Polynesian Resort Decorations: Day 15 – 25 Days of Christmas

This South Seas flavored resort has some great decorations during the Holiday Season.

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Rick Howard

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6 comments on “Polynesian Resort Decorations: Day 15 – 25 Days of Christmas”

  1. stephen bumbaugh says:

    Rick and other great show..We love the Polynesian Resort the best,we love the other resorts but the Polynesian Resort is where we love to stay most of the time..Just love the lobby and what they have done with the Tiki Gods..The grounds are the best of the best..Thanks again for the video,it takes us home at Disney,all ready booked for next year..


  2. John Broadwater says:

    great show. I’ve never been to the Polynesian Resort it looks lovely. I very interested and seeing it first hand some day soon.thanks for a wonderful enlightenment of a beautiful place. Thanks


  3. Nick says:

    Hey Rick.
    I love the Polynesian Resort. I love how even the lights match the theme. We are staying there in 2013. We use are decorations every year. Until they wear out. We have stuff dating to the 1980’s. See you tomorrow.


  4. Bob Nordmark says:

    Hey Rick and Tony,

    Great video even if you did digress a little. I would love to stay the Polynesian resort. I ate dinner there once and I loved the food.

    See you tomorrow.



  5. Matt says:

    Looks amazing. Sitting here in a blizzard, I’m considering different options for future holiday seasons. 🙂


  6. Penny Serrato says:

    I love the Polynesian, we had the best time when we visited there for our character breakfast. All the exotic/tropical flowers on the trees and wreaths are gorgeous.
    What do they do with all the old/ retired decorations?


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