Rick and John Ride Animal Kingdom’s Expedition Everest – Episode 103!

Rick and guest John Donahue, from WDWParkHoppers.com, conquer Expedition Everest. They explore the fantastically themed queue and then hop in the front seat for a close encounter with a Tibetan mountain and it’s guardian Yeti!

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Rick Howard

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16 comments on “Rick and John Ride Animal Kingdom’s Expedition Everest – Episode 103!”

  1. I am a yeti fan, I would love to see this operational. I am hoping for the anniversary event coming up the yeti makes an appearance.


  2. Scott Schultz says:

    Thanks for another great video Rick! My wife Loves EE but I’m not all that crazy about going backwards,in the dark,on a rollercoaster. I do, however, Love the queue area in EE so I force myself to ride EE about every other trip. Not sure about my favorite Mythological creature. It’s probabaly a tie between the Unicorn, and Medusa, the Gorgon with snakes for hair. I’m sure my wife would chose one over the other, you figure out which…lol


  3. Kevin Nelson says:

    Awesome video, I love EE although I get a little nauseous going backward in the dark, but I also get nauseous if there is to many waves in a bathtub, oh well, suck it up and have fun, it’s Disney! I vote for Sasquatch, is he a mythical creature, I laugh till I cry on the beef jerky, Messin with Sasquatch commercials, hilarious! Thanks so much Rick and John, yall keep smilin’!


  4. Penny says:

    Lot’s of fun riding with Ya thanks. Favorite Mythical character has to be a Unicorn. Thanks again



  5. Debbie Bolen says:

    Oh my, I could have sworn that ride was longer when I rode it awhile back. But since I’m not a coaster fan, it just seemed longer! It is a cool ride – thanks for the ride in the rain!
    Not sure I have a favorite mythical creature, so I’ll go with Yeti – just love the theme of this ride!


  6. cathy mullen says:

    Hi Rick and Welcome John,
    Thanks for the video because my husband and I do not ride coasters but it did
    look like fun; if we were younger we would be going to this attraction.
    The mermaid would be my favorite mythical creature.
    Rick when I did a search about mythical creatures I was so surprised to see how many there are… I love this internet!
    Now I’m going to check out John’s site.
    Take care


  7. John Donahue says:

    Rick – I cannot thank you for the opportunity to go along with you on this amazing journey! I had an absolute blast we appreciate all that you do! It’s always a pleasure to travel with you. Any time you want to conquer the Forbidden Mountain and the Yeti…give me a call!!

    Question of the Week – my favorite mythological creature is Bigfoot, the Yeti’s cousin!!


  8. David Reasons says:

    Hey Rick! Thanks for the great video! I also want to thank you for introducing me to some wonderful Disney websites! Disney Every Day and WDW Parkhoppers are great! Thank you so much!


  9. Nicklas Yeager says:

    Hey Rick.
    I really like Expedition Everest. The the themeing is great and the rollercoaster is great to. I am a huge rollercoaster fan. I wish they will take out the stobes and fix the Yeti. When I rode for the first time in 2007, I had my eyes closed the whole time, because I didn’t want to see the Yeti. I am not sure what my favorite mythologiacl creature is. I guess, I don’t have one.


  10. Robert Nordmark says:

    Thanks Rick and John. Watching the EE ride brings back a lot of fond memories of my last trip to WDW. I think I will try to go to WDW on a rainy day so that I can take my time looking at all the authentic decor on the EE ride.
    I can’t think of a favorite mythological creature so I geuss I will choose Yeti.

    See you next week.



  11. rdisard says:

    Great veiw of the ride. Lot of good thinks to look for the next time we ride it. How about doing a Travel with Rick on Disney pin trading.


  12. Peggy Hickey says:

    I love the ride videos. Especially the ones I have not been on yet. Shocking isn’t it, that I have not rode EE yet? I saw earlier videos, and it did seem longer then. I heard there was some trouble with the giant animatronic Yeti. I hope he’s still there and moving.
    My favorite Mythological creature? I love them all but I am pretty fond of Dragons.
    A coaster in the rain? You guys are brave. Wet, but brave. 🙂


  13. Thelma Huss says:

    Great video. Can’t ride the ride due to back injury, was curious as to how it would be. Now I know.
    Favorite creature…Nessy.


  14. tammy says:

    Great to know that EE is open in the rain. My favorite mythological creature would have to be the dragon and I hope in the future that Disney AK embraces the entrance sign and comes up with a Dragon World for us fantasy crowd. Thanks for all you do!


  15. Sue M. says:

    EE is one of my favs! The details on the queue is amazing. I love how Disney puts so much effort to all the details, It is what sets it appart from other parks. Love the views at the top too!
    Thanks for the ride.
    My fav would have to be Sasquach (the Canadian equiv of Yeti)! Or Ogopogo. Well, I like the elves, mermaids, pegusus, and unicorns too!


  16. Jeanne Cundiff says:

    Thank you for another great video Rick! The last time we rode EE it was raining too! It made it more fun I think. We love that ride anyway! I also like dragons. As Mushu would say ” DRAYY – GONS”.
    Thanks again!


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