Rick and Park Hopper John soar high above Tomorrowland on the Astro Orbiter – Episode 110

Jump in a rocket on the Astro Orbiter along side Rick Howard and John Donahue from WDWParkHoppers.com. See some spectacular views of the Magic Kingdom and the surrounding Bay Lake area from atop this iconic high flying rocket ship ride. You’ve got to make sure you ride this one for yourself!

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Rick Howard

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24 comments on “Rick and Park Hopper John soar high above Tomorrowland on the Astro Orbiter – Episode 110”

  1. Jeanne Cundiff says:

    Thanks for another great video! It is great to see a ride again. My childhood memory is of the Jungle Cruise and as you know they still have some of the same jokes as they did 35 years ago! It was great to see this ride and thanks for sharing.


  2. Brian says:

    Great video. I have never ridden this attraction, and will have to try it on our trip this April.
    My childhood memory is from way back in the early 70’s and it would have to be Pirates if the Caribbean. The sights, sounds, the smell, and even the feel of the air inside the queue stuck with me as I learned how inclusive a Disney attraction could be. I still love it as an adult. Even better, my kids love it and talk about how they don’t mind if there is a wait, because there is so much to see.


  3. The first first attraction my family and I went on was If I had wings. It was the first stop in Tomorrowland as we were doing the right to left land touring plan. I still have fond memories of out first trip. BTW our first trip was in Aug 1976.


  4. Joseph rock says:

    I have not ever been to WDW but I can tell you that my most favorite ride in Disneyland in CA was as a kid and even now still. That is the Matterhorn Bobsleds.


  5. Nicklas Yeager says:

    Hi Rick.
    Great video. I have never been on the Astro Orbitor. It is definitly on my list of rides when I go in July of this year. I was preaty old on my first trip to Disney. I was going into the 7th grade on my first trip. Still my favorite ride is Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. And it still is.


  6. cathy mullen says:

    Hi Rick,
    Enjoyed the video since I have never been tried this ride. I guess I thought
    it was for younger kids so the next time we visit I’ll have to try this one.

    On my first DW trip the first attraction I had to go on was the Jungle Cruise;I could remember how proud Walt Disney was when he told his tv audience about this attraction. I can still see that big smile. I think
    if he were still alive he would love the AK!

    Have a happy day!


  7. Domenica says:

    Great video. I have never been on the Astro Orbitor. It is definitly on my list of rides when I go in Oct 2012.


  8. Kevin Nelson says:

    Awesome camera work, you talking going around, with the views, way cool! I’ve never tried The Astro Orbiters. I take one look and say, it goes in circles, sorry, no go! Maybe one day I just need to take a non-drowsy dramamine and just do it! I know I would LOVE the views. My first ride memory as a child was The Pirates of the Caribbean and The Haunted Mansion, both remain my most favorite ever!!! It was probably around 1979! Thanks again, y’all keep that smile on!


  9. Chris Little says:

    Another great episode. My childhood memory is driving the car on the Tomorrowland Speedway. It has really changed very little since then. We still drive the cars multiple times each trip.


  10. Fran Skall says:

    I’ve never been on the Astro Orbiter, so I’m glad you shared that with us. In pre-Disneyworld days I rode It’s A Small World at the 1964-65 World’s Fair. It’s always fun to go to Magic Kingdom and recapture a little piece of my youth.


  11. lacehaystack says:

    Thanks Rick & John for taking us on Astro Orbiter, that was my first time on it LOL – next visit we will for sure take it in person. My favorite childhood memory ride was the T Cups at DL. I just laughed so hard as I made my dad ‘sick’ spinning and spinning .. yep, mean little red haired girl that I was 😉 But we can still chuckle about it after all these years! EVERY Disney ride is a fun memory to me and Astro Orbiter is my next to do! Thanks again for another wonderful Travel with Rick


  12. John Broadwater says:

    thanks again for another great show.I’am sorry to say that i’ve never had the chance to go to Disney as a child only as an adult. So I have no favorite ride as a child. When i was growing up there was only Disneyland and we could never afford to go to the west coast. my favorite ride as an adult is Splash mountain. thank you for a great shown and see you next week.


  13. John says:

    Hey gang! Rick, thanks again for sharing some time with me and asking for me to be a part of this episode! I had a blast and look forward to the next time! I also appreciate all the great comments as well!

    My favorite childhood ride memory doesn’t really exist. I didn’t start coming to Walt Disney World until I was older, but I do remember coming as a LATE teenager, and I would say my favorite memory would be the Trip to the Moon attraction that is now Stitch’s Great Escape!


