Mesa would have been awesome!)

    The movie overlay was well done in both Fl and CA. California wins again for being closer to the guest.

    Pirates and the Haunted Mansion are my two favorite theme parks attractions. I cannot pick a favorite between them. The Disneyland version of Pirates does find itself in front in my personal contest between the two versions, though.


  22. J.L says:

    I have never been on the CA version, but after watching your video I have to say that it seems like a better version than FL. 🙁


  23. Kate says:

    Just viewing your site .. Love it!

    Have been to both many many times and I actually like both. The Disneyland one has the Bayou, the banjo, fire flys and two drops! (of course with WDW’s water table they probably couldn’t do two drops) I guess if I’d have to pick one it would be Disneyland – but my most favorite ride is Indiana Jones at DL hope you got some video of that.
    Thanks Rick.. superior blog you have here 🙂


  24. Phil says:

    Very nice video, I have always loved the Pirates since I was a kid and living in Florida had never been to the Land version but I have to say it appears to bury the WDW version (I am disapointed to say but that is the truth I wish WDW’s was that good). I have 5 and 7 year old daughters who love the ride (especially the 5 yr. old she is the Pirate and my 7 is the Pricess)and maybe someday we will see WDL but until then they can watch your video.


  25. The DL version is the best! By far! BUT the DW one is older and isn’t so heavily engulfed by Jack Sparrow. Also because the original DW version didn’t have Jack Sparrow, and so was much scarier. It’s scarier when there is no familiar figure or comical scene….That was back in 1996. But yes, the POTC Cali version is much longer and has more detail and action.


  26. agsari says:

    i really love it….that`s perfect 🙂


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