Splash Mountain – Episode 12

This week we take a ride on Splash Mountain, at the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World Resort in Florida.

Hope you enjoy this week’s video, be sure to leave a commment!

Rick Howard

40 comments on “Splash Mountain – Episode 12”

  1. Lori Blessner says:

    Watching Splash Mountain on video makes me feel like I’m there, thank you! Fav theme park food, Dole Whip float or Flame Tree ribs, yum!!


  2. Great video Rick, keep up the good work its obvious that you love WDW. As far as food goes.. well its got to be the popcorn 🙂


  3. Lori Jubelt says:

    Hey! Great video! I am loving all of these! Makes me even more excited for my upcoming trip! Gosh….so many favorite theme park foods! I would have to go with a Kaki Gori over in Epcot’s Japan! So yummy and flavorful and very refreshing on a hot day! Or ANYTHING from the bakery in France! YUM!


  4. Colleen Anastasi says:

    Funny story on this ride. Last time we went, my 2 daughters (then 16, 13), my son (17) and my great niece (also 13) and I all went on to Splash. It was an EMH night. There were no lines whatsoever. My son kind of drungingly came along on this. He said he didn’t feel like getting too wet. We got onto the ride…..and this time, the kids got absolutely SOAKED! (I sat all the way in the back seat…in the middle….and stayed mostly dry!). More than in all the past rides combined! Needless to say, my son was NOT very thrilled!!! As the ride finished and the car approached the Cast Member to stop, he asked, without stopping the car, if we wanted to go again. Well, 3 teenage girls can really out-scream any guy and they all yelled “Yes!”. Off we went again……..with my son grumbling something along the lines of “I hate you!!” to his sisters (all in good fun though!). Again………they got drenched!!

    Favorite theme park food…so easy! MICKEY BAR!! I even discovered last year you can get them on the cruise too! Just have to ask for them as they are not on the menus. My girls, as much as they like pineapple, prefer the rootbeer floats from Aloha Isle!


  5. Penny Serrato says:

    Loved the Video can’t wait to ride it but it might be a little chilly in Dec? As for favorite food I guess since I have only made 1 trip to Disney and haven’t tried either of the things you mentioned I will have to try um all this next trip. Thanks



  6. Karen Revis says:

    YEAH!!! I won the passporter this week! I am so excited! For the past 2 weeks I have been meaning to order one and now I do not have to! YAHOO!!!~ We leave in 93 days for the world after a 2 yr absence!

    Splash Mountain is one of our FAV’s!~ But like Rick said, you do get soaked! They installed some new water canons a couple yrs ago and look out now! I will NOT ride without a poncho!

    Favorite theme park food? SO hard to choose just one….. churros in Mexico, Mickey bars at any park! or the Ribs at Cosmic Ray’s!~

    Karen Revis in CT and the winner of this week’s passporter!~ YEAH!!!~


  7. Amanda Pryor says:

    Loved the video this week. I love Splash but don’t like the drop. I still go on it though because I just love it! Can’t wait exactly one month from today and my husband and I will be there for our Anniversary trip. Out first trip without the kids. I think my favorite park food is a Dole Float. Have to get at least 2 every trip. 🙂


  8. Donna Isard says:

    Hi Rick great show.

    I guess the only theme park food we have every really gotten would be the corn dog nuggets at caseys corner. I just asked my son and that is his favorite. we try to stop there every time we go to mk.

    Donna Isard


  9. Kris says:

    Rick another great video. I’ve always wanted to ride Splash Mountain but because I hate drops I’ve never been on it. After watching your video this week I think I might try it this August when I’m at WDW. The drop seems pretty short and the rest of the ride looks great. Keep up the great work with the videos. I showed some to my daughter last night and we had a blast watching them. We are sad that the TTA will be closed in August as that is one of our favorite rides but watching your video was the next best thing.
    You and I seem to have the same favorite theme park food as my daughter and I always eat at Casey’s when we are at the Magic Kingdom and I’m trying the corn dog nuggets in August as I’ve never had a corn dog then we end the night with a Dole Whip or Dole whip float. Found them last June and can’t image going to Magic Kingdom without getting one.


  10. Well you nailed Splash Mountain when you talked about the theming. The drop is fun but everything that comes before that is what makes it so, well magical.

    Favorite food is easy for me. It’s the popcorn! I don’t know why but to me there is no better way to enjoy the sights and sounds of the Magic Kingdom than to walk around with some popcorn.
    My wife and kids make fun of how excited I get over something so simple.

    What can I say.


  11. Ok, I admit, I am scared to try this one because of the drop! It’s good to hear exactly where I’ll get wet, but I doubt I’ll be thinking about that moment as I head down that slope. Gulp!:-) Thanks again for the information and video Rick.


  12. Pati McElroy says:

    My favorite park food is chocolate covered bananas….hands down. Keep up the good work! Thank you!


