Quest for the West Part 3: Rick’s Adventures by Disney Trip to Wyoming – Episode 127

Join us as we talk with our Adventures by Disney Guides, Geraldine and Michael, about some of the great thermal features we saw on our amazing vacation to Wyoming. Don’t miss our great footage of Old Faithful erupting!

Hope you enjoy today’s video, be sure to leave a comment!

Rick Howard

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8 comments on “Quest for the West Part 3: Rick’s Adventures by Disney Trip to Wyoming – Episode 127”

  1. cathy mullen says:

    Hi Rick,
    Loved seeing Old Faithful erupt. This was a wonderful family trip and since you are from Florida I’m glad you had a chance to see a lot of snow!

    My favorite Michael Jackson song would have to be Billie Jean.

    Take care


  2. Penny Serrato says:

    Hey thanks for sharing. What a great trip. Ok my favorite MJ Tune is all of Thriller. Rick I have a question for you. How did you and your family decide which ABD tour you would go on?



  3. Peggy Hickey says:

    I spotted a Hidden Mickey in the video. It was in the picture of the “mud pot?” Old Faithful appears to be like a giant tea pot. That is water and steam it vents, isn’t it?
    I like a lot of Michael Jackson songs, but the one that came to mind was “Man In The Mirror”. Good message.


  4. Nicklas Yeager says:

    Hey Rick
    You look like you had fun at Yellowstone. I always wanted to go there. I was great seeing Old Faithful erupt. I learned that Steamboat Geyser is Yellowstone’s most powerful geyser. I really don’t like MJ so I don’t have a favorite MJ song.


  5. Robert Nordmark says:

    Hey Rick,
    I have really enjoyed seeing the videos about your Adventure By Disney tour of Wyoming. I hope someday I can take that tour and all the others as well. I have a lot of favorite Michael Jackson songs. When the question was asked the one that came to my mind is The Man In The Mirror.

    Thanks Rick. See you next week.



  6. Kelly Pettis says:

    I always love your videos. My favorite Michael Jackson song is Ben. I have collected mice for as long as I can remember- it was because of this movie/song that started it all.


  7. Kevin Nelson says:

    Thanks for sharing your ABD trip to Wyoming! I hope to take my family there and make some memories someday, oh it will happen! Favorite MJ song is “You Are Not Alone”. Looking forward to next week, keep smilin’ buddy !


  8. Nikki says:

    Why does this have to be the ONLY reliable scorue? Oh well, gj!


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