Recovering from Epcot’s 2012 Food & Wine Festival, Sailing Ship Columbia in Disneyland

Well it’s all over and it’s been a great month, but now it’s time for a little break. Or is it…

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Rick Howard

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9 comments on “Recovering from Epcot’s 2012 Food & Wine Festival, Sailing Ship Columbia in Disneyland”

  1. Jacob Buxton says:

    Great episode guys,lol,too funny.Loved seeing the prominade and the ship out in Disneyland.I appreciate all you do.


  2. AWESOME JOB putting out 30 days of videos !!! I can’t want for the 25 days of christmas shows !!! Thank you for having me on as a guest !


  3. Sara L of NV says:

    I love the Benny Hill music! My Pirate name is Saron


  4. Penny Serrato says:

    That was great (both videos) My pirate name is Dirty Jenny Bonney not sure why but it sounds really cool. TFS


  5. John Broadwater says:

    great show I loved both shows My Pirate name would be Bloody Jack Taylor. thanks again for the great shows.


  6. Mary Callahan says:

    hummmmm My pirate name? Maarrrryyyyy! LOL
    I can’t wait till the 25 days of Christmas to start. I already miss the Food & Wine fun!!! All good things must come to an end, but it’s to make room for more great stuff for all of us!!! Right, everyone???


  7. Bob Nordmark says:

    Hey Rick and Guest Host (I forgot your name),

    Rick I hope you got all the rest you needed from you naps. Thanks for all the videos of the Food and Wine Festival. I’m already looking forward to the Christmas videos.

    I don’t think I have ever ridden on the Columbia at Disneyland. Seeing the video and the nice sunshiny weather made me feel like wanting to hop on a plane to Disneyland tomorrow.

    I think my pirate name would be “Bobalicious”.

    See you next week.



  8. Nick Yeager says:

    Hey Rick,
    I enjoyed the pirate ship. I liked the cannon. I am looking forward to the Christmas videos. Christmas is still my favorite holiday. I am about 35% ready for Christmas. I am 100% ready for your videos. I am really looking forward to the MacDaddy of all Christmas trees; the one at the Magic Kingdom. See you next week. Have a great rest from the Food and Wine Festival.


  9. Steven says:

    my wife & i came down to wdw nov 1-4 & stayed at the boardwalk resort. love that place! we had an absolute blast at food & wine fest! i watched all your videos & made an awesome cheat sheet for reference!(i actually missed the last couple of videos trying to get outta town & now i have finally caught up!) we tried 25 booths in 2 and a half days! i’m a beer person but i sampled so many wines too! you would’ve been proud. ha!(craft beer was really good) our favorite booths were florida local, the caribbean, hawaii & canada! so awesome! thx for helping make our trip to food & wine fest that much more magical! (disappointed i didn’t bump into you like i did over the summer!)
    we also went to mickey’s not so scary halloween party! don’t tell the kids!
    looking forward to your 25 days of Christmas! thx again! steven


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