Pixar Pals’ “Countdown to Fun” Parade – Episode 201

This week Woody, Buzz, and all their friends invite us to experience the Pixar Pals’ “Countdown to Fun” Parade from Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Walt Disney World Resort.

With rocking music and all our Pixar friends, this is a parade that everyone can enjoy! So let’s countdown to fun with the Pixar Pals and Travel with Rick!

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18 comments on “Pixar Pals’ “Countdown to Fun” Parade – Episode 201”

  1. Kate Jackson says:

    Hey Rick,
    I have so many pixar characters that i love and adore. But i’m definitely going to choose woody cause he’s the best and who doesn’t love him.


  2. David Thacker says:

    Favorite Pixar for me is nemo, my wife likes Dory and the kids like Woody. We all watched this episode together and all had a comment. My kids want to come stay at your house so they can get in your pool after going to Disney. Funny how kids are.


    Lizzie Reply:

    My husband and I will join the pool party! l.o.l.


  3. Penny Serrato says:

    That was a really cute parade. Is it new? Favorite Pixar Character there are just too many. The question should be who is your favorite per each movie LOL.


  4. Sara says:

    I hope to see this parade when I there is Sept. It’s fun to see some characters that you don’t see in the park in the parades.
    Boy, there are so many Pixar characters so picking one it’s not easy. Well two of my favorite movies are Monster’s and Toy Story.I have watched them too many times. In Monster’s I like Sully. In Toy Story I like Bull’s Eye.
    That #200 video was fun to watch. What will you do to top that when 300 come along?
    Also you two cats are too cute. I thought the black cat that was sitting on one side was a beauty. It must have been thinking “Not again! I come out for some piece and quite then Rick comes out and does his thing.”


  5. Mary Callahan says:

    Thanks for taking us to the wonderful parade!! I love NEMO! I LOVE Kingdom Magic!! Can’t wait for next week’s epidsode!
    Until then… Mary 🙂


  6. Guy Levacque says:

    Who doesn’t love a good parade,gets you in a great mood and bust out in dance. My favorite Pixar is Tomater.

    Cheers and Fins Up!!!!!!


  7. Peggy Hickey says:

    That was a fun parade. I’ve never seen that one before. I know you didn’t ask but my favorite Studios parade was Aladdin. So interactive.
    Since it was the first I thought of, when you asked what my favorite Pixar character is, I guess it is Dory from Finding Nemo. Dory has her very own movie coming out soon called Finding Dory, of course. Somehow I’m not surprised she gets lost. 🙂
    Keep the episodes coming. I’m still watching. Thanks!


  8. John Broadwater says:

    great parade. I have many favorites Pixar characters Tow Mater, Woody, Dory,The Incredibles. I just like all Of the characters. Thanks for a wonderful show.some day I’ll be able to thank you in person for all the fun you bring to us each week. thank you and your team.


  9. Blake Schmidt says:

    The parade looks great. I hope it is still there when I get back to the world.
    My favorite Pixar character would be Jack-Jack . Looking forward to next week.



  10. Melissa says:

    FUN Parade, we would love to see that one! Pixar is a BIG part of our Disney Love! I have boys, Cars and Toy Story are our favorites, its hard to pick? but we have invested in Toy Story since the beginning Thanks for the great video!!


  11. Bob Nordmark says:

    Hey Rick,

    That was a great parade. Disney parades always lift me up. My favorite Pixar character is Buzz Lightyear. I think he has a big heart.

    See you next week.



  12. Lizzie says:

    My favorite Pixar character is Boo. She’s just so cute, and now that my husband and I are going to have a little girl, he keeps saying our daughter will probably look like Boo. I also like Wall-E tho’, and Dory cracks me up whenever she speaks whale. 🙂


  13. Jim says:

    Great parade. I love Hollywood Studios.


  14. Megan says:

    Very fun episode. My favorite character would have to be Mike from Monster’s Inc. Can’t wait for Monster’s University This summer!


  15. Nick Yeager says:

    Hey Rick…
    I loved that parade. Very catchy tune. I love all of the Pixar characters, if I had to choose, it would be Lightning McQueen, from Cars, which is, (in my opinion) the best Pixar film. See you next week.


  16. Jacob says:

    Hey guys,looked like a pretty cool parade.I just love parades tho.Not as much as I love food but they are pretty great.My favorite Pixar character is WALL-E.I can identify with him more since I was a janitor and I had to clean up the earth as well.Loved your Mid-Week episode too.Can’t wait to see what you have in store for us next.Take care guys.


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