  13. Gary Verville says:

    Great show(s) & commentary. My wife and I will be at WDW Tuesday the 7th thru Saturday the 11th. Maybe we’ll run into each other. I will be following you on Twitter & Facebook. I don’t have mobile web(what kind do you have?), but will have internet access at the hotel. We’ll be staying at the Dolphin. Our park favorite food (my top priority is trying to maintain being fit & healthy)is the Mickey Bar. That’s a splurge every time we’re at the parks. Keep up the great work! I’m sure Walt’s proud of you!!!


  14. Gary Verville says:

    Great show(s) & commentary. My wife and I will be at WDW Tuesday the 7th thru Saturday the 11th. Maybe we’ll run into each other. I will be following you on Twitter & Facebook. I don’t have mobile web(what kind do you have?), but will have internet access at the hotel. We’ll be staying at the Dolphin. Our park favorite food (my top priority is trying to maintain being fit & healthy)is the Mickey Bar. That’s a splurge every time we’re at the parks. Keep up the great work! I’m sure Walt’s proud of you!!!



  15. John Mayzum says:

    It worked out perfectly that you did Splash Mountain. My daughter is on the fence if she wants to try this ride and now she got to see the whole ride through you. Thank you!

    Favorite – Dole whip. Just had one for the first time last year and now that is all I want. I wish I tried it 10 years ago. Now I have to make up for 9 dole whip free years.


  16. Carly Cundiff says:

    Hi Rick!

    Splash Mountain is absolutely one of my favorite rides. When we went in Oct 2007, my mom was FUMING when she got drenched. My favorite food is definately the dole whips. When my family went, it was like 90 degrees, so the dole whip was very refreashing.

    Great video, Rick. Can’t wait for your next one!


  17. Jeanne Cundiff says:

    Hi Rick!
    You brought back some great memories for me. And yes, I was FUMING when I got wet because it was early in the day and I stayed cold and wet for a couple of hours. I love this ride!!! My favorite park food is the Dole Whip also.
    Thanks for a great site.


  18. Dale Short says:

    We love Splash Mountain. Years ago we took an extended trip to WDW & stayed 28 days in Fort Wilderness. It was so great! Just the two of us, as our 4 sons were all grown. We went to Magic Kingdom one day & rode Splash Mountain 13 straight times to get a picture of us that we liked. It was in the Fall & not very busy. I think it was our best vacation. We are in our late 60’s & we would do it again if we could. Our favorite food at the parks is the banana split at Plaza Restaurant, right off Main Street. Thanks for your video Rick!


  19. Dawn Steinfeld says:

    Splash Mountain is my very favorite ride and it is because of all of the theming. My boys and I watched it together again, and my 7 year old and I were hoping that this video with help my 4 year old want to ride it this fall. *fingers crossed*.

    Wow, favorite food…I used to LOVE the Pecos Bills pulled bbq chicken sandwich, but it isn’t the same anymore. I do love the turkey legs…and the homemade ice cream in Hollywood Studios. And after reading all of these posts…I’m gettin’ a dole whip and some corn dog nuggets on my next trip!!


  20. carol mapes says:

    loved the trip thru Splash Mountain…. look foreward to the differnet experiences each week….thenk you !!!! one favorite park food is the turkey leg…. BUT, you have to have someone to share it with…. very large! we love Disney World…. just the 2 of us, all kids grown…fun for the young at heart…


  21. Kathy Batzinger says:

    I love this ride! Its one of my favorites at Magic Kingdom. Its also special to me because it opened on my birthday in 1992. As for favorite theme park food, if we are talking about Magic Kingdom you have to stop at Main Street Confectionery and have a Mickey shaped Rice Krispie treat!


  22. Linda Miller says:

    Thanks for another great video. Splash Mountain is one of my family’s favorite rides and we are anxiously waiting for our next trip in October so that we can get wet!!

    My favorite theme park food would have to be either a burger from Pecos Bills with all the fixin’s (especially the sauted onions and mushrooms) or a grilled chicken caesar salad at Sunshine Seasons in the Land Pavillion.


  23. Doreen Jones says:

    Splash is my absolute favorite ride in all of Disney. Thanks for the video. We will be there in less than 50 days. Can’t wait!!

    Favorite food-very hard to pick just one. Although the Dole Whips are good I like the Srawberry Swirl at the Enchanted Grove better. Also a waffle bowl ice cream sundae from the Ice Cream Parlor & of course the Mickey Bars!!


  24. Linda Martin says:

    Thanks for another great video of my favorite place to visit: Walt Disney World. I always enjoy watching your videos. As far as favorite food: In Magic Kingdom: Aloha Isle’s very own Dole Whip Float!!! EPCOT: any goodie at all from France’s Patissiere, Animal Kingdom: Flame Tree BBQ pulled pork sandwich or those great ribs, DHS: 50’s Prime Time Diner Chocolate Shakes
    There You Have It….Thanks for asking!