  14. rick says:

    Hey Everybody, thanks for watching this week’s show and leaving your great comments! This was such a fun one for us to do! John is a blast to hang out with, he loves Disney and is very knowledgeable about all things Disney.

    Notice we used the lapel mics, I know many of you have been asking for those, and it allowed us to film and talk as we were riding!

    Also I mentioned in the video I’d share my favorite childhood attraction at Walt Disney World. I still have very fond memories of the first time I rode 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, what a cool attraction for a kid!

    Be sure to check out our new blog where we share some “behind the scenes” thoughts and random things about some of our Travel with Rick adventures…. http://rickstravelblog.com

    Thanks again for watching, see you next week!


  15. Sue M. says:

    Hi Rick, Sorry I have to classify Astro Orbiter right along with the Tea Cups as spin & puke, lol. I hadn’t rode it in years, so guess I didn’t remember, What ever possessed me to ride it again last year, I’ll never know!

    I don’t have childhood memories, as I didn’t get to DL until 20 yrs old! But what I remember most was POTC, and eatting in The Blue Bayou. What wonderful theming. I wish WDW did the same. The Materhorn and of course Jungle Cruise!


  16. Robert Nordmark says:

    Hey Rick and John, It has been so long since I rode the Astro Orbiter I will have to put it on my list of must do’s the next time I go to WDW or DL. Thinking of my favorite ride from when I was a kid I have two that come to my mind. I rode them first at Disneyland: Pirates of the Caribbean and The Haunted Mansion. I go on those rides every time I am at a Disney park.

    Thanks Rick. See you next week.



  17. Peggy Hickey says:

    I am amazed at how many of us have never even been on Astro Orbitors even once. How does it stay open? 🙂
    Anyway, I’m so glad you took us up there. I love the lapel mics, and the flexibility they are now giving you. Awesome.
    I didn’t get to go to any Disney park as a kid, but I did go to that 1964 Worlds Fair, and rode Small Worlds, Carousel of Progress, some Dinosauur ride-through and a show with just Anamatronic Abe Lincoln.
    My first trip to WDW I was an adult and the first Fantasyland ride I took was either Haunted Mansion or Pirates of the Caribbean. It’s all a blur. LOL
    Great show, Rick,. I can’t wait for more.


  18. Debbie Bolen says:

    Oh – now I’m dizzy! I rode this with my son when he was 7 and all I remember was telling him over and over – don’t pull the joy-stick! The height and the round-n-round really got to me. I hate to look away watching the video!

    I don’t have any memories of WDW when I was a kid, because my first trip was when I was 38 :~( But I do remember Big Thunder Mountain on that trip and I loved it – it is still my favorite ride!


  19. Thelma Huss says:

    As grandma I always had to ride the rides that went in a circle, everyone else couldn’t do those rides….so I took the grandson. It was special to me.
    Being my age, didn’t have Disneyworld as a kid. But my first memories are of the old Tiki Birds…. they were the happy ones.


  20. Jeff Barkee says:

    Astro Orbiter. Hmmmmmmmmm……..
    I also haven’t been on it in years.
    But if my WDW Hero Rick can try it again, so will I.

    Problem is, we never go to the parks early as I’d much rather spend my morning time at our Disney Hotel’s pool. And my wife enjoys slepping in on vacation.
    So I’ll never get the small wait time you experienced.
    Nonetheless, it’s on my December agenda.

    Being a West Coaster, I didn’t make it to Disney World until I was 24, so I don’t have any Magic Kingdom childhood memories. But I do remember being in awe (and so jealous) of Space Mountain at Disney World, and being absolutely thrilled when they brought it to Disneyland.


  21. Penny D Serrato says:

    I’m a little behind but glad I watched. Fun ride. Unfortunately I didn’t get to go to WDW as a kid, my first trip wasn’t until I was 48 so I don’t have a favorite ride as a kid.



  22. Kristine says:

    Another great video. My daughter and I haven’t ridden that ride since our first trip in 2002 when she was 7 and I think we will do it again in August when we are down next. I was never at WDW as a child but my daughter liked to ride Big Thunder Mountain Railroad as a kid when it was dusk and you come up the hill and have a great view of Cinderella’s Castle. It was her favorite ride memory from our first trip.


  23. Donna says:

    Fun video! I rode this ride at night and it was amazing and a little scarey! Thanks for all of the great videos. Keep them coming.


  24. Jacob says:

    The video says video forbidden.Is there anything I need to do to watch it?


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