Rick’s Birthday Present: Driving a NASCAR Race Car around the Walt Disney World Speedway at the Richard Petty Driving Experience – Episode 111

I got an awesome thrill last year for my birthday: I got to drive a NASCAR Race Car! The Richard Petty Driving Experience at the Walt Disney World Speedway is quite possibly the most adrenaline fueled ride you’ll find in Walt Disney World. Come take a few laps with me around the track.

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Rick Howard

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15 comments on “Rick’s Birthday Present: Driving a NASCAR Race Car around the Walt Disney World Speedway at the Richard Petty Driving Experience – Episode 111”

  1. Rick says:

    Hey guys!
    Well for me, this was the Best episode ever, and supports our twitter hashtag, #bestjobever!

    This episode was so much fun, heading out to the speedway, learning about these cars, and then heading out on the track for eight laps was absolutely incredible!

    A big shout out to Rhino Ken for doing an awesome job in the camera man position, and to Traveling Harris for the editing he did, they both made this and incredible episode and I hope you enjoy watching half as much as we did making it!
    Check out a little more “behind the scenes” stuff at my Blog, http://rickstravelblog.com

    See you next week!


  2. Colleen says:

    WOW! This looks like a blast!! It looked like you were thoroughly enjoying yourself! This “experience” is a lot longer than I expected it to be!

    My favorite ‘non theme park’ thing to do kind of still involves a park….I loved going down to the beach at the MK area resorts and watch the fireworks from Magic Kingdom with the family. It’s a great relaxing way to see them without having to battle the crowds that are exiting the park once they are over. Grab a Mickey bar before they start and have yourself a party. 😉


  3. Kevin Nelson says:

    That was AWESOME! I always see the race track but I’ve never had the guts to just do it! Seeing it makes me want to do this next trip! What a birthday present, your bride and family sure love you, isn’t it so cool! Rhino Ken, is there anything you can’t do, you da man! It looks like your birthday is around the Food and Wine Festival time, late September? Want a time to do the TravelwithRick fan club meet and tour in EPCOT, that would be a cool gift! My favorite non theme park thing to do is just hang out at the pool with my bride and two boys, life is AWESOME! You made me smile the whole video, I love it!


  4. Tom F says:

    Cool stuff! I did the same ride at the Atlanta Motor Speedway a couple years ago! The most fun one can have with his clothes on is how I remember it. I’m still very proud of my 140mph top lap speed and that wasn’t even beginning to push my pace car. My 3yr old carries my pictures from that day around saying “Daddy used to be a race car driver!” Now, who am I to disabuse her of that notion? Great video Rick, thanks for sharing.


  5. Scott Schultz says:

    Great video Rick! I’m not a big race car fan, but you sure looked like you enjoyed yourself! My favorite non-park activity is resort hopping. We enjoy visiting Disney resorts we havn’t stayed at to see what they have to offer. We usually buy a souvenir magnet or pin from each resort we visit.


  6. Rick, that looked awesome. I have to guess that you are somewhat nervous about going that fast at that speed. I would love to see what the waiver looks like for that experience…LOL You prob need a lawyer with you.

    Great video and I like the inside the car view too.


  7. Peggy Hickey says:

    Great video. I’m not a race car fan per se but I do like going fast. 🙂
    I don’t really have a non-park Disney things to do. Once I went to a water park, but that’s about it.
    But I do have a lot of questions about the raceing. How fast were you going? Do you have to follow that pace car so you know the best place to place yourself on the road to take the turns? Do the cars go out one at a time? It seemed like they did.
    It seemed like a great experience especially for a birthday. This may be the only time I have that experience. Thanks for letting us share it with you.


  8. Penny D Serrato says:

    If you just watched the car in front of you it didn’t look like you were going very fast but if you watched the dash cam and looked at the trees that were all blurry you could tell you were moving. Looked like a lot of fun.



  9. cathy mullen says:

    Hi Rick,
    This was quite the experience! I thought you would be on the track by yourself so how do you avoid other cars? Can you pass or what? I’m anxious to find out your speed and was someone following you to take the video and how did they take the inside photos?
    What’s up for your next birthday?


  10. Jeff Barkee says:

    Big fan of Nascar. So I really appreciated this one.
    Fun show!!

    The non-theme park activities around Disney World are what make it such a special place for me. Dining and drinking in the amazing restaurants and lounges within the Disney Resorts, shopping at Downtown Disney, the H2O parks, mini golf, strolling the Boardwalk, renting sea raycers, and so on, and so on.
    There’s so much to do aside from the amzazing parks.

    My favorite activity though would have to be simply swimming and relaxing in my Disney Resort Pool.
    People watching while enjoying the amazing pool areas and resort grounds is an amazing way to spend time. We often take whole days off at WDW and spend tons of time at the pools just being lazy.


  11. Nicklas Yeager says:

    Hi Rick.
    I liked the video. I love going fast. I think racing is ok. My favorite non-theme park thing is swimming at the pools, visiting the resorts on the monorail line, and visiting Downtown Disney. You looked like you had loads of fun. By the way Happy Birthday


  12. Linda Miller says:

    Awesome!! I have wanted to go on a ride along everytime I have been at Walt Disney World and just never took the time. It looks like a blast!!

    I guess my favorite non-theme park thing to do is go shopping at Downtown Disney. I also like to take the monorail and visit all the parks on the monorail line or just ride out to Epcot and back to the TTC. It’s just a nice way to relax.

    Thanks again for sharing the Richard Petty Driving Experience. Now I want to go more than ever!!

    Linda Miller


  13. Robert Nordmark says:

    That was great Rick. I’m glad you did something so exciting. That kind of attraction is too fast and noisy for me but I enjoyed watching you do it. My favorite non theme park thing to do when I am in the Orlando area is to go to Merritt Island and see the wild life areas and go to the beach.

    See you next week.



  14. John Broadwater says:

    Great show It look like a lot of fun. My non theme park fun is just to relax an do nothing.


  15. Sue M. says:

    Happy Birthday Rick! What a fun way to spend it.

    My fav non-park thing to do (in summer) is to rent SeaRaycers and zoom around Bay Lake.


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