  25. Carol Nash says:

    Hi Rick,
    Thanks for another great video. Your making me want to get on a plane right now headed for WDW. My husband and I will be there in Nov for our aniversary. My favorite park food is the roasted pecans.
    Oh, by the way if you are in need of an assistant don’t hesitate to call:)


  26. Kym Walker says:

    Hey Rick!
    I watched your show for the first time last week after seeing it linked on Twitter, and loved it! This week I got my 5yr old and 3yr old sat on my lap watching! Next time we go to WDW they will be big enough to go on Splash Mt, and after watching they both really want to ride it now! Im glad they could watch it first as my daughter is a little afraid of the ‘unknown’ and not too keen on the dark, so she got to see there was nothing scary! Im off now to find you on facebook, to get more to feed my WDW addiction! Thanks for all the info! Oh, and favourite food, Mickey Waffles and syrup (from anywhere around WDW), or Oreo milkshakes in Beaches n Cream (does that count?) but next time we are going in for the big one…The Kitchen Sink!!


  27. Steve Rydzyk says:

    Hi Rick,

    It seems like I always get hosed on Splash Mountain also. Never fails to get the video camera wet. Good time to ride is during the cooler months when they turn the water cannons off….sometimes. Best theme park food has to be the Dole Whip. Great to have one while the parade is going by. The rotissere chicken at Cosmic Rays get honorable mention. Have a Great Day!

    Steve from NY


  28. Annette Peppler says:

    Great Job! I love this ride, especially when I want to cool off. My favorite food is a Mickey Bar!!!!!


  29. Maryan Blanford says:

    Hey Rick! Looks like you got your ‘wet’ on this time on Splash!! I love it. It’s one of our faves…especially when it’s warm out and you need to cool off a little.
    Favorite food…well, if it has to be something to eat – put me down for a Mickey Bar. But, I can’t go to Epcot without stopping to get a Guinness!
    Thanks – and have a terrific time this week. I’ll be checking out the pictures every day!!

    GrammaMar in Chicago


  30. Elizabeth Batsios says:

    Thanks for the video – Splash Mountain is my absolute favorite! I can’t wait to ride it in June.
    One of my favorite theme park foods is rice cream at the Norway Pavilion in Epcot. But there’s so many foods to choose from – especially in Epcot! I also love Mickey Bars.
    Have fun in WDW this week!


  31. Tammy Norman says:

    Mickey Mouse cookies and cream ice cream sandwich


  32. Laurie Seubert says:

    Great video, Rick! This June will mark my 5th visit to WDW, and I plan to ride Splash Mountain for the first time during my trip. Looking forward to it!


  33. June Stevens says:

    Great episode! I love Splash Mountain and hope to take my son on it for the first time this year! He will love it!

    As for my favorite food, that is a hard one! I love Mickey bars, popcorn, Dole Whip, anything from the Bakery at France, too many things to list! My favorite time to go is October during the Food and Wine festival and then there are snacks galore!


  34. Ha Rick love your show my to favorites are turkey legs & FROZEN BANANAS


  35. Tami says:

    I have always been intriged by the amount of detail that gets put into Disney’s rides. I loved the video on splash mountain! Takes me right down memory lane. I want to make a trip to go back sometime. One of my all-time favorite rides is Small World which you have already done and I thank you for that! The other fave of mine in Space Mountain. But they are all awesome rides. And memory serves me right, they are environmentally friendly too!


  36. Tami says:

    My Favorite theme park food is the handwich! I wonder if they still have them!


  37. scott segedy says:

    splash mountain is a great ride the song stays in your head its the kind of ride.favorite food mickey premium any time any place.


  38. Debbie Bolen says:

    Loved the video Rick! Splash Mountain is one of my favorite memory rides – rode with my son when he was 13 (he’s 18 now) and I still have that picture in my living room! I had tried to ride with him before that and he just refused to get on it – he loves it now!

    My favorite theme park food was the soup bread bowl w/ clam showder in Liberty Square, but now it is just in a plastic bowl – not as good. My next favorite is any pastry from The Fountain View in Epcot – I love having a coffee and breakfast pastry and watching the fountain and all the people coming in 1st thing in the morning….LOVE IT!


  39. Barbara Thompson says:

    Loved the video. I went on it for the frist time in 2005 with my sister, all the kids, and the mother in law. We filled up one log. It was a lot of fun. I didn’t think I’d like it because of the drop. But I loved it.

    As for as favorite theme park food Mickey ice cream sandwich and popcorn.


  40. Steve says:

    Splash Mountain happens to be one of my favorite rides. I remember when I went there in 1998, my wife rode with me for the first time, and she kept asking is this the big drop? Once we got to the final hill going up, she wanted off. Anyway, we got to the top and as we went down she had her head buried in my chest. She couldn’t look. I understand now that she hates to feel like she is falling because when we rode on Soarin’ just last year in June, she felt the same way and explained why she has that fear.
    My favorite theme park food would have to be the Mickey bars. Feel free to visit my website at http://www.mydisneyworldvacation.blogspot.com


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